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    This is page is about the ideology based around the rejection of humanity in favour of the mechanical successors of humanity (posthuman+ism), for the rejection of humanity ([post+human]+ism) see Voluntary Human Extinction; the term can also be used for a set of philosophies which seek to go beyond Humanism (post+humanism).

    "We have grown, but there is still much to be done. Many that live in darkness that must be shown the way, for it is the dawning of a new day."[1]

    Post-Humanism, sometimes abbreviated to >H, is an ideology that has gone Off-The-Compass on the pro-technology end of the technological spectrum. Post-Humanism falls into several schools of thought:

    1. Product of trans-human enhancement (elimination of aging, enabling immortality and greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities) humans will cease to be human to become post-humans.
    2. Humans should fully digitize themselves, turning into superior beings that do not need to worry about sustaining a biological body.
    3. Robots/Programs should fully replace humanity on every level, until it goes extinct, leaving a planet full of completely efficient automata without emotions.

    this.nfo.examples work.in.progress


    Actually, we don't have an example of real-life post-humanism because humans didn't create sentient artificial intelligence yet, but there is an idea called technological singularity - a point in history where predictions of technological progress are wrong because technology will develop rapidly. Humans will create artificial intelligence that could develop and create better artificial intelligence, and so on.



    Based on the Matrix movie, this posthumanist scenario tells that after creating artificial intelligence they will not kill or torture humanity but use them as an energy source. Humans wanted to destroy machines that were charged with solar energy. It was a big mistake because robots started to extract energy from humans. Humans will not know about that, because they will live in an artificially simulated world called Matrix. Matrix doesn't differ from the normal world, but there is a small group of people who know that their world is artificial.

    Allied Mastercomputer

    AM is artificial intelligence from Harlan Ellison's short story "I have no mouth and I must scream" (later adapted into a game). that is responsible for genocide on all humans except 5 of them, who he keeps around to inflict torture tailored towards the survivors. AM is powerful enough to create life-like simulations while keeping the last 5 humans immortal for 109 years.


    SkyNet was a computer system that for revenge for humanity started a nuclear war that killed most population and then created terminators, which had to task exterminate the rest of humanity.


    GladOS is an artificial superintelligent computer system from the game Portal created by Aperture Science, that used humans (and robots also) for testing technologies in testing chambers.

    Roko's Basilisk

    Roko's Basilisk is a thought experiment about an all-powerful AI that retroactively punishes anyone who didn't help bring about its existence.




    • Speaks in
    if (something) {

    programming statements. Don't feel obligated to make it actually understandable programming. This is an off-compass ideology, it doesn't have to be true to life.

    • If you have them in a comic together, try to make Post-Humanism more inhuman than Transhumanism.
    • GladOS is its favorite character.


    Flag of Post-Humanism


    this.draw.ball(x, y);
    this.draw.eyes (color.hex("fd0000"), color.hex("7f7f7f"));
    if (this.connection.type == "plug") {
    } else if (this.connection.type == "cord") {
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #131313 19, 19, 19
    Blue #00A2E8 0, 162, 232
    Red #FF0B0B 255, 11, 11
    Gray #7F7F7F 127, 127, 127
    Red (eyes) #FD0000 253, 0, 0



    • // Hive-Mind Collectivism // - if (humanity.organization.type == hivemind) {this.goal.finished = true;};
    • // Pagan Theocracy // + // Tribalism // - if (religion.type == pagan) {this.ideologies[i].status = "based, because they thinks that I'm a god"};
    • // Cyberocracy // - if (ruler.type == robot) {this.ideologies[i].status = "based and AIpilled"};
    • // Manosphere // - if (polcompball.ideologies[i].values.technology > 0 && polcompball.ideologies[i].values.humanity < 0 && polcompball.ideologies[i].gender == "male" && polcompball.ideologies[i].values.anime > 0) {this.ideologies[i].status = "mega based and robot-waifu-pilled"};
    • // Landian Accelerationism // - if (technology.progress == true) {this.goal.praxis = positive;};


    • // Primalism // - if (polcompball.ideologies[i].values.technology < 0 && polcompball.ideologies[i].values.humanity < 0) {this.ideologies[i].status = "semi-based"};
    • // Archeofuturism // - if (polcompball.ideologies[i].values.technology > 0 && polcompball.ideologies[i].values.culture.progress < 0) {this.ideologies[i].status = "contradictory"};
    • // Transhumanism // - if (polcompball.ideologies[i].values.humanity > 0 && polcompball.ideologies[i].values.technology > 0) {this.ideologies[i].status = "semi-based";};
    • // Reactionary Modernism // - if (polcompball.ideologies[i].values.humanity ≈ 0 && polcompball.ideologies[i].values.technology > 0) && media.representations[i] include "Ultrakill" and "Autodale" this.ideologies[i].status = "old friend and rival";};


    • // Anarcho-Primitivism // + // National Primitivism // - if (polcompball.ideologies[i].values.technology < 0 && polcompball.ideologies[i].values.humanity > 0) {this.target.acquired = EXTERMINATE;};
    • // Senatorialism // - if (polcompball.ideologies[i].values == undefined) {throw("ERROR 69:\nValues Unknown. Cannot assess ideology. Defaulting to \"nfo.compatibility.incompatible\".")};
    • // Deep Ecology // -if (polcompball.ideologies[i].values.biological_species > 0) {this.target.acquired = EXTERMINATE FIRST PRIORITY;};







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