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"I merely follow God and HIS ideas on faith, blood and Nation. Few seem to like them but [I] care not. DEUS VULT!"

Clerical fascism, clipped to Clerfash, is an totalitarian, culturally far-right and third-positionist ideology. Clerfash is a child of Fascism and Christian Theocracy and believes that a fascistic political system should be explicitly religious and serve the interests of the church as well as of the nation.


Romania's Ion Antonesu founded Clerical Fascism in 1935. It has few examples of successful regimes, however there have been multiple attempts at creating a Clerical Fascist state.

The Iron Guard

Perhaps the most famous example, the Iron Guard was a Romanian Fascist political party created in 1927 by Corneliu Zelea Codreanu. Originally called the Legion of the Archangel Michael, the political party was officially dissolved multiple times before coming into power on the 14 of September, 1940 after the assassination of Cordreanu. It only stayed in power for 5 months before being betrayed by the Prime minister, Ion Antonescu, and was banned on the 23rd of January, 1941. More info

National Synarchist Union

The UNS was a Mexican Clerical Fascist party founded in May of 1937 by Jose Antonio Urquiza. During the second world war, the government attempted to "tame" them, and when this failed they decided they must be controlled. All UNS meetings were banned, at the same time the party was fracturing. The party eventually split in two when the leader was replaced. The deposed leader started his own party, and both claimed they were the true UNS. Ultimately, they were outmaneuvered by the government, who openly supported both Catholicism and worker's rights, which basically occupied the political space that would normally be associated with critics from both the right and the left, thus taking all of the political power away from them. They were never disbanded however, and exist even to this day, with two political factions. More info

The Lapua Movement and IKL

The Finnish Lapua movement was founded in 1929 as a self described anti-communist people's movement. It was fanatically Lutheran, Finnish nationalist and also anti-Russian. It's leader was a farmer named Vihtori Kosola and it's support came largely from the Ostrobothnian region, especially the small town of Lapua where it was founded.

It started to gain public attention when they attacked a group of young communists having a meeting at the Lapua labor house where they according to the Lapua movement were committing blasphemy and mocking the fatherland. The Lapua Movement considered this absolutely outrageous and several Lapua movement supporters charged right in led by Vihtori Kosola himslef and started tearing the red shirts off the communist youths. This resulted in a massive brawl and the outnumbered Lapua movement men beat up several communists, and the rest fled while the Lapua movement closed the workers house believing it was a communist traitor stronghold.

After this incident The Lapua Movement continued beating up leftists, burning labor houses and sabotaging leftist newspaper presses. They were known for their infamous practice of "muilutus" where they transported suspected communists by force with with cars illegally behind the Soviet border and beat them up. These practices were widespread and the right-wing parties in charge considered this a necessary evil and didn't do anything to stop it, for a long time, the Mäntsälä rebellion however, was too much even for them. The Lapua movement was disarmed by the president in a radio speech and was followed by a political party called the IKL. More info

Independent State of Croatia

The Independent State of Croatia, a Nazi puppet state during World War II, led by the nazi Ustaše regime with their Poglavnik (chief) Ante Pavelic, committed genocide against Serbs, Muslims, Jews and Romanis. Greatly influenced by Nazi racial theory, the Ustaše saw themselves not as Slavs, but Goths, and viewed the groups that they committed genocide as "podljudski" despite the Nazis view Croats as untermenschen in spite of the alliance. Towards the end of the war, many tried to surrender to the Allies, but were instead handed over to the Yugoslav Partisans. Tito and his Yugoslav Partisans, wanting revenge, massacred thousands of Ustaše and other Nazi collaborators, in various "pits" such as the Barbara pit, which became known as the Bleiburg repatriations.

Russian Fascism

Russian Fascism refers to the various applications of Fascism that were devised by Russian individuals, most notably the Russian Fascist Party lead by Konstantin Rodzaevsky.


Nikiforovism is mostly based on the thoughts of Russian political figure Nikolai Ivanovich Nukuoro.

He was born at the Kiev Governorate, Russia on April 29th 1886, as scientist along with being a lawyer but then in 1910, he graduated from St. Vladimir University in Kiev and was left there to be prepared of becoming a professor.

In 1914, N.I. Nikiforov passed the master's tests in which he received the title of privatdozent but then during World War One (1914-1918), he was privatdozent at St. Joseph University from 1914 to 1917 along with being a extraordinary professor at the Omsk Polytechnic Institute by the Department of General History/Ministry of National Education from 1917 to 1918 and during the Russian Civil War (1917-1923), he was a professor at Irkutsk State University from 1920 to 1921, extraordinary professor at the State Far Eastern University in the same department from 1921 to 1922 & acting extraordinary professor of the law faculty at the Harbin Normal University in Manchuria, China from 1922 to 1937.

