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Not to be confused with Kahanism.

Jewish Nazism or Judeonazism (also known as Zio-Nazism) is a term for any ideology that seeks to synthesise elements of Jewish identity with Nazism. It occupies a largely similar space on the compass as Nazism, being economically third positionist and extremely authoritarian, in addition to being culturally far-right. It is most notably used to represent the Association of German National Jews which was a group of Jews in Weimar Germany that sought the complete assimilation of Jews into German culture and ethnicity.

Due to Nazism's anti-Semitism being its most notorious element, Judeonazism is considered as highly contradictory by pretty much everyone and the concept is usually used for shock humour.

History and Conceptions

Association of German National Jews

The Association of German National Jews was founded in 1921 by Max Naumann (1875–1939) who called for the elimination of Jewish ethnic identity through assimilation by opposing to Zionist Groups and Eastern European Jews. This Jewish Group has supported Adolf Hitler and National Socialism while also supporting another nationalist political party called The German National People's Party. Max Naumann was chairman of this group since the year 1921 to 1926 and again in 1933 to 1935 when it was declared illegal. Max Naumann was later arrested by the Gestapo and died of cancer in 1939. Even this group was fighting against the Jewish Boycott Of German Goods. There was another Jewish group that shows sympathy to National Socialism, and it was called The Followers Of German Jews which was founded by Hans-Joachim Schoeps, but the group was disbanded in 1935.

Jewish Collaborators

Before or during The Holocaust (1941-1945) there were Jewish Collaborators along with organizations that helped Nazi Germany or make Jewish life a little bit worse. For example, the Judenrat/Jewish Council was an administrative agency created by the Schutzstaffel on September 21st, 1939 during The Invasion Of Poland (1939). The Judenrat has its own police force called The Jewish Ghetto Police, but they didn't have official uniforms and only carried batons. Members of this force were killed by the Nazis from 1942 until 1943. There are Jewish prisoners that worked with the Nazis called Kapo who were supervisors of forced labour along with carrying out administrative tasks. The idea was created by the Nazis who want to turn victim against victim.

Jewish Soldiers

There are Jewish Soldiers in the Wehrmacht or Waffen SS who joined into battle for the German Fatherland because they think of themselves as Ayran or some Nazi Officials who pretended these soldiers were Ayran as well. The most famous Jewish Soldier that fought for the German Fatherland is Werner Goldberg, who had a Jewish father and was conscripted to join The Invasion Of Poland (1939) along with many other battles, but after The Invasion Of France (1940) he was dismissed because he was mixed race and after World War 2 (1939-1945) he became a member of the Christian Democratic Union.

Judaised Hitlerism

"Judaised Hitlerism" (Polish: Hitleryzm Zażydowany) was a term coined by the Polish historian Feliks Koneczny (1862-1949). Koneczny was notable for his theory civilisations, according to Koneczny a civilisation was a society distinguished by a system of ethics and law. Koneczny also said that, despite the Nazis' anti-Semitism and devotion to Aryanism, the Nazis implemented a system of law and ethics characteristic of the Jewish Civilisation, which was a system in which ethics are derived from law.

Israel's Patrol 36

There was a Neo-Nazi gang in Israel called Patrol 36 that was based on Russian immigrants who had Jewish blood. The founder of this gang was Erik Bunyatov who was born in 1988. Patrol has existed from 2005 until September 9th, 2007 when eight gang members are arrested by Israeli authorities for attacking Africans, Asians, Homosexuals, Drug Addicts & Haredi Jews. There are videos of the attacks in a short documentary.


Bobby Fischer



Ssethtzeentach, also known as Ogutu M'Beke is a relatively popular youtuber who reviews games he likes. His humor is extremely distinct and is the pioneer of a kind of ADHD-edited style of comedy for which he is rightfully popular for. In his work he includes a large amount of tongue-in-cheek far right humor, including overt and covert antisemitism, references to ZOG, Kali Yuga, Hyperborea, Yakub and the nation of Islam, conspiracies and more... while also being of Ashkenazi descent himself. In his review of Crusader Kings 2 while covering the jewish loans and expulsion mechanic he says "Don't feel bad about it [expelling jews for money], we've been expelled so many times you really won't hurt our feelings if you do it again". Other parts of his humor are explicitly degenerate so to speak, references to Gachimuchi, esoteric sexual fetishes with him playing and reviewing several games related to said content. Despite his online persona, in real life he passed medical school with a masters in cancer immunology and immunotherapy, holding a lecture on the topic in one of his streams. While for most of his online time, he tried to remain anonymous, there are a few things that are known about his life: his family's background in the Russian Empire as landlords in Belarus is one of the details we know, funnily enough. We also know he is a rootless cosmopolitan, having moved around several countries in his childhood and adult life, of which the known ones are Israel and England.

How to Draw

Flag of Jewish-Nazism
  1. Draw a cube.
  2. Fill the cube in with blue
  3. Draw white circle in the front
  4. Add the symbol of Raëlism (Star of David with a Swastika)
  5. Draw the eyes, voila you are finished.
Color Name HEX RGB
Blue #0035B9 0, 53, 185
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
Black #202020 32, 32, 32


Is sad that his father, National Socialism, won't accept him and is often suicidal. Also has anger issues.



