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Ecofeminism is a feminist ideology which believes that ecology doesn't place women in the dominant position but rather calls for a collaborative, equal society. It explores connections between women and nature. While not inherently on the left, Ecofeminism criticizes Capitalism for its patriarchal values and believes it does not benefit women.


Ecofeminism is quiet and likes to spend time outside, in the nature. She enjoys taking care of animals and plants, often even talking to them. She also likes to garden and eats a fully plant-based diet because animal-based agriculture is the number one cause of deforestation, air pollution, and water pollution. She is also known for being very kind, but only to nature

How to Draw

Flag of Ecofeminism
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Fill it with green.
  3. Draw a Venus Symbol with white.
  4. Draw a globe in the circle.
  5. Give her a daisy flower (orange or yellow centre and white petals)
Color Name HEX RGB
Green #7ACD71 122, 205, 113
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
Yellow #FFCD55 255, 205, 85




  • Eco-Capitalism, Green Libertarianism, and Green Liberalism - They might be capitalists, but at least they support the cause.
  • ESME - You're a little bit closer than the above, just drop the capitalism and we'll be cool.
  • Liberal Feminism - Again, while you are a capitalist, you do support the cause.
  • Marxist Feminism - While we both want to liberate women and are critical of capitalism, I'm not so sure about achieving it through revolutionary violence. Not to mention that the USSR, Maoist China, and Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge were far from being environmentally friendly.
  • Eco-Conservatism - You're on thin ice for a. supporting capitalism and b. restricting women's rights.


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