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Jewish Anarchism (JewAn) is the belief that mortal kings and rulers are bound to become tyrants, and that the true "Kingdom under God" described in the Torah is anarchy.


Secular Jewish Anarchism

Secular Jewish Anarchism, also known as Jewish Atheist Anarchism, is a form of Jewish Anarchism that is guided by secular principles than religious principles. Many people of Jewish origin, such as Emma Goldman, Alexander Berkman, Paul Goodman, Murray Bookchin, Volin, Gustav Landauer, David Graeber, and Noam Chomsky have played a role in the history of anarchism. However, as well as these anarchists of Jewish origin, there have also been specifically Jewish anarchist movements, within the Yiddish-speaking communities of Eastern and Central Europe, and the Western cities to which they migrated, from the late nineteenth century until the Second World War. All the members of the first anarchist group in the Russian Empire, which was formed in 1903 in Białystok, were Jews. Yiddish-speaking Jews participated in the International Anarchist Congress of Amsterdam in 1907.

Religious Jewish Anarchism

Religious Jewish Anarchism is a form of Jewish Anarchism that is guided by religious principles. While many Jewish anarchists were irreligious or sometimes vehemently anti-religious, there were also a few religious anarchists and pro-anarchist thinkers, who combined contemporary radical ideas with traditional Judaism. Some secular anti-authoritarians, such as Abba Gordin and Erich Fromm, also noticed remarkable similarity between anarchism and many Kabbalistic ideas, especially in their Hasidic interpretation. Some Jewish mystical groups were based on anti-authoritarian principles, somewhat similar to the Christian Quakers and Doukhobors. Martin Buber, a deeply religious philosopher, had frequently referred to the Hasidic tradition.



Personality and Behavior

JewAn is a pious person, but nonetheless an opponent of Zionism, viewing Israel as it currently exists as a tyrannical and racist regime. He seeks a "no-state solution" and wants Jews to co-exist with Muslims and Christians in stateless Jerusalem.

How to Draw

Flag of Jewish Anarchism
  1. Draw a cube with eyes,
  2. Colour the cube a very dark grey,
  3. Draw the Hebrew character Aleph (א) in white on the face,
  4. (Optional) Draw a kippah on its head (Yellow) and dark grey),

And you're done!

Color Name HEX RGB
Dark Grey #141414 20, 20, 20
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
Yellow #FFD92E 255, 217, 46





  • Nazism - Do I even need to say what my problems with you are?!
  • Anarcho-Fascism - Oh, now the guy above is masquerading as an anarchist. Are you kidding?
  • Zionism - You're ruining the good name of Y'HW'H with your tyranny! Down with tyrants! No-state solution!
  • Islamic Theocracy - You're literally just Zionists but with a different religion! The Jews and Muslims will have a stateless homeland!
  • Anarcho-Nihilism - If you hate our religion, you are an antisemite!

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  1. Despite being an atheist, Emma Goldman was born into an Orthodox Jewish family, which affected her beliefs and activism. She was a supporter of the Jewish community against antisemitism throughout her life.