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Eco-Authoritarianism (EcoAuth) also called Climate Dictatorship is an environmentalist, typically culturally left, economically variable and authoritarian ideology which stems from Environmentalism and Social Authoritarianism. They largely stand for climate activists who go beyond normal green politics.

Eco-Authoritarianism is the belief that Global Warming is the problem of utmost importance and a powerful state is needed to solve such a problem. This state advocated usually for vanguardist and technocratic in nature.

Eco-Authoritarianism differs from Eco-Fascism in that Ecoauth is culturally variable and aligned with globalism, with most Ecoauths favouring a single world state. They will often work with Ecofascism as long as Ecofash tones down the blood and soil talk.


Eco-Authoritarianism was a hypothetical ideology for a long time, imagined as the next logical step of Green liberal politics.

Eco-Authoritarianism while existing before took considerable influence in the 2010s within the environmentalist movements of Europe with the concept of the "Climate Dictatorship".

Personality and Behaviour

Eco-authoritarianism is extremely angry when it comes to defending the environment, they're not quite as extreme as Eco-Fascism or Neoluddism, whom they both feel take things too far but they consider both their allies that they're willing to work with. They fly into a ballistic rage upon spotting planet destroyer and people who have anti-environmentalist beliefs rooted not in ignorance but in malice.

Stylistic Notes

  • Generally talks about environmental figures in a highly idealistic manner.

How to Draw

Flag of Eco-Authoritarianism

Ecoauth's design is based on the design that was created by the discord user esrarcashmenderes#0674 who goes by the name "Tucn".

  1. Draw a ball with eyes.
  2. Fill it green.
  3. In white draw a big "V" encompassing the ball.
  4. In white, between the two pillars of the V, draw a leaf.
  5. Draw a black cap with the phrase "Hug the tree or else" written on it (Optional).
Color Name HEX RGB
Green #008006 0, 128, 6
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
Black #141414 20, 20, 20



  • Eco-Fascism - A bit crazy and too culturally conservative, but he wants to save the planet with a large state and that's what matters.
  • Neoluddism - We may have different approaches, but he cares about the planet, which makes him good in my book! I copied your tactics.
  • Radical Environmentalism - We are both willing to do what it takes to ensure that our environment remains beautiful and untouched.
  • Environmentalism - My dear beloved parent who taught me about how valuable the planet is.
  • Deep Ecology - Cares about the planet. Saving animals and combating climate change is based!
  • Technocracy - Has some great ideas about government.
  • Social Authoritarianism - My beloved parent who taught me that sometimes you have to take charge.
  • Eco-Nationalism - The Nation's natural beauty must be protected at all costs.
  • Ecofeminism - My sister whose focus is equality for all species.
  • Eco-Conservatism - You want to conserve planet Earth, right?
  • State Eco-Socialism - A bit more left-wing than me but cares about workers and the planet. Based!


  • Marxism–Leninism - I like your modern followers a lot, but please take overpopulation more seriously. Also, I didn't forget about the Aral Sea.
  • Pol Potism - You made Cambodia cleaner, but stop killing biologist and ecologist intellectuals.
  • Eco-Capitalism - Well, at least you care about the environment.
  • Voluntary Human Extinction - Uh, calm down? Because there will be no one left to rule over.
  • Death Worship - Yeah, you too.
  • Jacobinism - You know, guillotines cause less pollution than most forms of execution and preserve the body for recycling, just calm down on the whole "revolution" thing.


  • Climate Skepticism - Your body will be left in public to decompose, both to serve as a lesson and to fertilize trees.
  • Industrialism - Those who refuse to end the usage of fossil fuels will be used as biofuels as part of our transition to more sustainable resources.
  • Eco-Anarchism - You need a state to enforce environmentalism!
  • Libertarian Municipalism - I'M NOT AN OXYMORON!

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