In 1925, Prof. N.I Nikiforov along with certain members of the Law Faculty at Harbin Normal University founded the "Russian Fascist Organization" (RFO) but then in 1927, "The Theses Of Russian Fascism" was published while the organization smuggled some propaganda into the Soviet Union that brought the attention of China who banned the group from publishing such works and in 1928, Nikiforov defended his thesis called "The Seigneurial Regime In France In The Outcome Of The Old Order" for a master degree of general history in the testing commission at the Russian Academic Group in Prague, Czechoslovakia while F. T. Goryachkin published a book called "The First Russian Fascist Pyotr Arkadyevich Stolypin" in which stated that Stolypin is even more brilliant than Benito Mussolini, the Russian Fascists established the Stolypin Academy in Harbin. The Russian Fascist Organization was a minor fascist organization that looked to Italian fascism for inspiration and produced the 'Theses of Russian Fascism' In 1931 the RFO absorbed into the Russian Fascist Party.

In March 1929, Prof. N.I Nikiforov becomes the last deputy dean of the law faculty at the Harbin Normal University while he was the editor of a journal called "The Bulletin of the Manchurian Pedagogical Society" until February 1st 1930, in which he was engaging in private practice and published a Russian version of the book called "The Secret Forces of the Revolution" by Léon de Poncins in a Russian Fascist Party newspaper called "Our Way" in 1933.

In May 26th 1931, the Russian Fascist Organization was absorbed into the newly founded "Russian Fascist Party" (RFP) under the leadership of Konstantin Rodzaevsky while in 1936, N.I Nikiforov moved to Tianjin in which he opened a private bank with a former employee of the CER but later moved to Shanghai, where he was engaged in teaching again and in 1945, he was arrested by the "Smersh" to be deported into the Soviet Union after World War Two (1939-1945), in which he was sentenced to 10 years in forced labour camps but died in 1951.


Rodzaevskyism is an ideology that emerged from Konstantin Rodzaevsky, one of the founders (and one of the first leaders) of the Russian Fascist Party and the Nash Put newspaper, exiled in Manchuria and later executed in the USSR. When in Manchuria (specifically in Harbin), he helped to found the RFP, taking the anti-Semitic, racist and pro-Axis countries stance in WWII. Among Rodzaevsky's proposed policies included the "liquidation of Jewish rule in Russia", the re-establishment of the Eastern Orthodox Church as the state religion of Russia, rejection of the "tendency towards cosmopolitanism", "Russia for the Russians". and a call for "class co-operation" instead of "class conflict", which would be achieved via an Italian-style corporate state within some kind of federated government under a "temporary dictatorship". He also became an ultranationalist and extremely loyal to Showa and Mussolini's ideals, also being a sympathizer of National Bolshevism and opponent of Leninism, but after the war, he praised Stalin and his policies.

Uniquely, Rodzaevsky's definition of Russian nationalism did not define Russianness in ethnic terms so much as in terms of a "common historical destiny", which meant that provided that they were loyal the Russian state, all non-Russian ethnic groups were to be considered "Russian". (with the exception of the Jews).

He returned to the USSR after some negotiations with the NKVD, but entered, was captured, arrested for anti-Soviet activity among the White Guards in Manchuria, and subsequently executed. Subsequently, one of his books (The Last Will of a Russian Fascist) entered Russia's Federal List of Extremist Materials.


Vonsiatskyism is the ideology based off of the political views Anastasy Vonsiatsky and manifested in Vonsiatsky's various political projects like All-Russian Fascist Organization (created in 1933) and its successors, primarily based in Putnam, Connecticut USA, notably Vonsiatsky opposed anti-Semitism and claimed that his party's only intention was "to form in Russia a truly democratic government".

Vonsiatsky claimed that his party has the following goals:

  • "With the existence of Germany and Adolf Hitler, as a fortified base, and directing center for all anti-Communist movements, the beginning of a war by the USSR with Germany can change with lightning-like rapidity into the end of International Communism and the victory of the Russian National Revolution."
  • The Party "does not support either Germany's or Japan's ambition for hegemony in Europe or the Far East."
  • "The Germans and the Japanese have never made clear their attitude toward a replacement of the present Stalinist rule by a Russian National Government.
  • "The sole aim of our organization is to return Russia to a free people with a government elected by the people, of the people and for the people."
  • "Our intention is to form in Russia a truly DEMOCRATIC government."
  • The Party "is not anti-Semitic."

Jim Dowson Thought


How to Draw

Flag of Clerical Fascism

Clerfash is shown as being Fascism ball with a Red-Gold Colour Scheme and a cross on top of the Fasces.

  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Draw a couple Red Lines.
  3. Out of the middle-top and middle-bottom of the bundle of sticks you've drawn draw a small red line each.
  4. On the Top line draw a red line going through to form a cross.
  5. Right of the Red lines, draw an Axes coming out of them.
  6. Through the Bundle of sticks draw Gold lines form in a "Z" pattern.


Clerical Fascism is usually portrayed as an extreme Romanian Orthodox that usually really dislikes other religions. He absolutely hates all forms of degeneracy (as according to the Bible), and usually takes a hard-line view of race and nationality, not unlike Nazism. He is usually very haughty, but he is extremely orderly and his loyalty will never wear out. His favorite book is The Handmaid's Tale, as it portrays him as the leading force in the former United States, but he likes to rip out the ending where it implies gilead is not immortal and ever standing. He also likes Crusadism and its aesthetics and considers itself to be a Christian knight.



