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"I came, I saw, I conquered."

Caesarism, also called Roman Imperialism, is an authoritarian, economically center ideology that follows the ideals of the Roman Empire. Rome gained wealth through trade and conquest, it would conquer a land, take slaves, and sell the goods made by the slaves. Rome would create a national identity with citizenship, public spaces, and roads. Instead of taxation, Rome would use wealth from conquered lands to pay for necessitates. Much like Mercantilism it proved a unity between Capitalism and Authoritarianism, through using private contractors to build things like aqueducts (public buildings). Caesarism is a very broad ideology since there were many Roman Emperors, Caesar himself did pillage many barbarian villages, but was also noted for land reforms and giving grain to every citizen across the empire. Through this combination, Rome would not fit today's standards of left or right but would be in between, for enslaving barbarians and for feeding all of his citizens through a strong state. Rome would inspire Fascism, and many European Monarchies.


Caesarism, like the name suggests, has a vain/stereotypical personality expected of Roman Emperors. He doesn't know modern English, as he was born and raised in Ancient Rome, speaking Latin.

How To Draw

Flag of Caesarism
  1. Draw a ball with eyes
  2. Fill with Red
  3. In Gold, draw an Eagle spanning it's wings, perched on top of what appears to be a nest with thunder bolts underneath it.
  4. Draw a gold ring encompassing the sides of the ball.
  5. Add the eyes.

You're done!

And you're done

Color Name HEX RGB
Crimson #811A2B 129, 26, 43
Gold #F5A319 245, 163, 25


Amici (Friends)

  • Agrarianismus - It is grain, cattle and the rural plebians that hold up the empire and all it's conquests.
  • Popularismus - You undestand that as well, that is why I supported you at the start.
  • Imperialismus - We got to put Alexander to shame! Veni, Vidi, Vici!
  • Mercantilismus - Likewise, merchants uphold the other part of the economy, that is why i made Mare, Nostrum!
  • Corporatismus - We go way back...
  • Stratocratia - I was a military man first and foremost, enjoy your retirement bonuses friend!
  • Plutocratia - I was the wealthiest man in the world when I came to power.
  • Orientale Romanum imperium - You carry on so much of what I built, I am proud to call you my successor but you certainly don't feel like one. What's that old paradox about the ship of Thesius again?

Neutrum (Mixed)

  • Fordismus - Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt, but don't you think it's all too far?
  • Hydrarchia - I had some fun with you pirates but you still have to die.
  • Respublicanismus Romana - I love the republic... I am definitely not a king, trust me.
  • Democratia Imperiosa - You were so dysfunctional you inadvertedly gave me the ideal opportunity to take over.
  • Fascismus - I appreciate the attempt, but that was just embarrassing.
  • Theocratia Christiana - I hated you at first, but eventually, I came around to you with the Edict of Milan and Thessalonica. After all, if you surivied all that most emperors from Nero to Diocletian threw at you, there has to be something to it no? It was your martyrdom that convinced the people of Rome to convert.

Inimici (Unfriendly)

  • Senatorialismus - I AM THE SENATE!
  • Optimateismus - What you don't understand is that you did more to kill the republic than I ever did. You screwed over our soldiers and their families whilst growing fat off their conquests and the slaves they brought in. The Populares understood your idiocy, even if not all they did was intelligent. It undid you in the end, even the best of your ranks perished for your misdeeds, Cicero!
  • Tribalismus - B A R B A R U S.
  • Theocratia Zoroastriana - B A R B A R U S.
  • Federalismus Europaeae - No Augustus, no institutions, how can you claim to be my successor if you're worse than the senate that came before me?
  • Aegyptia Theocratia - He was a CONSUL OF ROOOMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
  • Ultra-Progressionismum - It just so happens that the most reviled emperors were all you, Caligula, Nero, Elegabalus. Degenerates like you belong on a cross, or perhaps they should get the Praetorian treatment.
  • Respublicanismus Romana (after 44 BC) - ET TU, BRUTE?!
  • Satirismus - What's so funny about Biggus Dickus?
  • Theocratia Judaica - What's this then eh? "People called 'Romanes' they go the house"?!
  • Legionarismus - Why is this Dacian barbarian naming himself after my military unit?

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  1. Roman polytheism was official religion until 308 AD.


  2. Tacitus, Annales, XIII, 25