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"I have studied these things — you have not."

Scientocracy is an ideology that advocates for government and public policy based on scientific evidence and/or the opinions of scientists and experts. It is distinct from Technocracy, which is the rule of scientists and experts.




Newtonism is based so much on the scientific, political, religious and philosophical views of Sir Isaac Newton. The main reason Newton is known is for the formulation of the theory of gravity along with the law of universal gravitation, in which all particles and bodies attract each other in a reciprocal way, with the same intensity, which would soon explain the movement of the solar system, with the sun attracting the planets and the earth attracting the moon and the bodies around it, even if the moon also attracts the earth, only in the opposite direction. Stating that "the forces which hold the planets in their orbs must (be) reciprocally as the squares of their distances from the centers around which they revolve". Color theory was responsible, with a prism that separates the white color into colors of the visible spectrum. He also created the 3 laws of motion, which are:

  1. A body remains at rest, or in motion with constant velocity in a straight line, unless acted upon by a force.
  2. When a body is acted upon by a force, the time rate of change of its momentum is equal to the force.
  3. If two bodies exert forces on each other, these forces have the same intensity, but opposite directions.

The other views would be his participation in the Enlightenment movement, classical liberalism and the view of the Whig party (free trade), Aristotelian philosophical thoughts, strong Christian influence and opposition to atheism.




Hawkingism is another form of scientocracy that represents the political views of the British scientist Stephen Hawking. He was liberal socialist and environmentalist. He also got sick with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
He criticized monarchy and capitalism because he thought that capitalism is the worst enemy of earth's population and that capitalism makes a lot of modern problems and wars.
Hawking represented the silent generation and 60s leftists. He died in 2018 and is respected by many people except those on Epstein Island.


Scientocracy is the belief in a government based on science. This does not entail that scientists will run the country directly, but rather that political leaders will be informed by scientists. Scientocrats believe this will end the constant arguing over decisions that politicians so often have and will speed up progress and decision-making since all politicians would then be informed about what, based on scientific, analytical knowledge, would be the best steps to take.


Florence Caddy wrote a book titled Through the fields with Linnaeus: a chapter in Swedish history. Published two volumes in 1887. In these two sentences, she uses "society of the scientocracy" and "scientocrats" to refer to groups of eminent scientists of that time.

In 1933, Hugo Gernsback defined Scientocracy as "the direction of the country and its resources by Scientists and not by Technicians" However Scientocracy faded to obscurity in modern days, due to the rising popularity of Technocracy


He is very inelegant and nerdy, sometimes he acts mean, but it's mostly to other Polcompballs that don't understand science. He is the stereotypical scientist or geeky kid at school. He likes to put research into things. He can be portrayed as a non-scientist, as you don't need to be a scientist to be a scientocrat. He can also be a sadistic torturer that will literally murder anyone for innovation.

He’s also very fond of STEM related topics in education.

How to Draw

Flag of Scientocracy
  1. Draw a ball,
  2. Color the ball white,
  3. Draw a blue fluid,
  4. Draw outline of a laboratory flask,
  5. Draw eyes and you're done!
Color Name HEX RGB
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
Blue #00FFFF 0, 255, 255


The Science Team

  • Technocracy - My more extreme brother is a good administrator, but he stole all of my fame!
  • Technoliberalism - My number 1 fan.
  • Transhumanism - He will help us to evolve and improve the human race.
  • Environmentalism - She will help us to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment.
  • Technogaianism - How about both of the above combined?
  • Cyberocracy - Also supports the rule of information, how neat!
  • Meritocracy - He has talent and puts effort into political research.
  • Noocracy - My beloved father, through me that smart people should rule this world. Why did you flirt with him though?
  • Enlightened Absolutism - Noocracy's son that also listens to me.
  • Cosmicism - You got big dreams, bro. Take these anti-depressants and let's roll!
  • Secularism - Based. Religion shouldn't influence our government and also shouldn't be involved in the government.
  • Primalism - An endangered species, must be protected at all costs so I can subject them to experiments.
  • Deliberative Democracy - More likely than other democracy variants to make scientifically informed decisions.


