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    Ideological Journey


    My Family

    - I got the passion for politics from him, he was a candidate for mayor of our city and a city councilor, and he has written some books about politics . He is highly respected in the left-wing local world, he calls himself a "Marxist" because he hates being confused for a USSR lover. Probably one day I will write an entire paragraph about his ideology.
    • My Mum - she's not very into politics, but she loved Enrico Berlinguer, and she was also interested in my father for his political activism.
    • My Sister - she is 12 and not very interested in politics, but she is a progressive (despite some things she said, I am leading her on the right path) and some things he said would be attributable to social democracy, and for every test she took (political Compass, sapply values etc.) she was a progressive moderate LibLeft.
    • My Grandmother - she's a very moderate old woman and the mother of my mother. She had voted Christian Democracy for all the First Republic and she voted Five Star for the last election 'cause she considered Di Maio as a young Christian nice guy. She's kinda welfarist and conservative, but not aggressive.
    • My Uncle Danilo - he's the young brother of my mother. When he was a teen, someone paid him to tear away all the electoral posters of the communist candidate in his city. He is right-wing, but probably a libertarian. He appreciate Margaret Thatcher, but he's in favour of euthanasia and appreciate also the Italian Radicals. He has some characteristic of a right wing populist and some of a liberaltarian. He's probably right unity
    • My Uncle Pippo
      - he is the husband of my father's sister. As a young man he was a hippie and has always been leftist. In recent years he has approached the Five Stars. He appreciates today's anti-American China and loves the Beatles and cinema. He's a chemist and he reminds me a lot of Walter White at the beginning of Breaking Bad. He blindly relies on science and hates religion, the church and his power of him with all his heart.

    My Friends

    Friend Groups


    Forcix is the name of my main and favorite friend group. the name was given by name as a mangling of forcix, in turn crippling of forcio, in turn crippling of frocio (the Italian equivalent of faggot) and almost every member of this group is a queer leftist. The members are:

    - he is one of my best friends, I often talk about politics with him and he is perhaps the person who knows the most about the subject I know. One of my best jokes was "FAP is a faggot" cause one year ago he had a lot of internalised homophobia, but now he openly hugs the "person in the asexual spectrum" label. He is completely insane, once he wrote a message on whatsapp like a Wikipedia page describing a classmate of ours who he hates. I'll probably write a paragraph one day on him, or maybe he will do it himself.
    • / Franco - her real name is Francesca, but we love to give her the masculine form of her name. She is Nico's cousin and the oldest in the group. She adores Kant madly and thinks that Nietzsche is a fascist. When she did the sapplyvalues ​​she was very left economically, she is Christian and she is very linked to progressivism.
    • Liv - She and I are very good friends. We enjoy making fun of each other and she and I both talk too much. Despite the attempts of FAP (who has a crush on her) to radicalize her to the left, she is most likely a Social Democrat, but I am succeeding in this goal. She is unlabeled.
    • Nico - he is my ex-partner and he is the one who opened me to the world of LGBTQ+ activism. He is a psychology and psychiatry addict. He is clinically depressed, has derealization and depersonalization and is autistic. Hee believes, probably rightly, that almost all members of our group are neuroatypicals (me ADHD and Autism and I think he's right, Liv ADHD and her mum confirmed it etc.). It is a progressive, he believes in the idea of ​​intersectionalism. He is a progressive, he believes in the idea of ​​intersectionality and transfeminism and although he says he knows nothing of politics, he is very close to ideals of queer socialism. He is the mother of the group because he keeps everyone away from smoking, alcohol and anything like that.
    • Robin
    - she's one of my best friend, we are very similar to each other, both ideologically and otherwise. We match robin and Steve from ST together (because she kins Robin and she's a lesbian who listens to Taylor Swift and I'm a dumb person with an eccentric attitude). She is also closely linked to issues relating to vegetarianism and progressivism.

