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"Spain has no foolish dreams."

Francoism is an Authoritarian Right ideology that believes that the beliefs of Francisco Franco should be implemented. He is very nationalistic, militaristic, and catholic.



It all started in 1936 during the beginning of the Spanish civil war. Franco emerged as the dominant rebel military leader and was proclaimed Head of State on 1 October 1936, ruling a dictatorship over the territory controlled by the Nationalist faction. The 1937 Unification Decree, which merged all parties supporting the rebel side, led to Nationalist Spain becoming a single-party regime under the FET y de las JONS

After the civil war

At the end of the civil war, the nationalists won and Franco became dictator of all of Spain. WW2 then broke out, and Spain did not join the Axis powers ( Germany, Japan and Italy) because of how war-torn the country was—or at least that was Franco’s alibi. Then the 1947 Law of Succession made Spain a de jure "Kingdom" again but it wasn't. Reforms were implemented in the 1950s and Spain abandoned autarky, kicked out the Falangist movement, which had been prone to isolationism, to a new breed of economists, the technocrats of Opus Dei. This led to massive economic growth, second only to Japan, that lasted until the mid-1970s, known as the "Spanish miracle". In 1955 Spain joined the United Nations and Franco was one of Europe's most outspoken anti-communist figures: his regime was assisted by the Western powers, particularly the United States, and it asked to join NATO.

Death of Franco

Franco died in 1975 at the age of 82. He restored the monarchy before his death and made his successor King Juan Carlos I, who would lead the Spanish transition to democracy. This would be the end of Francoism in Spain.


Neo-Francoism is a term used to designate positions that support Francoism or its ideals after Franco's death. Some parties that could fall into this category are España 2000 or Democracia Nacional, categorized as neo-fascist and extreme right-wing.

Some media have used this term to refer to extreme right-wing or conservative movements.

Sociological Francoism/Post-Francoism

Sociological Francoism (also called Post-Francoism) refers to the political ideas of Francisco Franco that continue to prevail in Spanish society and politics after his death.

Mainly this can happen due to the support of ideas that the caudillo mainly defended as Authoritarianism, National Catholicism , Militarism, Technocracy and other ideals, but also this can be expressed with phrases like "Con Franco vivíamos mejor" (With Franco we lived better) and "Esto con Franco no pasaba" (This with Franco didn't happen) in a sarcastic or serious way.


Francoism believes in Authoritarianism, Anti-Communism, unitarian Spanish nationalism and National Catholicism , it sought Spain to become a monarchy to appease reactionaries with the 1947 Law of Succession made Spain a de jure kingdom, heavily utilizing imagery and concepts that reference the Catholic Kings of Old Spain in order to praise them as national symbols of true Spanish identity (while Franco's government wasn't a monarchy itself but instead a personalized dictatorship), Militarism, Ultranationalism,. It also believes in extreme Anti-Masonry, anti-separatism, and anti-parliamentarianism. Despite its deeply ideological governance, it advocates for a non-ideological cabinet based on skill.

Some say that it's also a Spanish variant of fascism, but this is disputable. While it had a close relationship with Italian and German fascist ideologies and shared similar aesthetics, it arguably isn't fascist itself in the traditional sense, especially after WWII ended. Rather, it became more of a spiritual predecessor for the far-right South American juntas of the '70s (Pinochet, Stroessner, Videla...) mainly due to its pioneering of the "developmental state" (a regime which synthesizes high authoritarianism, revivalist nationalism and social ultraconservatism with broadly technocratic economic liberal policies).

Personality and Behavior

Francoism is a very serious and stern ideology. He is also very proudly religiously-inspired in his feverish nationalism, usually seen celebrating Spain and her eternal glory. He is also very vocally Catholic and is usually seen either at church, praying, or singing "Ave Maria!" or "Gloria in excelsis Deo!" He is also not that great at speaking English and often his English sounds broken.

How to Draw

Standard of Francisco Franco as Head of Spanish State version

Flag of Francoism

Drawing this version is similar to Caudillismo, but with different colours and Franco's peak cap.

  1. Draw a ball
  2. Make it red
  3. Draw the Royal Bend of Castile (Banda Real de Castilla)
  4. Draw the Pillars of Hercules at the bottom left and upper right.
  5. Draw the hat that Franco wore (optional)
  6. Draw eyes and then you're done!

