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"I think I have understood Hinduism correctly when I say that it is eternal, all-embracing and flexible enough to suit all situations."

Hindu Theocracy is an ideology that seeks to implement Hinduism as the official state religion. Hindu Theocracy is a phenomenon that has existed since long ago, and thus doesn't have any known founders. Core principles of this include forming a nation based upon the values of Hinduism, where the state itself is ruled based upon Hindu scriptures like the Vedas, Manusmriti etc. They believe in tolerance, and accepting non-Hindus, but also believe in holding a Hindu standard to govern a nation.

How to Draw

Flag of Hindu Theocracy
  1. Draw a circle
  2. Fill it with orange
  3. Draw the om symbol in it with white
  4. Add the eyes

You're done!

Color Name HEX RGB
Orange #FF8C00 255, 140, 0
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255


Hindu Theocracy is a strict Hindu, who does not like more moderate or agnostic Hindus. He wants conservative Hinduism to be involved in the government, and is very proud of his religion. He hangs out with Hindutva, but secretly he thinks that Hindutva makes him look bad.

Stylistic Notes

  • Heavily religious, can be depicted holding the Bhagavad Gita or any of the other Vedas.
  • Usually talks in Sanskrit, since English represents 'Western values'.


मैत्रेय (Friendly)

  • Hindutva - My modern counterpart. (Brother, calm down with this Akhand Bharat.)
  • Pagan Theocracy - The only other form of Theocracy that doesn't make me want to kill myself.
  • Caste System - People mischaracterize you. Based way to classify people.
  • Proutism - Interesting.

मिश्र (Mixed)

  • Sikh Theocracy - My Monotheistic son, saved Hindus from Islamist attacks. Stop demanding Khalistan though!
  • Gandhian Socialism - You're a very devout Hindu but you supported the Khilafat movement and helped in the creation of Pakistan.
  • Buddhist Theocracy - You almost removed Hinduism from India. Still, a fellow Indic Religion. Also a form of me...
  • Scientocracy, Technocracy & Noocracy - Rule of experts and scholars is basically rule of Brahmins. But your system is not so strong, and after revolution of Kshatriyas society changes into...
  • Monarchism, Feudalism & Stratocracy - Rule of Kshatriyas (obvious, isn't it?). Your system seems stronger than first, but actually after several centuries your system degrades into corrupt and tyrannical hellholes ( and ), that fuels the next revolution leaded by Vaishya - .
  • Capitalism, Corporatocracy & Neoliberalism - Current system, aka rule of Vaishyas. They think that this system is the last and eternal, but their ignorance and greed leads to revolt of Shudras - , and changing it to "last" system...
  • Socialism & Anarcho-Communism - Rule of Shudras. Nobody knows what happens next, but maybe cycle of history restarts again ()?
  • Reactionaryism - Quite peculiar this one.
  • Christian Theocracy - Your Christ is like our Krishna, they are both anointed avatars of god. Your followers dont seem to understand that.
  • Jewish Theocracy - You're better than him, but then again, you also created him. I'll stand with Israel, just don't call me an anti-semite!
  • Osho (Rajneesh) - Sex guru...

अमित्रघ्न (Enemies)

  • Marxism-Leninism-Maoism - Shut up, red terrorist!
  • Dengism - Bloody commie who hates Hindus. Your camps in Xinjiang are based tho
  • State Atheism - You're the worst ideology ever. F**K off closeted commie.
  • Islamic Theocracy - Nevermind, you're even worse. Wait, we had a SON?!
  • Jihadism - This is what all Muslims want.
  • Mughal Empire - GO AWAY! FAKE INDIAN!
  • LGBT - You are not accepted by us[1]
  • Esoteric Fascism - You are nothing more than a LARPagan mockery made by pale skinned idiots. And you say that ancient gods are aliens? What a wacky and silly take!
  • Machajskism - Dirty, dumb and unwise peasant shudras disobeying intellectual, clean and clever Brahmins order? Worst thing for society! This crap is even worse, than a spoiled children disobeying their parents!
  • Monetarism - What the f**k did you say about the British Raj, Friedman?
  • British Empire - Tyrant who wants to control the hell out of me!

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