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Revisionist Zionism is a nationalist, economically centre, culturally right-wing to far-right and authoritarian ideology, that believes that the Jews have the right to go back to the territory of Israel and Palestine ( Jordan was also part of their ancestral homeland, but they accepted its gonna be its own thing).



Revisionist Zionism believed that every citizen of the country (Arab or Jew) needs to get these 5 things from the state:

  1. Mazon (food): the Jewish state shall guarantee to every citizen basic food.
  2. Maon (house): the Jewish state shall guarantee to every citizen a house to live inside.
  3. Malbosh (clothes): the Jewish state shall guarantee to every citizen basic clothes
  4. More (teacher): the Jewish state shall guarantee to every citizen free education
  5. Mirpah (healthcare): the Jewish state shall guarantee to every citizen free healthcare.

Personality and Behaviour

RevZion is usually talking with a Russian accent and talks about the "iron wall" and how peace is only possible after the war. Sometimes he has dreams about the Partisan years in Poland.

How to Draw

Flag of Revisionist Zionism
  1. Draw a cube
  2. Paint it with blue
  3. Draw a golden menorah in it
  4. Draw eyes
  5. (optional) Draw the Jewish legion hat on it.
Color Name HEX RGB
Blue #185BA7 24, 91, 167
Gold #DDB60C 221, 182, 12



  • Welfare Chauvinism - He taught me to treat my citizens with respect. I also love Wilders, Zeman and Hawley, because they support Israel and my economic policies.
  • Paternalistic Conservatism - Embrace Nationalism like Welfare Chauvinism! You're still based.
  • Zionism - Father, I love you and your ideas! We're finally free! Glory to Eretz Israel!
  • Stratocracy - The draft is necessary for self-defence, it also teaches discipline to citizens.
  • Neoconservatism - Big friend! We love smashing commies and trying to do peace in the middle east!
  • Fascism - Big inspiration! Love what you did to Italy! Thank you for supporting the Irgun and Lehi!
  • Hungarism - A Nazi Pal? how can exist a such based non-jewish dude?


  • Kahanism - Too religious, too capitalist, and what's all this stuff about Greater Israel?
  • Feiglinism - Lolbert version of above.
  • Jewish Theocracy - I like you when you approve of my economics but peace can only come after the war.
  • Labour Zionism - You help us in the independence war, plus I like welfarism. Still a dirty socialist, though.
  • Religious Zionism - You are too religious for me, but we can make a pact together against the left. At least we both like religious Nationalism.
  • Third Way - You are more pro-welfare than neocon, which is good. But you are too liberal and progressive and hate Welfare Chauvinism.
  • Jewish-Nazism - Be a zionist then all between us will be ok.
  • Bibism - Good for a liberal.


  • Islamic Theocracy - I will destroy you and establish Greater Israel!
  • Progressivism - I have no idea why you think drugs, crime, and infant death will help Israel.
  • Bundism - Anti Zionist Jews? what why?! Like seriously sure war is bad but we live here now!!
  • Marxism–Leninism - Stupid commie! You tried to keep us trapped in the USSR, and put us in camps because we weren't Stalinists!
  • Italian Left Communism - Not that kind of revisionist, you lazy commie.

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