Quasi-Fascism (Disambiguation)

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Quasi-Fascism also small-f fascism is a term used to describe political ideologies that share or are accused of sharing important elements with or align Fascism but do not claim to be fascist.

The term may refer to:

  • Nazism: Ideology of Nazi Germany which was influenced by Fascism.
  • Showa Statism: Ideology of the Empire of Japan during the reign of Emperor Hirohito which was influenced by Fascism.
  • Ittihadism: Ideology of the Young Turks which was developed before Fascism, but helped influence Nazism.
  • Totalitarianism in a philosophical sense: The doctrine that the state should have total control over society, a central tenet of fascism.
  • National Bolshevism: The meme variant is a combination of Marxism-Leninism and Nazism, being similar to Strasserism. However. some variants, such as Paetelism and Limonovism, claim to reject fascism, and also have real-world presence.
  • National Syndicalism: National Syndicalism is an ideology that was formulated by revolutionary syndicalists like Georges Valois and Eduard Berth allying themselves with integral nationalists. The early fascists described themselves as national syndicalists and adopted some syndicalist policies, which is why the two ideologies are considered linked and why national syndicalism is considered a precursor to Italian Fascism.
  • Sorelianism - Sorelianism is often accused of being a precursor to fascism due to fascists adopting Sorel's conception of myth for palingenetic ultranationalist purposes.
  • Social Democracy: The notion of fascism and social democracy being related ideologies is a common one within Marxist-Leninist circles, although also popular in some libertarian circles as well. The notion itself is called Social Fascism.
  • Right-Wing Populism: Right-populist movements have been commonly accused of making "dog-whistles" to fascism.
  • Alt-Right: Many people within the Alt-Right are fascists.
  • Alt-Lite: A moderate version of Alt-Right. Accused due to many supporting Cultural Nationalism and opposing progressive policies.
  • White Nationalism: Many modern white nationalists are fascists.
  • Ultranationalism: Ultranationalism is a core tenant of fascism.
  • Welfare Chauvinism: A combination of Ultranationalism with Welfarism, also known as "unironic Social Fascism".
  • National Conservatism: Similar views on Nation, State and Tradition, albeit generally more moderate
  • Paleoconservatism: Both are accused of being fascistic due to their social views and nationalism.
  • Juche: Often accused of being fascist due to its militaristic, totalitarian and ethnonationalist policies.
  • Marxism–Leninism: It is accused by some socialists and anti-communists for authoritarianism and for the militaristic aspects of Marxist-Leninist figures, especially under the Stalin era.
  • Dengism, Putinism, Ba'athism: All accused by Progressive and Neoconservative circles due to their ever-increasing authoritarian, jingoist, militaristic and nationalist policies.
  • Anti-Liberalism - Accused by moderate, progressive, liberal, libertarian, democratic, and capitalist circles due to its authoritarian and extreme (mostly right-wing to far-right) cultural stances, sometimes being called "red fascism", due to sometimes having left-wing to far-left economics associated with the former two.
  • Neoconservatism: Accused by progressive, libertarian, isolationist as well as broad anti-Western (pro-China, Iran and Russia + anti-Zionist) circles because of their militaristic tendencies and sometimes cooperating with National Capitalism.
  • National Libertarianism & National Liberalism - Accused due to their National and Cultural policies.
  • Authoritarian Conservatism - Similar views on the state and society. Also, Hobbes is sometimes accused of being a proto-fascist.
  • Salazarism - Salazar regime shares many similarities with fascism due to him being an authoritarian conservative. However, he rejected fascism as "unchristian"
  • Pinochetism - Communists, progressive Libertarians & uneducated Fascists often see this ideology as Fascist due to its Anti-Communism, Culturally Right Nationalist policies, German military culture (which was already a Chilean tradition) and utilization of ex-nazis such as Schafer.
  • Jihadism - Neoconservatives, Communists, Feminists, Liberals & Zionists pointed out that the ideology was similar to Islamic Fascism because it is Reactionary and prone to the Third Position.
  • Saadehism - It pointed out that Saadehism was a Fascist or National Socialist ideology due to its Anti-Zionism, Syrian Nationalism and the symbolism of its flag that was pointed out even it was a Third Position ideology but not a Fascist one.
  • National Anarchism - It was pointed out that National-Anarchism was actually the ideology of Anarcho-Fascism due to its Culturally Right policies and the symbolism.
  • Anti-Fascism - Many Right Wing Satirists, Conservatives & Alt-Lite people have accused Anti-Fascist Action/Antifa of being "the real Fascists" due to its violence against the people that are being accused of Fascists which is seen as an authoritarian action similar to fascism and the ideology was also accused of being true Anarcho-Fascism or National Anarchism.
  • Zionism - Many Anti-Zionists along with some Anti-Semites pointed out that Israel was the next Nazi Germany due to its policies of Ethnic Nationalism, Colonialism & Militarism against Palestine or other Arab countries. The actual jewish fascist ideologies are: Jewish-Nazism, Revisionist Zionism & Kahanism.