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Synthesis Anarchism is a Libertarian Left and Unitist ideology which believes in joining all anti-capitalist anarchist ideologies under one movement. He is very schizophrenic, but also compromisable, even if some more partisan anarchists criticize him for supporting a broad range of ideology rather than sticking to particular goals.


The originators of the expression "anarchism without adjectives" were Cuban-born Fernando Tarrida del Mármol and Ricardo Mella, who were troubled by the bitter debates between mutualist, individualists and communist anarchists in the 1880s. Their use of the phrase "anarchism without adjectives" was an attempt to show greater tolerance between anarchist tendencies and to be clear that anarchists should not impose a preconceived economic plan on anyone—even in theory. This conflict soon spread outside of Spain and the discussion found its way into the pages of La Revolte in Paris. This provoked many anarchists to agree with Errico Malatesta's argument that "[i]t is not right for us, to say the least, to fall into strife over mere hypotheses". Over time, most anarchists agreed (to use Max Nettlau's words) that "we cannot foresee the economic development of the future" and so started to stress what they had in common, rather than the different visions of how a free society would operate.

In the 1920s, a new school of thought of Synthesis Anarchism emerged in France, Sébastien Faure's, that wanted to reconcile different ways of thinking within the anarchist movement ( Anarcho-Communism, Anarcho-Individualism, Anarcho-Syndicalism) which were, to him, compatible and interdependent. Libertarian communism can't exist without free-association structures of work and seeks to liberate individuals from Authoritarianism. Anarcho-Syndicalism can't be perfect in a market-oriented society, where profit and competition rule over the workers, and seeks to give a voice to each of the individual workers within the syndicates. Anarcho-Individualism can't free individuals from exploitation and oppression without a stateless, moneyless and classless society, and can only let individuals express their subjectivity in a political and economical system where there is Direct Democracy.


Synthesis Anarchism believes in joining all anarchist ideologies (excluding most of the right-anarchists) under one movement. This means that every anarchist ideology from economically left or center and culturally left or right should be united under a federation where the communities are mostly separate but are still connected.

Personality and Behavior

Synthesis Anarchism is very schizophrenic. He is often hearing the voices of different anarchist ideologies giving contradictory advice. He is also compromisable. He tries to make different anarchist ideologies compromise on issues they won't compromise on.

He also often attempts to appeal to peaceful diplomacy when dealing with the other balls, specially his siblings, but because of his Insurrectionary side, he is just as likely to explode in a tirade of violence, as to be expected of someone who tries to hold so many anarchist ideas at once as valid.

He can be quite undestanding towards multiple issues dealt by anarchists, and even when they are completely contradictory he may still try to find a solution or compromise. The only moment where he shows an inability to compromise is when he deals with any authoritarian ideology, at which point he will probably just suffer a mental breakdown due to his existing schizophrenic issues.

How to Draw

Flag of Synthesis Anarchism
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. In a lighter shade of black, draw a diagonal line through the ball, then color the space below that the same color.
  3. On the other side, color the ball these three colors in vertical tricolor from bottom to top: light blue, orange and red. These colors stand for Anarcho-Individualism, Mutualism and Anarcho-Communism respectively.
  4. Add the eyes and you're done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Black #141414 20, 20, 20
Light Blue #00C0E9 0, 192, 233
Orange #FF9100 255, 145, 0
Red #DF0000 223, 0, 0



  • Anarchism - Mama, why do my brothers fight?
  • Anarcho-Communism - Common ownership of the means of production and direct democracy will create Anarchy!
  • Mutualism - A socialist society based on free markets and usufructs will create Anarchy!
  • Anarcho-Individualism - The emphasis on the individual and their will over external determinants will create Anarchy!
  • Anarcho-Collectivism - The emphasis on the collective will create anarchy!
  • Queer Anarchism - Be gay. Create anarchy.
  • National Anarchism - Be racist. Create anarchy. Hold up...
  • Insurrectionary Anarchism - The use of shocking, affinity-based insurrections against the state will create anarchy!
  • Anarcho-Pacifism - Peaceful Activism alongside the cooperative dissolution of the state will create anarchy!
  • Anarcho-Transhumanism: Through the use of technology we will break free from both the bonds of the state and of the limits of our body, thus creating anarchy!
  • Anarcho-Primitivism: By rejecting the technology that imprisons and alienates us, we too shall dismantle the state that does the same to everyone else, thus creating anarchy!
  • Autarchy - The self-rule and independence of the individual over the coercive powers of the state will create... autarchy? Welcome to the club, I guess?


  • Anarcho-Fascism - Be fascist... create anarchy?
  • Anarcho-Conservatism - Be conservative... create anarchy?
  • Illegalism - Do crime... create anarchy?
  • Anarcho-Totalitarianism - Ok, what the actual fuck is going on here?
  • Anarcho-Capitalism - Drop that capitalist bullshit pls and be a real anarchist!
  • Anarcho-Monarchism - Be a monarch... what the £u€k?
  • Hoppeanism - Conservative, monarchist and filo-fash ancap.
  • Lys Noir - Conservative, Monarchist, pseudo-fascist propositions, and you don't even have "anarchism" in your name. You have one good stance on economic policies, unlike the only anarchist I flat out can't stand, "brother".
  • Panarchism - We both believe people should be free to seek and create their own communes or even not seek one if they desire to do so, but freedom to create a state? You can't have "freedom" under a state because the state is by itself a coercive entity, that's an oxymoron!
  • Platformism - I know we’re organizationally opposites, but you’re still an anarchist. Also, I’m sorry for giving you that scar all those years ago, my Ancom side made me do it.


  • Capitalism - A concept even worse than antipsychotics.
  • Authoritarian Capitalism - Fuck You Fuck You Fuck You Fuck You Fuck You Fuck You Fuck You Fuck You Fuck You Fuck You Fuck You Fuck You.
  • Corporatocracy - No no no no no NO! YOU ARE EVEN WORSE THAN THE LAST GUY!
  • Neoreactionaryism - I'm gonna do it! I'M GONNA DO IT! SOMEBODY HOLD ME BACK REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  • Hobbesianism - My entire existence is based around amounting an opposition to that which you seek to defend!
  • Ingsoc - You are the literal personification of everything I've fought, and am fighting.

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