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Impossibilism is a Marxist, libertarian left, anti-reformist, and revolutionarily spontaneous ideology. Impossibilists hold that any reforms to ameliorate social ills in capitalism are ultimately futile since it believes immediate reforms strengthen capitalism instead of achieving socialism in the long term. Adherents to this ideology support structural changes instead of evolutionary reforms like many democratic socialists.


The idea of impossibilism was brought up by Daniel De Leon, American Marxist theoretician, though he did not coin the term.

How to draw

The design for Impossibilism is based on this, but with the colors reversed.

  1. Draw a ball,
  2. Color the ball dark red,
  3. In the center, draw a white star,
  4. Draw a dark red clenched fist inside of the star,
  5. Add two eyes and you're done.
Color Name HEX RGB
Red #B50A10 181, 10, 16
White #F0F0F0 240, 240, 240



  • De Leonism - My father who taught me almost everything I know.
  • Spartacism - Great critique of reformism, though I dislike your entryism.
  • Council Communism - Spot on attacks against possibilists and of parliamentarianism in general.


  • Revolutionary Syndicalism - Sorry, but trade unions aren’t effective as a form of revolutionary organization.
  • Leninism - You led the first successful proletarian revolution, but then supported participation in parliamentarianism and trade unionism.


  • Possibilism - It’s not possible to peacefully reform capitalism, you’ll just strengthen capitalism in the end you naive fool!
  • Social Democracy - This is what reformism’s natural conclusion is.
  • Social Capitalism - All the welfare of the world won't erase the fact that your unequal exploitative structure still remains.
  • Libertarian Possibilism - It’s not possible! Stop saying that!

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