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Hungarism, also known as the Hungarist movement, and the ideology of the Arrow Cross Party, is an authoritarian, third positionist and national socialist ideology.


They believe that the people arising from the ashes of WWI are able to create a corporatist worker state without Liberalism. That worker state would be Pax Hungarica, a Carpathian-Danubian Federation, what would be free from Chauvinism, because in their mind, the peoples who are there are rooted in the Carpathian Basin. Instead it would be Connationalist, which means Nationalism between the nations of a region. They do not think the same about Jews. Jews did not settle so long ago in that area, and only exploit it. The best way to get rid of Jews, however, is not ethnic cleansing, but the creation of a Jewish state. So they are Asemitic (exemption from Jews), not Antisemitic (opposition to Jews). In their envisioned regime, which would be part of the "European stage", the Hungarian would be the "leading nation", and the peoples of Upper Hungary, Transylvania and Lower Hungary would rejoin voluntarily. Hungarists are deeply Catholic, and do not tolerate any form of Atheism.


Hungarism as a political ideology was created by Ferenc Szálasi, a Hungarian military officer and politician. Szálasi's fascination with politics started in the 1930's, around the time where Nazism and other fascist movements were gaining popularity across Europe. Around that time, Szálasi began to embrace ultranationalism and irredentism, believing that Hungary should expand its territory in order to establish "Greater Hungary" and reclaim the territories that Hungary had lost in the Treaty of Trianon in 1920.

In March 1935, Szálasi founded a political party named "Party of National Will". The party was founded on Hungarian nationalist principles. However, the Horthyist government outlawed the party, deeming it to radical. Undeterred by this, Szálasi founded the Hungarian National Socialist Party in 1937, but it was also outlawed. After Germany annexed Austria in 1938, Szalasi increased his political activity, but was arrested and imprisoned.

Szálasi remained a popular political figure after his imprisonment, and was declared leader of the Arrow Cross Party. The ACP would gain 30 seats in the 1939 election, becoming one of the most popular political parties. After the Second Vienna Award in 1940, Szalasi was released, and the ACP was outlawed, but continued to operate in secret. Szálasi would later gain support from the Germans, who had previously opposed his Hungarian nationalism. The Nazis invaded Hungary and the ACP was legalized, but the German-installed leader, Döme Sztójay was later overthrown, and Szálasi was arrested again.

The Nazis would end up invading Hungary a second time in October 1944, and would eventually force Horthy to make Szalasi prime minister, Szalasi increased Hungary's deportation of Jews and participation in the Holocaust. However, the Soviet army was encircling Budapest, and by the time the siege of the city began, Szalasi fled. He would end up captured by American troops in May 1945, and was sent back to Hungary, where he faced a trial in 1946, where he was sentenced to death.

How to Draw

Flag of Hungarism
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Make one half of the ball red, and the other half white.
  3. On the white side, draw 5 red stripes.
  4. On the red side, draw the emblem of the Arrow Cross Party as an eye patch.
  5. Draw the other eye and you're done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Red #FA323E 250, 50, 62
White #FAFAFA 250, 250, 250
Green #4B714B 75, 113, 75



  • Nazism - My father. We fought against the eternal number of Russians together!
  • Eco-Fascism - We should take care of our environment.
  • Fascism - I like some of your ideas, but I'm closer to National Socialism.
  • Ethnopluralism - The nations of Carpathia are brothers not matter what language they speak!
  • Corporatism - You are the solution for the rivalry between the classes of the nation.
  • Integral Neo-Darwinism - Asemitic pal gang!
  • Jewish-Nazism - Weird but good.
  • Alt-Right - Another good weirdo.


  • Horthyism - Why did you repress me?
  • Zionism - It would be better for all of us if the Jews would be in Israel, not in others' countries.


  • Marxism-Leninism - We will never forget the siege of Budapest!
  • Marxism - I have read your book and I realized how much I hate you.
  • Islamic Theocracy - "The Muslim hordes always devastated our lands and remained there for up to 150 years! These 150 years have left their mark to this day - beautiful Gothic cities, medieval castles and chateaux, Romanesque-Gothic cathedrals, were destroyed. But the greatest tragedy was that they destroyed about 50% of the population. These are not "immigrants", but ILLEGAL invaders that rape and kill all over Europe."
  • Atheism - Irreligious dog!
  • Goulash Communism, Nagyism and Bela Kun - You destroyed Hungary with your Communist bullshit.

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