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Universal Monarchy is a theoretical system of governance in which a single monarch rules over the planet, whether absolute or constitutional. As such universal monarchy can be identified as an ideology that is globalist in nature.

History and Examples

Ever since even the concept of Empire and rulership, there were cases of great monarchs who with their might and wealth have claimed domain over the entire known world with the first examples being in Mesopotamia, It may thus be considered one of the most ancient variants of monarchy.

The concept itself has heavy religious undertones, be it with the concept of the God-King from the ancient eras, all forms of divine right to rule or conquer.

Ancient Mesopotamia

Sargon of Akkad claimed the title of King of the Totality/King of the Universe.


Cyrus I of the Persian Empire claimed to be King of the World, Shahanshah (King of Kings), King of the Four Corners of the World, King of the Universe. The title King of the Universe was last used by Seleucids, while the Shahanshah title remained in use by Persian/Iranian monarchs until the 1979 revolution.


Mongol Empire

The Franks and the Holy Roman Empire


He loves talking about geopolitics & historical empires from the past as such he wants to imitate them by expanding his empire into what is known as the "universal monarchy" used to civilize what he sees as savage or technologically backward nations. He fears that trends of ethnolinguistic nationalism could lead to civil war in his colonies & the fall of his empire. He sees the nature of empires and politics and the world as all a giant game that will end once someone holds the entire world, something that the development of technology has made increasingly a possibility. As he believes that someone should be him, he is naturally extremely ambitious and imperialist. A lot of justification behind his goals lies in a religious perspective: divine right, the chosen empire, etc. so should he be depicted as such. He absolutely despises any nationalist movements, that is classical nationalism of the sprig time of nations, left-wing nationalism, revolutionary nationalism, any form of separatism and so forth because these explicitly make things harder for him. The only exception is Pan-Nationalism, but only temporarily and under select circumstances.

Stylistic notes

Can be depicted as a min-maxing conqueror, constantly trying to figure out what method works best for achieving the eternal goal of world conquest.

How to Draw

Flag of Universal Monarchism

Universal Monarchism's designs are based on a flag that the Reddit user u/CenturioFabio made to represent a pan-monarchist movement which he posted on r/monarchism under the title "My Take on a Pan-Monarchist Flag".

  1. Draw a ball with eyes and fill it purple.
  2. In the middle draw a gold fleur-de-lis (⚜).
  3. Around the fleur-de-lis draw a golden wreath.
  4. Draw a crown with red jewels on top of the ball.
  5. You're done.


International loyalists

  • Imperialism - I shall not stop until all continents and oceans are my domain! Am I not your ultimate goal? Some of you are too republican and ethnocentric.
  • Caesarism - While Caesar wasn't a Monarch or universalist himself, all succeeding Emperors made Rome one of THE greatest empires destined to rule the world. Unfortunately this nationalist moron tried to claim your legacy, created a republic in 1943, and failed miserably.
  • Byzantine Model - Justinian is my favorite of your emperors, and I really like your slogan.
  • Interculturalism - Now that's how we can unify our imperium culturally.
  • Alexander the Great - Excellent!
  • Zoroastrian Theocracy - Cyrus the Great was, in fact, Great!
  • Multiculturalism - You can't make a unified human empire that doesn't face constant problems if you don't treat the people as equals.
  • Integralism - I am your Katechon, I am the second sword the Lord has given Man to protect the faithful.
  • Aurelian - Thank you for saving me, Restitutor Orbis.
  • Habsburgism - A.E.I.O.U.
  • Khanism - He is LITERALLY me: Genghis Khan means Universal Ruler. Your empire was THE BEST ONE of all time because you treated all cultures and religions equally (I know the Brits built a larger one, but they were sadly ethnocratic).

Royal judgement in progress

  • Roman Republicanism - You are the predecessor to one of the greatest of Empires, but why do your supporters hate expansionism? And why do you hate kings?
  • Fourth Theory - You have some neat ideas regarding the nature of civilizations, Rome, Genghis Khan, and so forth, but you're not explicitly a Monarchist and multipolarism goes against global unity.
  • Feudalism - Way back in the past we worked together in the HRE but it ended up causing border gore.
  • World Federalism - I am not sure if you intend on keeping me around. And you don't support my absolutist tendencies either.
  • Pan-Nationalism - You're good for initial imperial momentum, uniting the immediate nations of say the Mongols, Franks, Persians, Hellenes, Latins, and such. But you can go horribly wrong, especially in the hands of republicans.
  • Third Way - Trudeau and Blair technically support both monarchy and globalization. Still, you're too limited and not dedicated enough as you support the King only as a figurehead (not even a global one) and you limit yourself to economic globalism. But pan-Anglicist cooperation between the states in personal union is a good stepping stone (see above).
  • Showa Statism - Your deeds were inconceivably horrible and directly caused by nationalism, but pan-Asianism is another stepping stone.
  • Globalism - What's different between you and me, is that you're unorganized, mostly economic, and have few long-term goals. While I believe that eventually, some institution will conquer the world, I intend for that to be me, making it last indefinitely and making something of the power that comes with it.
  • Catholic Theocracy - You hold dominion over 1.3 billion people, but you directly control only a tiny piece of land. Not to mention some degree of religious tolerance is needed for global unity.
    • Learn from Dante, the Eastern Roman Empire, and Charles V, that if you give up every identity including a common religion, you can't hold an empire together, especially not by divine right if, in the process, you literally give it up!
    • Okay, valid point. But forcing a native faith on foreigners hinders globalization. I learned from Genghis and Cyrus too.

Speedbumps against world conquest

  • Nationalism - You make my life much harder. At least in Austria, Radetzky put you down temporarily!
  • Irredentism - The initial momentum isn't worth it and you quite literally constrict yourself with your borders.
  • Ultranationalism - Look you are a breeding ground for particularism, I can't even use you pragmatically.
  • Republicanism - You can't depose me that easily. You will not be able to survive for even a month, since THE ENTIRE WORLD is now your enemy, especially my heir. And no one would be stupid enough to fight the whole Earth to take down one family. right???
  • Separatism - You... Sons of PIGS!
  • Tribalism - Get out of the forest, swear fealty to me, and join the global civilization. Otherwise, I'll take your land by force.
  • Jingoism - The only thing you're good for is building support in my wars of expansion, otherwise you're literally sabotaging my goals by existing.
  • Monarcho-Fascism - You must not be ever allowed to get the throne, for your discrimination will cause the empire to fall. Remember Benito's folly?
  • Optimateism - You are the worst: republican, anti-expansion, against integration of our subjects AND also a massive hypocrite. YOU'RE ALL GETTING PROSCRIBED!
  • Trotskyism - World communism and permanent revolution? My ass! The Imperial Army is going to squash you!
  • Tridemism, Arab Socialism, Kemalism and Ilminism - Republican and nationalist? Looks like you will be my next victims.
  • Khomeinism - While you may not be a Nationalist, I cannot forget what you did in 1979!
  • Posadism - A part of me wishes there were nuke-happy aliens so humanity would unite against a common enemy.
  • Lee-Kuan Yew thought - City-state? That is a republic? That broke off? From a monarchy, no less? *vomits* You are the worst.

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  1. All Monarchs in history who proclaimed themselves king of kings or anything of the sort were always based on some interpretation of the divine right of kings: The monarch may be the incarnation of a deity (Ancient Mesopotamia), anointed by God to rule Christendom, were granted all under the blue sky to rule by the might of Tengri and so forth. The concept is almost always inherently religious.
  2. w:Kokutairon_and_Pure_Socialism#International_sovereignty