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"The wild beasts that roam over Italy... have every one of them a cave or lair to lurk in; but the men who fight and die for Italy enjoy the common air and light, indeed, but nothing else; houseless and homeless they wander about with their wives and children. And it is with lying lips that their [commanders] exhort the soldiers in their battles to defend sepulchres and shrines from the enemy; for not a man of them has an hereditary altar, not one of all these many Romans an ancestral tomb, but they fight and die to support others in wealth and luxury, and though they are styled masters of the world, they have not a single clod of earth that is their own."

Populareism is a Centre-Authoritarian Left ideology that shares the beliefs of the Populares faction in the Roman Republic. He is very populist, loves farming, and gets killed a lot. The populares were also noted for being among the most imperialistic faction in the Roman republic while the Optimates were certainly not opposed to flexing Roman muscle the Populares would often push for waging war and establishing new colonies in order to take land from the tribes living their to give it to poor Roman farmers, rather than taking land from the Optimates which was sure to cause even more trouble than this did. The populares also supported raising taxes in order to pay for equipment of all soldiers rather than having the soldiers pay for their gear themselves.


It all started in 495 BC when Plebians on the Aventine hill went on strike against the Roman government and declared secession from Rome meaning to found a new city harkoning back to the legendary founding of Rome when Remus aimed to build a city on the Aventine but was killed by his brother Romulus. The striking Plebians went on strike in protest against the aristocratic and unfair laws of the Roman republic which prevented any Pleb from ever becoming the consul of Rome. They demanded fairness as they were all Roman so had the same rights as any other Roman. The strike eventually suceeded and the law was changed to allow Plebian candidates to stand though few did because they felt it was above them and it cost a lot of mony that they did not have in order to run.

The idea of organising the state for the benefit of the people against the elites came up again with the Gracchi brothers. They were Populist tribune of the plebs who attempted to address economic distress and its military consequences. They implemented land reforms that reclaimed lands from wealthy land owners that could then be granted to soldiers, by restoring land to displaced peasants, by providing subsidized grain for the needy, and by having the Republic pay for the clothing of its poorest soldiers. They were both killed, Tiberius Gracchus by being clubbed to death and Gaius Gracchus by suicide. The next time they held power was with Gaius Marius and his son Gaius Marius the Younger, when the Marians seized power and held Rome from 87 BC to 82 BC. They were defeated in Sulla's Second Civil War. The third time they were in power was with when Julius Caesar was elected as consul in 59 BC. Caesar managed to pass an agrarian law for a land reform, which had not been done since the agrarian law of Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus of 133 BC as all other attempts at agrarian legislation had been thwarted by the opposition, the Optimates. Then after the Caesar's Civil War, Caesar held power as dictator from 49 BC to when he was assassinated in 44 BC. Caesar relied on the support of the people for his power. After the defeat of Sextus Pompey in the Sicilian Revolt by the Second Triumvirate in 36 BC, the Populares ceased to be a relevant political label.


Populareism's beliefs are those of the Populares faction which were: land reform by invading neighbouring tribes and distributing their land to the soldiery, restoring land to displaced peasants, some believed in subsidizing grain for the needy, and by having the Republic pay for the equipment of its soldiers. They also believe that populism is the best way to implement policy and keep power.

Personality and Behaviour

Populareism is very populist. He is often seen catering to the crowd and following their requests. He is also very agrarian. He is often seen on farms helping soldiers and farmers with their farms. He also gets killed a lot. Sometimes he will just randomly get killed in one panel just to come back the next.

How to Draw

Flag of Populareism
  1. Draw a ball
  2. Color the left side of the ball green and the right side red
  3. Draw a yellow stalk of wheat in the middle
  4. Draw a white senate house in the top left of the ball
  5. Draw eyes and you're done
Color Name HEX RGB
Green #1CB24A 28, 178, 74
Red #B30000 179, 0, 0
Yellow #FBEE00 251, 238, 0
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255





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