    Gang degli Immigrati

    "Gang degli Immigrati" o "Gang dei Power Rangers" Is the name of the main group of friend that I had when I was 12-13. We still talk to each other and go out all together some days, but we all had decided different schools and different worlds. The name is son of a black humor joke that me and Peppe, one of the "Gang": when we were sitting near on our desk, we used to make fun of all the people that used the term "gang". So, a day, when a teacher gave us a picture of some immigrants we take a picture of it and used it as a profile picture for a new group. We use also the name "Gang dei Power Rangers" and another name that contain a slur so I don't want to say it. The members are:

    • Alex - I considered him my best friend at that time. He's a very organized person and aggressive sometimes. He tends to justify himself. He loves music and singing. He wants to be a psychologist. His father is a Conservative conspiracy theorist. He told me that in the last election he would have vote +Europa (More Europe).
    • Joe - he seems like a good and intelligent, but he's kinda arrogant and a little homophobic. Despite this, i think that he's in love with Peppe, due to many strange facts about them, and I love to ship them. When I asked him who would've voted in the last elections, he replied me that he didn't followed that much the elections but "surely someone who is a centrist". He used some good words for american Democrats and describe himself as a film fan cause he sees a lot of Hollywood movies.
    • Peppe - despite the appearance of the classic straight homophobic guy, Peppe is a nice guy, progressive and very anti-fascist and anti-Right-Wing. He's a strange relationship with Joe, and I theorise that they are secretly a couple. He loves soccer and sports, and it's easily bored, but loves to exit with his friends. He said that Fratelli d'Italia (Brothers of Italy) has a good instance on economics, but sucks on all the rest and thinks that they're fascist. He said that he would have voted Cateno De Luca because he thinks he's the best remedy for the increasing fascism.

    My School

    Students of my Class

    - She is perhaps the one who discusses feminism the most in class and strangely Giuseppe had a crush on her. She is very lonely and has a relationship of political rivalry with her Christian Democrat father. She sympathizes with communist ideals, even though she often talks about wanting to be a career woman (she says it as a form of feminism and emancipation and also because she is obsessed with work), and is getting educated on politics by FAP. She is very good friends with Robin and me. She hates labels and is probably queer but she wouldn't even accept the unlabeled label. - she's like the best friend of FAP and Cate, she was previously apolitical, but now she's very political. She declares herself as an anarchist, with solidarity ideals but where "everybody does what they want without harming anyone else", but she was a little authoritarian a year ago. - He was Fap's nemesis until some years ago. He is an openly center-right, anti-feminist, anti-SJW and neocon boy, as well as a supporter of capitalism. He wanted to be a soldier but he wears glasses and can't, so he hopes to become an entrepreneur. He has a motivational page and loves cryptocurrencies. He has sometimes defended fascism. It is anti-communist. The first few times I talked to him, he was interested in the world of liberal socialism and a democratic form of the Chinese system. I often don't understand if he's serious or not. He loves parties. He says he supports the LGBTQ + community, but has often come out with homophobic and transphobic comments. He appreciate the idea of ochlocracy. He would have voted Azione in the last elections.
    • Liv
    • Ludo - she is considered the best student in our class and is obsessed with the United States. She supports Biden and hates Trump and says he hates the right. She is a progressive and has sometimes come up with some feminist phrases. She often talks about boys and about school
    • / Luigi - he calls himself leftist and hates Five Stars, but I and FAP often compare him to them ideologically. He and FAP have a love-hate relationship (they are friends, but when we are at school Luigi behaves in a harassing way and Pandolfo does not accept him) that made me build a ship on them. Politically disappointed, he hates Giuseppe and the right and defines himself disappointed by the left. Sometimes he came up with quite authoritarian ideas. He loves Michael Jackson and spends his time going out and attending the most visited place by young people in our city, where he has made a semi-name. He says he can say "faggot" because he's feminine.
  • Mia - she stays only the 3rd year because she's a German student. She defines herself as a socialist, she's very anti-nazism and anti-conservatism.
  • Nico
  • Robin
  • Samuele - He is a shitposter and loves politics. He is very close to liberal socialist ideas and he loves Carlo Calenda's Azione. He loves Italian Radicals and is quite progressive. He calls himself center-left and hates tankies and Hippies. Politically, in class he only respects FAP and me. Me and him usually discuss about politics, but we can link to eachother throughout same interest and progressivism, although he's very controversial sometimes. He's probably non binary and unlabeled.
  • Teachers of my Class

