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Yo what's up, i'm BCOM. I made this account to rate every political ideology but I might as well keep it for community reasons. Add me if you're any form of technocrat, transhumanist or SocDem

Political Journey

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Political Tests


61.0% / 39.0% (Social)

31.1% / 68.9% (Peaceful)

36.9% / 63.1% (Statist)

19.0% / 81.0% (Very Progressive)

Ideology: Technocracy


24% / 76% (Unitary)

13% / 87% (Extreme Authoritarian)

82% / 18% (Extreme Globalist)

46% / 54% (Neutral)

82% / 18% (Extreme Security)

57% / 43% (Neutral)

82% / 18% (Extreme Secular)

98% / 2% (Fanatic Progressive)

59% / 41% (Neutral)

User Relationships


Smelegem - My first friend

Carpenter Family - Based SocAuth

File:Councilguy2.png Councilguy - Council Communist friend, we agree on more than we disagree on which is cool!

Chiropro - You seem cool, and your opinions aren't bad. The designs on your page are great!



Random Opinions


I would prefer a strong, federal, technocratic state that protects rights and advances society


I believe in a Regulated mixed capitalist economy


I am a fanatic progressive as you could see by my 9values results

I support all LGBT rights


As a Transhumanist, I am extremely pro technology. I want tech to advance so we can enjoy a better living standard and enjoy bodily autonomy

Opinions on Ideologies


Technocracy My ideology and my ideal system of governance!

Welfare Capitalism: Big proponent of Welfare and social programs.

Social Democracy: You're probably the best we got in the world today, disagree on some things but overall great ideology.

Eco-Transhumanism: Based Transhumanist + Environmentalist, Bright Green Environmentalism is the way!

World Federalism: I deeply respect you and your ideals but I sadly don't think we'll live to see something like this.

Liberal Technocracy: Based technocrat, and probably more likely to happen than my flavor of technocracy

Corporatism: Corporatist economy + social state? What's not to love?

Socialist Transhumanism: My favorite socialist. If I ever moved left economically I would probably be this

Progressivism: Progress at all costs!

Nordic Model: Based!


Capitalism: I take some inspiration from your system

Socialism: And from yours too

Welfare Chauvinism: Racist but welfare is cool

Monarchism: Based anti democrat but I don't think hereditary leadership is the way to go

Civic Nationalism: Least shit nationalist

State Communists and Socialists: You guys are sometimes cool but I don't agree with your economics

Fellow Transhumanists: You guys are cool on account of being transhumanists but we disagree on some things

  • CyberFeminism: Cool transhumanism, wouldn't say i'm a feminist but I have no problems with it


Libertarians: Hate

Anarchists: Listen, you're based progressives, but this will not work

  • AnPrim : I hate you so much, worse ideology ever

Nationalists: No bueno

Ethnonationalism: Shite

National Conservatism: Also shite

National Anarchism: This is not a real thing.

Ethnopluralism: Bro what

Conservatives: No, conservatism sucks

Stratocracy: Military Dictatorship bad.

Fascists: Fascism sucks

Reactionary's: No.

Any Theocrat : No, seperation of church and state.

Luddites: Go away

TechPrim: Huh


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