  • Marxism - This whole "scientific socialism" thing I like. Some of your followers are a bit anti-science though.
  • Agrarianism - I mean agronomy IS a science after all, but he is too backward.
  • Neoluddism - The Industrial Revolution was flawed and all, but we can fix what we did wrong.
  • Industrialism - He is way too backward, but helped me to become possible.
  • Aristocracy - My grandfather, laid the foundation for me, but he is not qualified to rule.
  • Posadism - My le bomb..... le killed people? While I appreciate your enthusiasm for science, the nuke worship and UFO cultism is pretty concerning.
  • Democracy - I get being for the people, but what's popular isn't necessarily the right thing to do. Why not put research into it? Also democracy is very slow, has an "ad populum" bias, and is inefficient. The secretive science-based power of the few is much better and faster.
  • Liquid Democracy - So what's next? Gas Democracy? Plasma Democracy? Bose-Einstein Condensate Democracy?
  • Soulism - Lucid dreaming is really an interesting thing, and thanks to Stephen LaBerge for explaining it scientifically. Also, I'm still researching dream worlds for finding something interesting, like a time-dilation effect. Maybe after a decade, we finally get a "dream-recording machine" and a "mutual dreaming helmet"? Well, just my thoughts for the rest of your three sub-ideologies:
    • Shifting Soulism - I'm very interested in your "shiftings", but on the other hand, my skeptical inner voice tells me - that phenomenon is either a scripted and more vivid lucid dream (which is unlikely, because "shifted" person is active and not sleeping), or a "Transliminal Experience". I should put more research links between this practice and Quantum Immortality hypothesis.
    • Scientific Soulism - Most closest to my views. But scientists, biologists, and engineers still debating about the possibility and feasibility of "mind uploading", and how it affects entire humanity. But with that space travel will become way cheaper and easier, because digital beings don't need food, oxygen, stable temperature with pressure, and wide space.
    • Esoteric Soulism - Most distant to my views. And the existence of the "astral plane" is widely rejected in the scientific community, because of no credibility and low results of successful tests (like proving it with written random numbers in papers). But contacting extraterrestrials (or even future humanity!) through that sounds interesting and maybe they will give us new knowledge and technology. Also - panpsychism is some way acceptable from scientific point of view, but some will disagree.
  • State Atheism - Look buddy, separation of church and state is good and all, but you're overall just an embarrassing mess who takes it way too far. Also being a religious scientist isn't necessarily an oxymoron.
  • Christian Theocracy - I'm grateful for you helping me develop in Western Europe, but I prefer not to base public policy on religion; I'd much rather just keep my views on God to myself, thank you very much.
  • Islamic Theocracy - Same with above.
  • Anarcho-Transhumanism - You too seek a rational and progress-minded society! But... anarchism, really? Do you actually believe society can reach that technological apex you desire without a scientific-guided state? Good luck I guess... Free will is an illusion. So you are free.
  • Anarcho-Communism - I'm grateful for Kropotkin debunking Social Darwinism and anticipating biological mutualism and altruism, but anarchism is still way too utopian.
  • Marxism–Leninism - While I am grateful for Ernst Thalmann advancing our understanding of sexual science, especially in the pseudoscientific era of Nazi Germany, what Stalin did with Lysenko was horrible!
  • Post-Humanism - Calm down please.
  • Fully Automated Gay Space Communism - Too utopian, and needs to be a type 2 civilization (Kardashev scale) for achieving true post-scarcity (turning all of the sun's energy into matter), which is unlikely to happen in our century. But still tries to achieve it. Also, space is truly a final frontier!
  • Bio-Posadism - He wants to develop bioweapons with me, but he also hates transhumanism and when I develop vaccines. Wuhan lab research go brrrr.
  • Post-Anarchism - Your critique of psychiatry helped us to improve our psychiatric hospitals, but advocating for the complete abolition of this institution? Really?
  • Manosphere - Can you please stop misinterpreting my sex statistics for your "scientific blackpill" agenda? And stop calling me STEMcel! But in other side - Thank you for defending me from those annoying internet feminists, that tried to cancel me for my controversial T-shirt in the past.

Morons and Quacks

  • Combatocracy - Called me a nerd in high school.
  • Ochlocracy - Stop beating me up, you bunch of bullies!
  • Kakistocracy - The worst of all, you have a lot to learn.
  • Demarchy - At least Democracy has a choice.
  • Reactionaryism - Medieval science has no basis in the modern day.
  • Communalism - Don't you know that using someone else's toothbrushes can lead to infection? And no, I'm not giving you my lab equipment. (Unless you're also interested in science.)
  • Climate Skepticism - Opposition to nature woo, I get it. But this? You're basically just a generic Captain Planet villain. You basically cutting tree branch that you are sitting on it.
  • Eugenicism - Pseudoscientific nonsense which did nothing but ruin countless innocent lives. I feel embarrassed knowing I used to be friends with you.
  • Pol Potism - Please don't kill me for wearing glasses.
  • Conservative Feminism - Vaccines AREN'T trying to microchip you, Karen. But I wish we could see the effect of chips on emotional middle-aged women, y'know, for science.
  • Lawsonomy - Kudos for inventing the commercial airline, but you're still extremely pseudoscientific.
  • Right-Wing Populism - Pathetic conspiracy theorist.
  • Trumpism - Why do you go against me so much? Well, at least you're OK with vaccines even though it came way too late.
  • Bolsonarism - It's not just a little flu! Not to mention that you’re a Brazilian version of the guy above.
  • Fordism - Your society is an embarrassing mess of anti-intellectualism, a horrible caste system, environmental destruction, and a stagnant mindset of the entire society. Where is your interest in space and new worlds?
    • - What do you think people on islands do?
  • Circulus Theory - Using human excrement for food production is dangerous idiocy. Do you realize how many people will be exposed to lethal bacteria?
  • Anarcho-Nihilism, Esoteric Fascism & Avaritionism - See kids, these poor souls are a good reminder of why I started making medicine to treat mental disorders.
    • STFU, Foucault debunked all of your bullshit.*commits suicide by bitting his tongue*
    • We are pretty similar when the question of violence kicks in. See ya in my office! *Flies away in a stolen Corporatocracy helicopter.*
    • I. Am. NORMAL, you f*cking subhumans! *Casually escapes from the mental hospital after gassing all guards*
  • Social Darwinism - You're misinterpreting what Darwin said; stop using his name to justify killing literally anyone you don't like.
  • Longism - In today's experiment, where are going to prove the so-called Kingfish is actually a human. With a gun.



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  1. Hawking was on Epstein’s island although he’s not been officially confirmed to have do illegal activities, there are some accusations however it seems to be unlikely
  2. Stephen Hawking supported UK membership in European Union and opposed to Brexit.
  3. This mainly has to do with when Hirschfeld went to Britain and saw a group of boys who were reading the poem "The Ballad of Reading Gaol" as a "group of beautiful, young, male students" whether it was Hirschfeld’s words or not. It is still incredibly creepy to describe male students in that way