National Flag of Francoist Spain version

Flag of Francoism
  1. Draw a ball
  2. Make the top and bottom of the ball
  3. Make the middle of the ball
  4. Draw the symbol of Franco by the left side of the ball
  5. Draw the hat that Franco wore (optional)
  6. Draw eyes and then you're done
Color Name HEX RGB
Red #DB0A13 219, 10, 19
Yellow #FCDE02 252, 222, 2
Black #141414 20, 20, 20
Red (Shield and Beak) #C60B1E 198, 11, 30
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255



  • Technocracy - You know more about economics than him right? Ok, make money for my people!
  • Salazarism - A friendly neighbor for a long time. Thanks for your help in my victory! We're Iberian brothers forever!
  • Reactionary Modernism - Traditional values and technocracy don't contradict each other.
  • Police Statism - ¡Sí! Protect the state! Wipe out those puto separatists for even trying to secede! Those terrorists must be exterminated, all of them.
  • Eisenhowerism - I deeply appreciate that you thawed relations with me and your support for Spain against the godless Communist hordes Vamos tío, come here and give me a hug!!!.
  • British Fascism - British amigo, you would have been a valuable ally of mine. Alas, you chained yourself to those wretched Germans and didn't separate yourself from them like me.
  • Integralism - The original model from which my most cherished ideals and policies were born.
  • Caudillismo - ¡Papá!
  • Traditionalism - ¡Me gusta!
  • Pinochetism - My favorite dictator from South America, I respect your creative use of helicópteros. Even though I had good relations with Salvador Allende's government as well.
  • Catholic Theocracy - ¡En Dios confiamos! I was your salvation from those damned atheistic leftists. The Catholic Church shall always remain the social mainstay for us Spaniards, let's embrace it!
  • Hayekism and Ordo-Liberalism - Thanks for the advice.
  • Castroism - Mi amigo from Cuba, the only comunista I (sort of...) like.
  • Counter-Enlightenment - Degenerates will be obliterated and Spanish heritage will be protected.


  • Fascism - Thanks for the crucial assistance during the civil war! However contrary to popular opinion, I am not a variant of you. In any case, you lean too much into anti-traditionalist thought, which repulses me.
  • Absolute Monarchism - You are a necessary instrument to resurrect the lost national glory of Spain, but any true King must ultimately submit to the will of Franco. A better alternative than the failed Spanish Republic, I guess...
  • Falangism - You were a useful tool ally of mine but you became too rebellious. Ideologues can always be disposed of.
  • Right-Wing Populism - You support democracy (horrifying) but at least you're fervently anti-Communist and desire to reimpose the traditions of your country.
  • Carlism - Yours is a noble cause but you need to remember that while I rule this country, you never will.
  • Distributism - I'll let you set up shop in Spain if you shut down your dissident newspaper
  • Neoconservatism - I had to make too many sacrifices to join his forsaken club. It better have been worth it....
  • Nazism - Thanks for the volunteers back in the civil war! Have some Blue Division! Also, don't worry, your men will be protected after your demise. Don't bother asking for more, I'm not gonna send you anything else nor will I formally join your barbarous "World War" and I will allow some Jews refuge in my land.
  • Technoliberalism - We share an admiration of merit, but he needs to stop being so democratic.
  • Alt-Lite - He should go offline, but at least he opposes the Reds.
  • Reactionary Liberalism - He really likes my post-war economic liberalization. Still, too democratic.
  • Totalitarianism - A totalitarian state will harmonize in Spain the operation of all the capabilities and energy in the country, that inside the National Unity, the work esteemed as the most unavoidable must be the only exponent of the people's will. But I later abandoned you for a more respectable variant of authoritarianism after I halted the blessed White Terror and started to institute economic liberalization and gradual political thaw. Even though America kinda pressured to implement these policies in exchange for aid and acceptance.
  • Democratic Socialism - Pro-Republican socialista libtard, but Allendism isn't that bad and even I kinda like it.
  • Khomeinism - I think you follow the wrong faith and despise the monarchy, but we can have good relations.
  • Neo-Ottomanism - Some say he is my modern counterpart from Turquía. But he follows m*sulmán faith.


  • Spanish Republicanism - Jaja get rekt. You're a puppet of those commies anyways.
  • Pink Capitalism - I knew this would happen to my beloved homeland. That goddamn neocon tricked me!
  • Zionism - I sheltered some of your people during the Holocaust, but you'd later betray me and voted against my admission to the UN. You hypocritical fool! I diplomatically supported the Arab countries against you and didn't recognize your illegal settlements as revenge.
  • Constitutional Monarchism - Scheming traitorous scum!
  • Mediacracy - If I don't like what you're writing, you're done.
  • Nguemaism - I told you that those who foolishly split from my technocracy would descend into idiocy.
  • Marxism–Leninism - Llora por tu derrota en la guerra civil.
  • Progressivism - You're nothing more than a puppet of terrorists and a costumed Marxist!
  • Anarcho-Syndicalism - You lost against me in the civil war! Seethe! Cope! Dilate!
  • Independence Anarchism - HAHAHAHA, can you cry louder?
  • Saturday Night Live - I. AM. NOT. DEAD. I am clearly alive and breathing!
  • Titoism - So many Yugoslav partisan commanders were in the international brigades... May you perish, Tito.
  • Kemalism - I’ll never forgive you for supporting him. You also disgust me by being progressive, anti-fascist, and anti-theocracy.


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