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National Anarchism, shortened to NatAn, is an economically left-wing (although third position, opposed to both Marxism and Capitalism), Anarchist and culturally right wing ideology.

He believes in autonomous communes that should be run by a Mutualist ( Socialism within a market economy) economic system in addition to traditional and Reactionaryism social views and should be segregated ethnically and/or culturally, with the addition of a Meritocratic social system. However, some followers believe that these beliefs should be decided by the community itself.

He hates Marxism, due to his internationalist ideals (but likes it if it's anarchist, nationalist, and traditionalist) but hates Capitalism even more. Ecological protection is also important to NatAn, but mostly because he believes in the preservation of traditional land. While in theory it could be followed by numerous people of different cultures it is usually followed in majority White Western communities.


National Anarchism has its origins in the Romantic Nationalism of the 18th century, when different peoples were fighting to assert their independence amidst the consolidation of nation-states and empires in Europe, and in particular the Völkisch movement of Germany, which encouraged a return to rural life and veneration of the ancient gods of the Germans.

'Nationalanarchismus' was coined by the German Conservative Helmut Franke, and it is within the Conservative Revolutionary sphere that much of the philosophy that National Anarchists inherited was developed, especially by Ernst Jünger, a German soldier and writer who had fought in the Great War. The Italian esotericist and traditionalist Julius Evola is also cited as an influence on National Anarchism from this period, and his philosophy has also influenced the wider European New Right current in the postwar era.

In the late 1980s, National Anarchist ideology began to crystallise with the establishment of the National Revolutionary Faction by Troy Southgate, a former 'Black Front' Strasserist and member of the International Third Position and the British National Front. Separately, an obscure group known as the Black Rams espoused an ideology known as 'Anarcho-Nationalism'.

The National Revolutionary Faction received support from Richard Hunt, an Alternative Green Anarchist who had formerly been at the forefront of developing the philosophy of the Green Anarchist zine before leaving the Eco-Anarchist mainstream over differences of opinion over his position on Nationalism. Ted Kaczynski and his critical assessment of civilisation, society, technology, and its impact on nature is also widely accepted among National Anarchists.

The NRF stood as a predecessor to the National Anarchist Movement, and this revolutionary vanguard soon became defunct as the movement expanded online through the Thule Seminar, the Cercle de la Rose Noire journal, and other closely-affiliated forums and sites. The National Anarchist Movement has led to the creation of other movements in North America, such as the Bay Area National Anarchists led by A. Yeoman, an Australian movement led by W. Herfurth, and a Belgian National Anarchist Movement, as well as countless other groups whose names remain obscure.


National Anarchism is a mix of Ethnonationalism and Philosophical Anarchism. Most national anarchists hold reactionary social views. National anarchists advocate for racial separatism through confederal autonomous communes. National anarchists believe in establishing a self sufficient commune with a mutualist economic system and a meritocratic system for powerful individuals in a anarchist society. National Anarchism also believes in a sustainable environment. Many national anarchists are part of the Alt-Right movement.

Personality and Behaviour

NatAn is often accused of being the same thing as Anarcho-Fascism, due to both having socially and culturally conservative views, as well as a tendency to glorifying war heroism and violence, which are seen as 'old Aryan values'. He opposes Zionism, though he doesn't necessarily hate Jews in general, like Nazism does (although some of his adherents may say so). He usually confuses most of the other anarchists, except Anarcho-Fascism, though points of common interest exist with Anarcho-Primitivism, Anarcho-Monarchism, and other Anarchisms of the Right.

Due to the fact that the majority of his adherents are found throughout Western Europe and English-speaking countries, European/Western cultural and social issues are most prioritised, although National Anarchists often show support for Tibetans, Palestinians, Uyghurs, and other ethnic groups who are repressed by statist powers.

He detests Wikipedia since they misinterpret his ideological values as set out in the National Anarchist Manifesto. By extension, he has nothing but contempt for sites like Ratwiki Rational Wiki, who are opinionated and misinformed about his ideology.



Ernst Jünger is known for his works on his views on the positive effects of warfare and battle, through his service in World War I. Jünger opposed the bourgeois civilizations' values of comfort and security, which he saw as weak and dying, in favor of the hardening and “magnificent” experience of action and adventure in war, which he believed would transform a man of the bourgeois world into a “warrior.” The warrior type battled “against the eternal Utopia of peace, the pursuit of happiness, and perfection.” Jünger believed that the crisis and restlessness of Germans after the World War was a good thing.

In his book Der Arbeiter, the “warrior” was followed by the “worker,” a new type that would become dominant after the end of the bourgeois order. Jünger realized that modern technology was changing the world; the individual man was losing his individuality and freedom in an automated world. Thus he predicted a society where people would accept anonymity in the masses and obedient service to the state; the population would undergo “total mobilization.” To quote Jünger: "Total Mobilization is far less consummated than it consummates itself; in war and peace, it expresses the secret and inexorable claim to which our life in the age of masses and machines subjects us. It thus turns out that each life becomes, ever more unambiguously, the life of a worker; and that, following the wars of knights, kings, and citizens, we now have wars of workers. The first great twentieth-century conflict has offered us a presentiment of both their rational structure and their mercilessness."

Ernst Jünger’s initial acceptance of technology in the “worker” stage stands somewhat in contrast to the view taken by his brother, Friedrich Georg Jünger, who wrote critiques of modern technological civilization (although Ernst would later in life agree with this view). Ernst Jünger later changed his attitudes during World War II, and afterward nearly inverted his entire worldview, praising peace and individualism; a change which had not come without criticism from the Right.


