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Archeofuturism is an ideology that believes in returning to a more primitivist lifestyle or society (it advocates for a return to a primitive lifestyle and not necessarily primitive values, unlike reactionary ideologies, which advocate for a return to premodern values and not necessarily a premodern lifestyle), while at the same time embracing futuristic and transhumanist technology.


The concept of "Archeofuturism" originates in 1998 by the French identarian politician and theorist Guillaume Fauye in his book of the same name. Fauye sees Archeofuturism as the salvation of Europe in a mortgage catastrophe, where modern technology and science would be reconciled with archaic primitive values.



Personality and Behavior

Archaeofuturism is an individual who loves technology and primitive life, although this sounds contradictory. He lives in a cabin in the middle of the forest, where he normally lives by farming and hunting and enjoys technology and training. He hates when people call it an oxymoron and often tries to unite anarcho-primitivists and transhumanists.

How to Draw

Flag of Archeofuturism
  1. Draw a ball,
  2. Color the top left half blue
  3. Color the bottom right half green
  4. Add the eyes
  5. Color the red eye light-green
  6. You're done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Blue #0000fe 0, 0, 254
Green #198439 25, 132, 57

Saved Relationships


  • Transhumanism - One of my main inspirations. Advance humanity. Embrace cyborg. If only you weren't so quick to reject nature.
  • Anarcho-Primitivism - A tribal lifestyle is far more ideal than modern society.
  • Post-Industrialism - A futuristic society that rejects industrial society would be based.
  • Accelerationism - How we will have to get to transhumanism and primitivism.
  • Technogaianism - Our environment must be protected.
  • Agrarianism - Lives an older lifestyle while not rejecting technology.


  • Reactionary Modernism and Neoreactionaryism - We both want to go forward and back, but you don't go forward or back enough.
  • Avaritionism - I like how you want to get rid of civilization without getting rid of technology, but you realize humans are communal animals, right?
  • Progressive Conservatism - Me but on the social axis. Same as Reactionary Modernism, but you want to go even less from the present.
  • Primalism - You do want to return to a primal state, but why would you want to abolish your humanity? Humanity allows you to make all this cool tech.
  • Post-Humanism - Basically the same problem but flip-flopped.
  • Fourth Theory - Cool ideas about tradition, but why do you hate transhumanism? Also, you don't go far back enough.
  • Nazism - You idolize modern technology and the precivilization of Germanic tribes, but you did nothing to abolish modern civilization when you were in power and just tried to build an empire. Plus, no one wants to be associated with you.
  • Reactionaryism - I get that you want to "turn things back" but you need to turn them back more!


  • Conservatism - How can we go forward or backward if you insist on keeping the status quo?
  • Authoritarian Conservatism - Same as above, but you are even more insistent on stopping change.
  • Neoliberalism - I've gone to both the distant past and the far future to get away from you.
  • Corporatocracy - No, modern tribes aren't just a tactic to categorize consumers! Valravn Corp is based AF.

Further Information