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"Inevitably, a post-industrial society gives rise to a new Utopianism, both engineering and psychedelic. Men can be remade or released, their behavior conditioned or their consciousness altered. The constraints of the past vanish with the end of nature and things."

Post-Industrialism is a technological and social stage of development in which the economic output of manufacturing is surpassed by the economic output of the service sector. It is distinguished by a technological focus on electronics and communication technologies as opposed to analogue technologies and heavy machinery of Industrialism.


Post-Industrialism believes in using technological advancements to transition from a economy that is powered through industry or rural production towards a service economy.

It acknowledges though that it is incredibly instable and unsustainable as relying only on a purely service based economy is virtually impossible so it resorts to the off-shoring of industrial and agrarian production.

It is inherently cosmopolitan as generally cosmopolitan areas work much better to create service economies.

How to Draw

Flag of Post-Industrialism
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Fill in the left with orange and the right with blue.
  3. In the centre, draw a white semicircle facing down.
  4. On the left half of the top of the semicircle, draw a simple factory in white.
  5. On the right half of the top of the semicircle, draw an apartement building in white.
  6. On the bottom of the semicircle, erase a line of white to form an arrow pointing right.
  7. Draw in the eyes, with the left eye having a monocle.
  8. (Optional) Give the little ball a hat.

You're done!

Color Name HEX RGB
Orange #D9A33E 217, 163, 62
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
Averagely dark blue #234CA5 35, 76, 165




  • Industrialism - I appreciate what you did for human progress, but I think it's time to put the factories at rest and outsource them to Asia and Africa.
  • Environmentalism - The factories closed here, but I still have to make my iPhone somehow smh!


  • Situationism - "In societies where modern conditions of production prevail, all of life presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles" & "The spectacle is capital to such a degree of accumulation that it becomes an image." are both quotes by debord and wow. He did a great job analysing me and the conditions of productions I have created and the "non-culture" I created through it. How sad for him that 68 failed.
  • Anarcho-Primitivism - A threat to our entire socio-economic order!

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