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Revisionist Maximalism is a totalitarian, culturally far-right ideology which embraces the ideals of Fascism developed by Benito Mussolini in an attempt to construct a unified Jewish nationality rooted in radical Zionism, extreme militarism, anti-British and anti-Arab sentiment. They reject and are violently opposed to communists, socialists, pacifists, humanists, globalists, and liberals.


Abba Ahimeir, a prominent Jewish historian, journalist, & politician was originally a member of the Jewish Labor Movement who supported the October Revolution in Russia in 1917 and called for Jews to have their "own 1917", speaking of the need for a class-based October Revolution within Zionist circles. However, Ahimeir gradually grew more & more disillusioned with Marxism–Leninism which he began to see as a Russian nationalist movement rather than a movement to promote international class struggle.

Having become disenchanted with the entire ideology of Communism, Ahimeir was radicalized into extreme Jewish nationalism after the outbreak of Arab-Jewish violence in the British Mandate of Palestine from 1928 to 1929. In 1930 Abba Ahimeir founded the political ideology called Revisionist Maximalism, & the political faction, he called Brit HaBirionim.

Abba Ahimeir called for the Zionist Revisionist Movement (ZRM) to adopt the principles of Benito Mussolini in order to instill "Pure Nationalism" among the Jews & to make an Integralist state.

In 1932, Brit HaBirionim pressed the ZRM to adopt their policies which were titled the "Ten Commandments of Maximalism" which were made "in the spirit of complete fascism", but normal ZRM members refused to accept this and the ZRM member Yaacov Kahan pressured Brit HaBirionim to accept the democratic nature of the ZRM and not push for the party to adopt fascist policies which later led to the dissolving of Brit HaBirionim in 1933.


"Ten Commandments of Maximalism"

Revisionist Zionism

Revisionist Maximalism takes the 5 principles of Revisionist Zionism which are

  1. Mazon (food) : The 1st principle it means that Israel shall guarantee to every citizen basic food.
  2. Maon (house) : The 2nd principle it means that Israel shall guarantee to every citizen a house to live inside.
  3. Malbosh (clothes) : The 3rd principle it means that Israel shall guarantee to every citizen basic clothes
  4. More (teacher) : The 4th principle means that Israel shall guarantee to every citizen free education
  5. Mirpah (healthcare) : The 5th principle means that Israel shall guarantee to every citizen free healthcare.


Revisionist Maximalism was heavily influenced by many of the ideas of Benito Mussolini & his ideology of Fascism such as Mussolini's Corporatism, Right-Wing Populism, Illiberal Democracy, Totalitarianism, Pure Nationalism, & Mussolini's Rejection Of Pacifism.

Israel Integralism

Revisionist Maximalism believes that there should be a fully integrated and cooperative social and political order, based on inherited cultural, & religious (Specifically Jewish/Israelic) traditions. Revisionist Maximalism also rejects the separation between Church and State, viewing the Jewish faith as essential to the culture and national ethic of a Pure Israel.

Zionist Federation

Revisionist Maximalism had a goals of making a Zionist Federation, which called for a "war on funds" to end corruption in the Zionist movement, and called for a war on anti-Semitism.


In 1930, Brit HaBirionim collapsed due to Ahimeir's controversial decision to support Nazi Germany due to its Fascist and Anti-communist stances, while opposing their Anti-semitic policies. After facing outrage, Ahimeir reversed his position shortly afterwards, with Revisionist Maximalists attacking German consulates, but support for Ahimeir did not recover & the Brit HaBirionim wayned in popularity until they ultimately collapsed & were recreated in 1938 under new leadership.

Due to the fact that the Revisionist Maximalists even existed, a lot of Revisionist Zionists were falsely called "Fascists" by Labor Zionist leaders. This led to Revisionist Zionists, & Revisionist Maximalists calling Labor Zionist terms like "Red Swastika" & comparing them to fascism & Hitler.

Personality & Behavior

RexMax, like his son Kahanism, is a violent and extremist variant of Zionism. He is willing to use terrorism in order to establish Israel. RevMax hates communists, Arabs and Muslims.

How to Draw

Flag of Revisionist Maximalism
  1. Draw a cube.
  2. Fill in with black.
  3. Draw the symbol in the flag shown below. (Level: Complex)
  4. Draw in the eyes.

You're done!



  • Zionism - A good Jewish friend of mine.
  • Revisionist Zionism - Also a good Jewish friend of mine and parent.
  • Fascism - I share blood with him. He has told me about how the fascist ideals work.
  • Kahanism - While he shares the same characteristics as me, he also provides capitalism and is better suited with the problems of today, which makes him more successful than me.


  • Nazism - While I share almost the same characteristics as him, he's an a**hole against us Jews.
  • Jewish-Nazism - While I share Jewish blood with him, he calls me a filthy Jude, even though he has Jewish origin. Something's up with him.


  • Liberalism - Fuck you, liberal.
  • Globalism - Sorry, I prefer to kill all the Arabs than unite with you.
  • Socialism - Mine is better than you scummy socialist freaks.
  • Communists - You're just nothing but a more insane version of him. I am ashamed to have once been one of you.
  • Islamic Theocracy - You persecute us, we'll kill all of you.
  • Jihadism - You're more insane than this Islamic tyrant. I want to kill all of you more than him!

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