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Anarcha-Feminism, clipped to Anfem, is a culturally far left, stateless ideology that inhabits the far Libertarian Left part of the political compass.

She states that the patriarchy is a direct result of a hierarchy, and that dissolving authoritarianism comes with the abolition of the patriarchy. Often seen with Anarcho-Communism, she is dedicated to absolute equality of the genders, races, and social status.


The mix of anarchism and feminism first came about within the free-love position within Anarcho-Individualism, which particularly stressed women's rights. The most prominent early figure in the movement after this was Emma Goldman, who is notable for bringing feminism to collectivist anarchism, which anarcha-feminism has mostly been associated with ever since.

Personality and Behaviour

AnFem is usually presented as a stereotypical Third-Wave Feminist who usually hates toxic masculinity, especially when compared with other anarchist balls. Unlike her sister Radical Feminism, she doesn't hate men, but detests masculinity in men. As a third wave feminist, she prides herself on being a nuisance to the patriarchy.

In conversations with other anarchists, she always remembers the issue of women's liberation.

How to Draw

Flag of Anarcha-Feminism
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Draw a black diagonal line on the ball.
  3. Fill the bottom half with black and the top half #8E0095 purple.
  4. Draw a pink/purple bowtie on the top right of the ball, just to symbolize it's female appearance.
  5. Draw in the eyes.

You're done!

Color Name HEX RGB
Purple #8E0095 142, 0, 149
Black #141414 20, 20, 20



  • Democratic Confederalism - My grand-niece who is an environmentalist.
  • Anarcho-Communism - I like your praxis, and a collective free association is an interesting goal we should reach.
  • Anti-Fascism - Nice guy, but he's kinda weird. Had to reject his request for a three-way with AnCom.
  • Feminism - Helps me fight the patriarchy. (But sadly doesn't see eye-to-eye on Anarchism yet.)
  • Queer Anarchism - Another committed fighter against the patriarchy.
  • Ego-Communism - Fellow Emma Goldman fan.
  • Postcolonial Feminism - Truly a feminist cause that fights for the oppressed women of the world. Shame some feminists from the First World are ignorant of your noble plight.
  • Neozapatismo - Women are part of the revolution, too!
  • Ecofeminism - The liberation of women is the liberation of Mother Earth
  • Pacifist Feminism - Achieving equal rights by peaceful means is almost impossible, but you are still my sister.
  • CyberFeminism - Free the oppressed with technology!


  • Revolutionary Progressivism - Nice to hear progressives who crave for a bold revolution. They would be an excellent fit and will stand up to and even confront the patriarchy! But, chill it with the support of various statists!
  • Libertarian Feminism - A bit too capitalist, but hey, at least you are very progressive and we respect one another.
  • Marxist Feminism - My older sister that I look up to, but I wish she'd stop simping on authoritarians, especially them.
  • Men's Liberation - I like you, I really do, but I don't know why you are iffy on identifying as a feminist. Also, you're a potential gateway for pushing people to become incels like them.
  • Mutualism - I like your economics, and you were basically the original anarchist, but I have a bit of an issue with all those REALLY sexist things you said back then.
  • Anarcho-Nihilism - You are really hateful for an anarchist. Focus more on the liberation of minorities.
  • Radical Feminism - At least you're radical, but you are also a filthy centrist. Also, transgender women ARE women! AND you make all of us look like man-haters.


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