    - she's a very strict teacher, but also very strange in politics. The first day we met, she started to talk about how glorious is our school and how important is the Mediterranean and the Sicily. She thought that I was a strict person, I don't know how. When we asked her about the last elections, she said she wouldn't have voted neither Fratelli d'Italia (Brothers of Italy) and Partito Democratico (Democratic Party) and she hates both of them. - he's one of my favorite teacher. He is an anti-fascist, he likes Karl Marx and Ferruccio Parri and hates Silvio Berlusconi. He is very interested in books and Greek culture. He is a progressive, but he has sometimes criticized the politically correct. He loves Tolkien and Donna Tartt's The Secret History (like me). He voted Partito Democratico (Democratic Party) in the last election to stem right-wing. He is a little creepy sometimes.
    • History and Philosophy Teacher (3-) - she's a very kind and sweet lady. She lost her two brothers and she is a very good person. She try everyday to make us enjoy the lessons in different ways, as quoting Dead Poets Society to make us act the scenes. She reminds me of my Geo-History Teacher. One day she asked us our opinions on alternatives to capitalism and she seemed very interested on this topic. She often quote Marx, but she says that she isn't a communist. She probably didn't vote, or she wrote something, in the elections on 25 September.
    • Math Teacher (1-) and Physics Teacher (4-) - he's a strict teacher, but funny. He tends to do a lot of jokes, but nobody knows when he's joking and when he's not. He supports neuralink, justifies all the laws of the market, but sometimes he said something anti-colonialist.
    • Latin Teacher (1-) - she's the wife of the Greek Teacher and she's very good teacher, but she's very strict. She said that every party that she voted in all the elections was never elected. She's also the teacher of global perspectives. She's very progressive, left-leaning and she hated Craxi.
    • Physical Education Teacher (2-) - she's often apoliticial, but a day she began to talk about the fact that we are inspired by the wrong America, the America in war with the Iraq, the America of the school shootings, and not from the right America represented by Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. She defended Johnny Depp in the process and she's kinda anti-vegan, and she bothers me a lot both as a teacher and as a person.
    • Physics Teacher (3) -he's, for me, the most beautiful of my teachers . He's 56 but seems 40, he's vegan and follows Italian leftist politicians like Nicola Fratoianni and newspapers like il Manifesto, HuffPost and a lot of others. He's a very calm man and seems funny.
    • Religion Teacher (1, 3) - he is a very disturbing man. Everybody hate him, teachers, students, everybody. He is a conservative and is often accused of pedophilia. He often makes not funny jokes and puns and had probably voted Forza Italia (Forward Italy).
  • Religion Teacher (2) - he's a priest. He often does a lot of volunteering and supports Pope Francis a lot. He has often shown himself close to both socialist ideas and, in his own way, somewhat progressive, as well as the world of the right and conservatism. On the war between Russia and Ukraine, he criticized both. He is against abortion and, depending on how he wakes up, he is both for and against LGBTQ + rights.
  • Religion Teacher (4-) - he's a right-winger that looks like a tortoise (especially Gerson from Undertale and Master Oogway from Kung Fu Panda). He presented himself as an ex-entrepreneur that supports Giorgia Meloni and the rights of entrepreneurs.
  • Science Teacher (1-3)
  • - she was probably an activist against nuclear power and against nuclear bombs in her youth. She's very annoying and boring, but sometimes she says something interesting about the environment. She's against euthanasia and she's slightly transphobic.

