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Anationalism is a globalist, anarchist anti-nationalist ideology, originating within the sphere of Esperanto speakers. It believes in universalism, one-world-ism, and Esperanto as an auxiliary language shared by everyone, without replacing any existing language.


Sprouting from the globalist movements of the late 19th century, Esperanto was an attempt to unite the world under 1 language. It took aspects of mostly European languages, and united them together into 1 language that was meant to be a Lingua franca across all countries. When these Globalist ideas met with anarchist ideas they spurred Anationalism. The rejection of all borders, states, and nations due to their hierarchical nature. Many Anarchist movements supported the removal of nations and a focus on internationalism. The Anarcho-Syndicalists of Catalonia, and the IWW are the best examples of this as they both took on ideas that Anarchism and worker's liberation should not be contained within the borders of any one nation. As well they believed the nation to be an outdated concept that could be swept away once the anarchist revolutions succeeded. However it also had a lot of mixed responses from various anarchist movements, some seeing it as great for promoting true equality for all, while other anarchists, many of which identify as Anti-Colonial criticise it for what they saw was "promoting an imperialist, often Eurocentric, and counter-revolutionary mindset". Today it is often seen as a very serious issue of debate amoung various pro-globalist/world federalist and anti-colonial/alt-globalist anarchists.

How to Draw

Flag of Anationalism
  1. Draw a ball
  2. Divide it into quarters
  3. Fill the top left quarter with white
  4. Fill the rest with green
  5. Draw a green five-pointed star in the top left quadrant.
  6. Add the eyes and you're done.
Color Name HEX RGB
Green #009900 0, 153, 0
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255


Amikoj (Friends)

  • Anarchism - Mia patrino, el kiu mi derivas multe de mia kredoj. (My mother, from whom I derive a lot of my beliefs.)
  • Globalism - Mia patro, kiu helpis min vidi, ke la konceptoj de unu mondo kaj unu lingvo estas tre mirindaj ideoj. (My father, who helped me to see that the concepts of one world and one language are very wonderful ideas.)
  • World Federalism - Ĉiu rezisto al monda unueco estas vana! (Any resistance to world unity is futile!)
  • Anarcho-Communism - Mia gefrato kun kiu mi konsentas plej multe. (My sibling with which I agree the most.)
  • Esperanto speakers - Vi helpas min disvastigi Esperanton plu. (You are helping me to spread Esperanto further.)
  • Duolingo - Mi ŝatas, kiel vi ĉasas homojn, kiuj ne serioze lernas mian lingvon (I like how you hunt people who don’t seriously learn my language.)

Miksita (Mixed)

  • National Anarchism - Mi ne komprenas kiel oni kredus naciismo kaj anarkiismo samtempe. (I don't understand how one can believe in both nationalism and anarchism at the same time.)
  • Post-Colonial Anarchism & Independence Anarchism - Kiel mi diris supre. Ankaŭ ĉesu nomi min "Anarĥiimperialisto". (As I said above. Also stop calling me an "Anarcho-Imperialist".)
  • Maoism - Mi havas nur unu frazon: se ni enkarnigas per Esperanto la veran manieron de internaciismo kaj revolucio, tiam Esperanto povas kaj devas esti lernita. (I have only one sentence: if we embody in Esperanto the true way of internationalism and revolution, then Esperanto can and must be learned.)

Malamikoj (Enemies)

  • Nationalism - Naciismo ne pluvivos estontece. UNU POPOLO! (Nationalism will not survive in the future. ONE PEOPLE!)
  • Kemalism, İttihadism and Neo-Ottomanism - - Ĝi estas SENACIISMO, ne anatolianismo! (It's ANATIONALISM, not Anatolianism!)'
  • Fascism,Nazism,Showa Statism-Mia malo.Al tio kondukas naciismo(My opposite. This is what nationalism leads to).
  • Zionism - Se mi estus nac*iasto kaj via hebrea estas farita (If I were nati*ntard and your Hebrew is a made up too)
  • American Model - MI NE VERMONTO! (IM NOT VERMONT!)

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