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Attention: This page contains content that represents an extremist or violent ideology. PCB Wiki does not endorse the ideology presented, and it is here for showcase/informational purposes.
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Fictional Ideology
"The party would like to remind you this ideology has never existed" - Ingsoc
This article is about a fictional ideology and has no foundation in real life political movements.

"This world is ours. To rule with honor and strength. Your weak mind prohibits you from grasping this truth."

Nazi Transhumanism, often shortened to NazH+ is a totalitarian, culturally alternate modernist, and economically third positionist ideology which combines Nazism with Transhumanism. Like other fascist ideologies, it is considered culturally far right, but supports technological process.


Its main belief is "that under the circumstance Genetic Engineering becoming advanced enough, all people of the inferior races will choose for their children to become of the Aryan Race since it's the most superior of the races." This fixation on the augmentation of the human genome also has the potential to eliminate racism and classism as everyone under the "Aryan Umbrella" will find unity under one nationality. Nazh+ takes the Nietzschean and eugenicist aspects of Nazism to what he sees as their logical extreme.


NazH+ will usually be portrayed as a crazed nazi scientist who has never heard of such a thing as the "Hippocratic Oath".

He is also a big fan of Nazi Retrofuturism and will be usually portrayed with such technology on him.

How to Digitally Represent

Flag of Nazi Transhumanism
  1. Draw object 'ball'.
  2. Draw object 'white circle' on object 'ball'.
  3. Inside object 'white circle' draw object 'transhumanist h+' symbol with object '+' replaced with object 'swastika'.
  4. Draw objects 'eyes'.
  5. Non-required task: Draw object 'Nazi retrofuturist gear' on character 'Nazi Transhumanism'.


99.(9)% Pure blood

  • Transhumanism - Transhumanism is the future of the aryan race! Wait, what do you mean I make you look bad?
  • Nazism - My based father.
  • Archeofuturism - Most based trad.
  • Ethnocracy - Yes, Aryans above all.
  • Accelerationism - I want to make collapse the actual status quo as fast as possible and replace it with a new status quo where I'm the one that rules. With my big passion for technology and my extreme political ideas, I should have more probability of success than the others in a post-collapse era.
  • Showa Statism - Ishii did nothing wrong!
  • Esoteric Fascism - We will restore ancient aryan technology! or something like that..?


  • Reactionary Modernism - Most based reactionary. (But you should just become a fascist already)
  • Socialist Transhumanism - Transhumanism is good, but this communist-socialist thing isn't cool.
  • National Primitivism - You are a nationalist, which is based but the primitivist part isn’t cool man. We need more modernismus.
  • Futurism - You are great for the advancement of technology, but you are anti-traditional and a vile degenerate.
  • Fascism - My based Italian ally, but you could be a bit more futurist.
  • Slurpcore - Fellow dystopian transhumanist ideolo... Wait, WHAT IN THE GODDAMN ARE YOU? DO. NOT. COME. CLOSER.

Electrocution required

  • Marxism–Leninism - Fuck Stalin for banning genetics and cybernetics.
  • Pol Potism - Communist and really hates technology. Please go away and never come back.
  • Anti-Fascism - My plasma cannons will disintegrate your mob.
  • Religious Zionism - Stupid Jude K*ke who does not approve of machines being compatible with our bodies! PREPARE TO BE GASSED IN THE TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED CHAMBERS!!!
  • Transgenders - You have two options: "replace your body type to opposite sex clone body" or "be gassed and turned into biofuel".
  • Non-aryans - You have two options: "replace your filthy brownish/yellowish bodies to aryan clone ones and be assimilated" or "be shot by our killer robots, and turned into biofuel for machines".
  • Illegalism - You have two options: Become a true Aryan and embrace German Science (the worlds finest) or be turned to a pulp for being a dirty criminal/race traitor.

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