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"A revolutionary ideology in the hands of privileged people can indeed bring about some disruption and change in the system. But a revolutionary ideology in the hands of working people can bring that system to a halt. For it is the working people who have their hands on the machinery. And only by stopping the machinery of destruction can we ever hope to stop this madness."

Green Syndicalism or GreenSynd is a libertarian, economically left-wing and environmentalist ideology who exists as a synthesis between environmentalism and revolutionary syndicalism and believes in a decentralized economy established through strikes, direct action and the creation of syndicates (local revolutionary worker organizations and unions), additionally arguing that environmental protection largely depends on decentralization, direct action (including "green bans", trade union strike action in defense of the environment mainly associated with Australia in the 1970s), regionalism, autonomy and federation, in addition to the creation of a syndicalist economic system. GreenSynd's ideology is highly influenced by both the social anarchist and eco-socialist movements.

Stylistic Notes

GreenSynd, like his father, is very passionate about worker's rights, especially industrial workers, and he will often participate in strikes and direct action along with members of his family, however, he has inherited a strong sense of environmentalism from his mother and thus will make sure to disrupt any industrial developments that may threaten local ecosystems through his connections to various trade unions in order to protect the environment.

How to Draw

Flag of Green Syndicalism
  1. Draw a ball
  2. Fill it in with green
  3. Draw in a white shovel and torch in the center
  4. Add the eyes and you're done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Green #22B14C 34, 177, 76
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255





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