Capitalist Transhumanism

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"'Degrowth' commies have genuine brain worms and are enemies of humanity, we are destined to expand into the stars whether they like it or not."

Capitalist Transhumanism ($+) is an economically right-wing, radically pro-technology ideology.

$+ believes that free markets and advancement of human technology are complementary to each other and both should be encouraged.



Muskism is the beliefs of Tesla CEO and personality Elon Musk. Musk was born to a wealthy family in South Africa in 1971, during the Apartheid era. Musk believes in technological progression and the free market. Recently, in the 2020s, Musk has become more culturally right wing, stating his support of figures like Vivek Ramaswamy and Ron DeSantis. After Musk's purchase of Twitter in 2022, he started unbanning far-right users and politicians that had been banned before the purchase, like Donald Trump and Alex Jones. Musk justified these decisions by saying he was defending free speech.


Schwabism is the beliefs of Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF). According to some individuals, Schwab is an "evengelist for stakeholder capitalism". According to Klaus-Gerd Giesen, Schwab's book Fourth Industrial Revolution advocates for transhumanism.


$+ is presented as being a combination of H+'s and Cap's personalities. He might be presented as a cyberpunk megacorp shareholder/manager.

Examples of capitalist transhumanist corporations include Sarif Industries from the Deus Ex video game franchise, or the real-life modern-day company Neuralink.

Examples of capitalist transhumanist individuals could include Hugh Darrow and David Sarif from the Deus Ex franchise, or the real-life CEO Elon Musk.

How to Digitally Represent

Flag of Capitalist Transhumanism

$+ design is the one of H+ with the "h" replaced with a dollar sign, gold and having a slightly different Vizor

  1. Draw a ball (a thin black border enclosing a white space)
  2. Start at the very top of the inside of the circle, very slightly to the left, and draw an incomplete gold circle around the entire inside of the ball
  3. Draw a golden dollar sign ($), with the top line connecting with the beginning of the circle, with a plus sign (+) next to the dollar sign.
  4. Draw a blue visor and the task's done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Gold #FFDA2C 255, 218, 44
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
Blue #00B2FF 0, 178, 255
Gray #636363 99, 99, 99

Saved Relationships



  • Socialist Transhumanism - Capitalism is responsible for the greatest technological innovations, you wouldn't be here without it!
  • Soulism - How the hell does that hippie have better technologies than me?! And how does he get them magically without paying anything? I need answers! Drone and satellite spies go brrrr...
  • Alt-Lite and Right-Wing Populism - Despise Gates and Schwab. But avid fans of Musk (aka dickriders).
  • Yangism - Musk used to like him.
  • Capitalist Communism - Their opinion on economics is 50% based and 50% cringe.
  • Transhumanist Primitivism - Their technological half is based, but their primitive half is cringe.
  • Anarcho-Transhumanism - Based opinion on technology, opposite opinion on both economics and the state.



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