  • Fascism - He's like papa National Socialism but without the anti-Semitism, which I have mixed feelings about.
  • Austrofascism - Pretty similar to above but please be less anti-nazi nonetheless thanks for the help.
  • Showa Statism - He's pretty cool and he gives my friends a nice safe home.
  • White Guilt - Fellow self-hater but for different reasons.
  • Hungarism - Good Nazi pal!
  • Alt-Right - Finally, a fellow hater of Juden that accepts me.
  • White Nationalism - Another fellow hater of Juden according to his profile, Jared Taylor is gigabased.
  • Strasserism - Anti-Semitic like me but not too anti-Semitic to accept me. Based!
  • Cultural Nationalism - I admire German culture.
  • Death Worship - Suicide is based.
  • Mediacracy - Werner Goldberg was a great role model because he entered in the Reich Labour Service, joined the Wehrmacht and staring in a poster as an ideal German Soldier even though he was dismissed.
  • Positive Christianity - Thanks for reforming Christianity into a complete gentile religion so nobody can be closed-minded Zionists.
  • Corporatism - It was an alternative to Jewish capitalism and Jewish bolshevism. But to be honest due to what Marx said about Jews, Communism doesn’t sound so bad!
  • Islamic Fascism - Free Palestine from Zionism.
  • Volkism - I like your amazing culture and maybe I can join in with you.
  • Integral Neo-Darwinism - The only good liberal.
  • National Democracy and Korwinism - Poland is definitely based.
  • Paleoconservatism - Nick Fuentes, Pat Buchannan Paul Edward Gottfried, Marjorie Taylor Greene, etc... are extremely based.
  • Molyneuxism - Heil Ancapia! Molyneux is also of Jewish-German descent.[4]
  • Zelenskyism - Believe it or not, I'm pro-Ukraine. Heil Azov Regiment!
  • Breivikism - A white nationalist Norwegian who accepts us and doesn't like disloyal Jews.
  • Zhirinovskyism - R.I.P., you were Jewish who's loyal to mother Russia.


  • Nazism - WHY CAN'T YOU ACCEPT ME?! (At least you accepted Dr. Bloch and a few others)
  • National Capitalism - Same as above, at least Kissinger worked with Videla, Banzer, Barbie, and Stroessner.
  • Jewish Theocracy - Not all National Socialists are Ayran gentiles some of them are Jewish so search it up on Google because there is proof out there.
  • Sternism - You are the right kind of Zionist to create a nation and join The Axis Powers but I think Communism is not a form of Fascism to use.
  • Kahanism - Has the right idea but doesn't realize it's us that's the problem.
  • Spencerism - Gigachad white Zionist! Wait, what do you mean that you have renounced white nationalism, Zionism and the Alt-Right?!
  • Marxism - You may be the founder of (((Communism))). But you made really based takes with your manuscript “On the Jewish Question”.
  • National Bolshevism - Like the above but better! But I’m still confused why you don’t accept me as well! At least you accept Marx!
  • Alt-Lite - Decent but not racist or anti-Semitic enough. And most of you are pro-Zionist.
  • Anti-Japaneseism - We have something in common, but why do you hate him so much?
  • Satirism - Stop comparing the nation of Israel to Nazi Germany even though it's true just because it has policies that are discriminatory towards a certain group of people. For example Palestinian Arabs and real Jewish-Nazi would hang out with these people instead of killing them like those Zionist brutes.
  • Homofascism - You are me but gross and narcissistic.
  • Esoteric Fascism - This is so epic when you are mixed with Paganism, Hinduism & Buddhism but what happens when you mix with Judaism, I don't want to know the result.
  • Black Zionism - Maybe Israel would be a country but in a different form.
  • Bismarckism - Danke for creating the German Empire. I have a gift for you when we Jews fought against America, Britain & France. OPENING GIFT But still, you are not nearly anti-Semitic, nationalist, and authoritarian enough.
  • Feiglinism - Too Zionist.
  • Zemmourism - Moderate and French version of JewNazCap.
  • Bibism - Zionist but if they compare his party with the NSDAP, there must be something good in it. He also admitted the fact that the Nazis initially didn’t want to genocide the Jews and only wanted to deport them until an A*ab advised so. But you are trying to take over the world so gfy!
  • Sargonism - "Jewish people, unfortunately for them, have got to drop identity politics. I'm sorry about the holocaust, but I don't give a sh*t."
  • AfDism and Neoconservative Nazism - Mixed bags. On one hand, some of you don't like Jews so much, but on the other hand, some of you are Zionists.

The (((Problems)))

  • Zionism - Filthy Jude, I may share blood with you, but I dare not recognize you. Why do some people think that you are me?
  • Religious Zionism - Your ego is too big for me and the entire world to handle.
  • Labour Zionism - A filthy Jude, and a commie? May your blood spill on the streets.
  • Bundism - You are ruining the Germanic Language and supported that guy to make the world worse even though you are anti-Zionist.
  • Anti-Fascism - Wait, if you gonna punch for me being Fascist who is a Jew, does that mean you are Anti-Semitic?
    • No, I won't bother fighting someone who would commit suicide anyway.
  • Progressivism - There is something wrong with you, rather than something wrong with me. At least you condemn Zionism.
  • Leninism - You are making me hate myself more and you let that P3dostache Georgian Socialist destroy The Thousand Year Reich.
  • Trotskyism - Maybe there will be real justice if the Schutzstaffel did kill you instead of the NKVD.
  • Luxemburgism - I will never date a Jew.
  • Esoteric Socialism - You used me for your evil plans even it was exposed.
  • Black Nationalism - No, I don't want that even if he wants to be a member of Patrol 36.
  • Jewish Anarchism - Don't resist just accept the fact that you are going to die.

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  1. He passed medical school with a master's in cancer immunology and immunotherapy. This is also an explaination as to why he's so degenerate and unhinged
  2. His family were German-Jewish landowners in Belarus who lost everything in the revolution and got deported to Kazakhstan, from where they went to Israel and eventually England
  3. Played up for comedy but everyone is in the know that he is into some things
  4. "My mother was born in Berlin in 1937 to a pretty Jewish clan, and this was, of course, pretty much the worse time you could pick to be born and the culture you could choose to be born in."