  • Fascism - Mussolini makes the Vatican great again.
  • Austrofascism - Engelbert Dollfuss did not worship Krampus.
  • Blueshirtism - The Irish Brigade saves Spain from socialist secularism.
  • Brazilian Integralism - You have hated fascism but you are still similar to me.
  • Falangism - You are still with us even you did not like Carlists that much.
  • Peronism - You bailed me out when T*toists invaded.
  • Nacionalismo - Proto-Peronism.
  • Polish Falangism - Don't let the communist atheists get you.
  • Hungarism - Oops, I have forgotten about you and that is my bad.
  • Legionarism - Did I give birth to you or did you give birth to me?
  • Silver Legionism - You're right, maybe aliens can make Christianity more epic.
  • Mexican Fascism - Caring for the poor is a Christian thing to do.
  • Black Hundredism - You existed as a clerical fascist before I was a clerical fascist.
  • Salazarism - You are close enough to becoming Just like me.
  • Francoism - Based for kicking the crypto-marxist filth out of spain and embracing Nationalism and Catholicism instead.
  • Eco-Fascism - Taking care of the earth that God gave us, and accepting of a hierarchical state! What more do I have to say. Just... change your views about race please.
  • Traditionalism - We must hold on to the values that God gave us.
  • Monarcho-Fascism - My favourite sibling. You are even better than Monarchism.
  • Positive Christianity - Hail Christ!
  • Crusadism - Based and Christpilled.
  • Nordicism - Long live Sutler and Norsefire!


  • Esoteric Fascism - Are you some kind of neopagan or something like that??? You're also even more xenophobic than me.
  • Reactionary Socialism - Your love of crusades is commendable.
  • Authoritarian Conservatism - One of the few conservatives who actually conserve something.
  • Islamic Fascism - We work together.
  • Jihadism - I appreciate your views on Homosexuals, Jews, Atheists and Women.
  • Nazism - You're a lot more heathen than I'd like, plus you killed a lot of Christians.
  • National Capitalism - I usually prefer Corporatism and Distributism, but good job with getting rid of atheist commies, also Alfredo Stroessner and George Rockwell were based indeed.
  • Nilssonian Anarcho-Fascism - A Based Christian Conservative Sibling, But Anarchy? Really?
  • Klansmanism - Why did you hate Catholics? Even they are Christians. But also you are making us look bad, But we're willing to collaborate against African pagan religons.
  • Ceaușescuism - I imprisoned him and declared him as a state criminal just so he can rehabilitate me? Ce dracu?
  • Walshian Conservatism - Stop trying to pose as me, you're not as half great as me. Wait... you're only mocking leftists?
  • National Bolshevism - When will you see that communism is an ideology for heathens?
  • Jewish-Nazism - ... maybe.
  • Maternalism - Being a mother and wife is the most godly role for a woman to fulfill. But why are some of your followers feminists? Ignore that Serena used the term domestic feminism, which describes you,to get women back on the divine way.
  • Manosphere - Women are dangerous and must be into men power, also feminism is against God. But when Men go their own way, they are abandoning their duties and not having children, which is also against God. Not to mention how some of you engage in gender treachery, which warrants execution.

Looks Down Upon

  • Revolutionary Progressivism - Yes, Christianity is fascism. And?
  • Futurism - Atheist scum that somehow thinks the nation and church cannot unite for one cause.
  • Satanic Theocracy - LITERALLY SATAN!!!
  • State Atheism - Fuck you. You godless piece of trash, you're the reason those communist f*gs destroyed so many churches!
  • Sickular Soytanism - Satan and Atheism? CRINGE.
  • Vile Sodomites - You stupid degenerates are the work of the Devil and will not be tolerated.
  • Anti-Fascism - Good Night, Left Side.
  • Christian Socialism - CATTOCOMMUNISTA!
  • Conservative Feminism - Degenerate who seriously believes in Equality between the Sexes and yet claims to be conservative. Serena Joy used the term "domestic feminism" to help get Women back on the divine way, but let's ignore that
  • Christian Feminism - Even worse than above, using our Lord's name to spread egalitarian heresy.
  • Queer Anarchism - My literal opposite. May you burn in the depths of hell, you satanic twink.
  • Zionism - Filthy J*w.
  • Men's Liberation - Men's Liberation my ass! You are nothing more than a stupid cuck, and a traitor of a man who encourages other men to submit to women!
  • Liberal Feminism - To The pots!
  • Feminism - Horrible Degenerate!!! I destroyed your decadence in Gilead!!! Thanks for giving me my favorite book though, although you don't seem to realize it's actually an instruction manual
  • Radical Feminism - Lilith's hellish servants. I'd rather argue with typical libtard feminists, than those man-hating scums.
  • Christian Democracy - You can't get rid of heresy without a strong state and not to mention that you got bribed by globo-sodomy.

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