Southgateism is based on the political views of activist Troy Southgate, who once affiliated with neo-fascist/Nazi movements and parties. Southgate stated that "exploit a growing counterculture of industrial heavy metal, paganism, esotericism, occultism and Satanism that he believes holds the key to the spiritual invigoration of Western society ready for an essentially Evolian revolt against the culturally and racially unnerving forces of the American global capitalism", his appreciation of esotericism and anti-capitalism being evident. He has a strong appreciation for Evola, especially for "spiritual racism", even if he claims to be a non-racist and an ethnopluralist. He declares himself a National Anarchist, saying the concept of the state is artificial, as well as being an eco-fascist, evident in his infiltration of the animal rights movements. He embodies revolutionary nationalism and also calls himself a "primitive Aryan", has Strasser and Third Position influences, but claimed that Hitler and Mussolini are "reactionary charlatans".


Popular Resistance Association

Shin Chae-ho Thought


Dobrovolskyism, also known as Russian National Socialism, is the ideology of Alexey Aleksandrovich Dobrovolsky. He bases his beliefs around Russian Neo-Paganism and believes that Russia has been ruined by Judeo-Christians. Peasant Socialism is what he thinks is natural for Russia, without private property, alienation from nature and inequality. He greatly admired the Bolsheviks which he saw as revolutionaries which stood against the Christian status-quo and he also combined these Socialist beliefs with the Racialism of National Socialism.

How to Draw

Flag of National Anarchism

Drawing National-Anarchism is a bit complicated:

  1. Draw a ball,
  2. Colour it a very dark, but not pure, shade of black
  3. Draw a white circle and fill it in,
  4. Draw a star of the same shade of black in the middle of the ball,
  5. Draw a white rectangle over the star so that the entire top point and entire two bottom points of the star are visible, as well as the tips of the other two points,
  6. Write the initials "NAM" in black in the rectangle in bold text so that they cover the entire rectangle,
  7. Draw the eyes and you're done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Black #141414 20, 20, 20
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255


Note: While NatAn considers several other anarchist ideologies his friends due to shared ideological values, most of them do not share the same feelings back due to his reactionary views.


  • Lys Noir - My brother who totally gets me! The state, Capitalism, and progressiveness are evil.
  • Eco-Anarchism - Finally, someone who recognizes the danger of Capitalism and the state to our beautiful land! Why are you giving me that look?
  • Mutualism - Best economic system! Proudhon was right about racism and jews.
  • Odalism - You're like Him but better in every way.
  • Crusade of Romanianism - Nationalism combined with libertarianism and left economics is based! Just go all in and get rid of the state and you would be perfect!
  • Alt-Right Libertarianism - Most based bert specially Christopher Chase Rachels, Stefan Molyneux, Taleed TJ. Brown, Vincent John and Richard Storey.
  • Anarcho-Conservatism - He gets it!


  • Marxism - You're a complete dumbass, but your economics are at least tolerable.
  • Anarcho-Communism - Good ideology but I hate your followers, a few of my followers are ancoms though.
  • Anarcho-Fascism - Although we disagree on many issues, we at least agree on anarchism and nationalism. We need to unite against the statists and the Cuck cosmopolitan anarchists.
  • Hoppeanism - Fellow anarchist traditionalist, but drop the Capitalism.
  • Nilssonianism - Another anarchist traditionalist, but you're a bit too much like the last guy.
  • Donovanianism - What are you talking about? I am totally not anything like you!
  • National Syndicalism - You're a statist fascist, which is degenerate. But you're a traditionalist anti-capitalist nationalist, which is cool.
  • Falangism - Based Anti-Capitalist, but are you really sure you need that state? Also that Traditionalism and Nationalism is honestly epic.
  • Eco-Fascism - You get me, even if you are a statist.
  • National Libertarianism - An okay-ish lolbert to say the least, but it's shame that he's a fucking cappie.
  • Left-Wing Nationalism - Based Anti-Capitalist, and Nationalist, but progressivism and statism are pretty cringe.
  • Post-Colonial Anarchism - I would like to say you are tolerable, but you keep whining that we need to "decolonize." Also let me say the N word damnit!
  • National Bolshevism - I am basically this but as an anarchist... Based I would say but take the anarchy-pill. At least you supposedly want to achieve me at some point and also we think that Shin Chae-ho is based
  • Paleolibertarianism - Late-Stage Rothbard, Lew Rockwell and Jeff Deist are somewhat based.
  • Juche - Likes Shin Chae-ho and agrees with me on almost everything but state power.
  • Fourth Theory - Same as above, but at least you oppose Totalitarianism. But why don’t you stay true to your word?
  • Tridemism - Quite based, though too statist and authoritarian. You should also have listened to Chen Jiongming.
  • Jewish Anarchism - You would be cool if you listen to Ahad Ha'am.


  • Anti-Fascism - No, I’m not a Fascist because I don’t believe in liberal values.
  • Nazism - Fuck you statist. Everyone accuses me of being like you! You ruined my reputation!
  • National Liberalism - I'm not a nazi, you goddamn libtard!
  • Pink Capitalism - That's what capitalism leads to.
  • Anarcho-Capitalism - Upholds capitalism and doesn't care about cultural issues. You're an awful "anarchist"!
  • Queer Anarchism - Pure degenerate.
  • Homoconservatism - Death to the fake traditionalist!
  • Neoliberalism - Death to the liberal world order!
  • State Liberalism - Yeah, he's basically my opposite.
  • Fordism - My worst nightmare.
  • Ethnocracy - Ethnic Nationalism is good, but ethnic supremacism is bad. Unless it is specifically my people doing it.
  • Ilminism - You are a traitor to the Korean people.

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