    Students (and ex) of other Classes

  • Carlo - he's the stereotype of the nice guy: he complains about the girls who rejects him, uses stupid tecniques to talk to girls and is generally a simp, who slightly hates women. I don't think he's evil, but he's annoying. I'm trying to radicalize him to the left and make him not mysoginistic. I have a video of him and Lorenzo kissing on the lips during the final party of our school.
  • Chiara
  • Chicco
  • - he's the actual school representative. He's 17 years old and he's a good-looking guy. I theorised he's at least achillean. A lot of people, even the mayor of our city, theorised that a city counselor of something like 40 years old from the Democratic Party was involved in a relationship with this guy. He's the leader of Adeos and he's very paternalistic with all the people in school. He respects me probably for my dad, but he's kind sometimes. I shipped him with Dario, but he hated him, describing him as "insane" "a mere populist" and he was described by Dario as "fascist". - he was our school representative before graduating. He is a crazy guy, with anger issues, but very charismatic. despite being on the left, he was voted for by more right-wing people than all the other candidates. He tried to throw a desk to our principal. He and Chicco had a love-hate relationship. He's unlabeled and he's probably bipolar or has bpd.
    • Giulia - she's popular and she's a neopagan, and also an activist for LGBTQIA+ rights and feminism. She goes to a gay disco. I thought she was an egocentric hypocritical girl, but I was very wrong. She's very humble and nice. She supported Iris, my school list. She's queer.
    • Leo - he had a situationship with Cate and he's a great friend of Rori. He's rather apolitical, his father is a left-wing conspiracy theorist and his mother is a New Age, but he (now) supports feminism.
    • Leonardo - he was called by everyone "the based" because during the school elections, he ran a satirist-populistic campaign where he criticized the main lists, so everybody started to love him, ironically and unironically. I was the first person to call him "based". During all the assemblies he talked to criticize the organization, but in the last assembly he congratulated to the representatives and discussed his political views, stating that he was deeply influenced by the views of Alceste De Ambris and Gabriele D'Annunzio.
    • Letizia - she's the best friend of Giuly, my classmate, and she's a nice girl. She's in Dike. She had a boyfriend who is 21 years old, while she's 16 years old. She declared herself as communist and, for FAP, she's an Eurocommunist. She's omnisexual.
    • Lorenzo - despite his father, one of the philosophy teachers in my school, is from a center-leftist/leftist world, he's a center-rightist guy. Despite this fact, he quoted Oswald Mosley and said that Marx is underrated but too utopic.
    • Mario
    - he's the founder of the Phoenix Collective and a friend of my first partner. He tried to approach me for the list and after some months, kicked me and my friends off the list because we tried democratically to detach ourselves from the trade union of which he is part, for being independent. Now he's trying to continue the list with all the things that we made but he is failing to find people to let in the list. He's a tankie and Samuele hates him for this.
    • Matteo - he's a member of H Phusis and he's a very good guy. He loves debate. He declares himself as "progressive". He's probably Anti-Imperialist, kinda feminist and he's pro-nuclear energy. He would've voted Unione Popolare (People's Union) but he's probably more a Social Libertarian.
    • Niccolò - he is considered the most handsome guy in our school. He seems like a nihilist, he wears dark academia's outfits. He made some misogynist pseudo-philosophical arguments, but he also said a lot of anti-capitalist and left wing stuff. He's most likely an Ego-Communist slightly progressive but a little misogynistic. He loves Pier Paolo Pasolini and, I don't know why, he seems very attached to me sometimes.
    • Pasquale - he is a very talkative boy, like me. He's a friend of FAP and he was in the Phoenix Collective after Mario kicked out me and my friends. He realized almost immediately how bad he was. For FAP he's a Neo-Marxist. He's pro-cryptocurrency and support H Phusis.
    • Raffaele - he's a friend of Giuseppe. He loves anime and talk about it. He love a member of the sardines, but he declare himself as a Center-Right guy. He hates Meloni but wants the Mona Lisa in Italy. He's a member of the Rete degli Studenti Medi, an highschool syndicate which also includes Mario (who thinks he is the boss of the syndicate) and FAP. He's autistic.
    • Riccardo - he's a friend of Samuele. He's in H Phusis with Giuseppe, Raffaele and other people and he's kinda apolitical. At the same time, he loves to talk about politics and the first thing that he asked me was if I'm pro or against nuclear energy. Samuele says that he's in line with the policies of the Terzo Polo (Third Pole), but I think he's more a Third Way guy than a Social Liberalism/Liberal Socialism guy.
    • Salvatore - he's kind of a larger of a Neo-Nazi and he gave away a copy of mein kampf to a friend of his.
    • Veronica - she was one of the best friends of Liv some years ago. She loves Sandro Pertini and is very pragmatic, bordering on disillusionment. Sometimes I talked with her about philosophy and politics, but she hates to talk with people that knows about this topics because she hates losing debates (her words). I think that sometimes she hates me and sometimes she sopports me.

    School Lists

    Books in My Library and in My Father's


    1. I am closer to the vision of libertarian social democracy than of social libertarianism
    2. I greatly respect the Italian radicals, especially Marco Pannella, for many of their struggles
    3. he influenced me despite his conservative, antisemitic, neoconservative and homophobic behaviour. And despite all the people that misquote 1984
    4. the list came from a dead list called the same name and was accused by that list of copying them. And I love the joke about this list that is dead
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