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"I no longer believe in any idea, in any party, in any man. By logical consequence: there is nothing that would determine me to take on the role of a militant for any doctrine or program. I AM THE ETERNAL OPPONENT."

Crusade of Romanianism is an economically left-wing, libertarian, culturally far-right and ultranationalist ideology. It is anti-capitalist, anti-communist, anti-Nazi, anti-Fascist and hates some Jews for Economic Reasons.


Originally called the White Eagles, Crusade of Romanianism was a splinter group of the Iron Guard, created by Mihail Stelescu and Alexandru Talex to offer an alternative to all the political parties that were present at that time in Romania. Later, Panait Istrati would join The Crusade after an exchange of letters back and forth between the three figureheads, and he will add his own thoughts and ideas to the mix aswell.

The group will start to experience hardships first with the death of Istrati, and later on because of the assassination of the original founder of the movement by a death squad. What followed soon was a short disintegration of The Crusade, mainly due to the fact that no one was pleased with the new Leadership and soon resignations started to appear, leading to a total dissolution in 1937.


The main ideas that seemed to revolve around the movement were a mix of Anti-Authoritarianism, Revolutionary Nationalism (Because the Group was set on "reviving" a "New Romanian") and a strong support for a Socialistic Economy.

The Crusade rejected any implementation of Fascism, Nazism, Bolshevism on Romanian land, and strove for originality in finding solutions for the problems the country was facing at that time. They expressed their hatred for all the parties in Romania, stating that they are nothing more than cheap copies of something they saw abroad, as well as seeing them as a type of "gang loyalty" that should be directed to the Nation as a whole instead.

There are some variations to those beliefs in the two main figureheads of The Crusade. Stelescu was much more anti-Marxist than Istrati, proposing instead for everyone to come together and form a "Worker's Nation" with a bottom-up hierarchy. Istrati, on the other hand, took much more inspiration from Lenin and Trotsky, praising the former as being a "True Monarch" and the latter for his Illiberal Democracy Ideas.

Personality and Behavior

Crusade of Romanianism is an eccentric, very nationalistic Romanian who enjoys reading novels by Panaiti Istrati and his nation's traditions. He is more of a loner and is not well-known, much less understood as an ideology. His views are seen as rather wacky by the Iron Guard's main wing and is often mocked or shunned by them. Yet, he still aggressively criticizes Capitalism, Communism, Authoritarianism, Nazis, Fascists, Rich Jews and the Iron Guard's leaders with a burning passion.

How to Draw

Flag of Crusade of Romanianism
  1. Draw a ball;
  2. Color it dark red;
  3. Draw a white shield;
  4. Add the eyes and you're done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Carmine #97151F 151, 21, 31
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  • National Anarchism - Very good friend of mine! Even if you take things a tiny bit too far sometimes.
  • Libertarian Fascism - I would like you to drop the Fascism admiration, but I can work with some of your left-wing variants.
  • Strasserism - We are the exact same, just that you're a statist. However, both leaders of our respective parties purged us all the same.
  • National Distributism - My more moderate catholic pal, why don't you understand that I only hate the rich jews?
  • Libertarian Socialism - Decentralization and fighting capitalism and oppression are very important. If only you weren't a degenerate culturally.
  • Nationalism - Trăiască România! (Long live Romania!)
  • Traditionalism - Romanian traditions need to be upheld.


  • Labour Zionism - We can be friends, but why do you collaborate to retake your land, with him?
  • Neozapatismo - Nationalistic Libertarian Socialism? That's nice. But why are you so soft in regards to degeneracy and overall nation focus?
  • National Libertarianism - You understand the importance of nationalism and decentralization, but decentralization is supposed to be nationalism with socialist elements, not selfish capitalist idiocy.
  • National Bolshevism - I mean, ultranationalism and some elements of Socialism are cool. Not to mention that you're mostly popular in Eastern Europe. Stop being a commie authoritarian tho and drop nazi stuff.
  • Alt-Right - A zoomer who is open to my ideas, but likes him.


  • Marxism - Fuck communism! You are oppressors who ruined Romania! Ignore Panait Istrati's admiration for Lenin and Trotsky.
  • Jewish Capitalism - You Bourgeoise Jews think of nobody but yourseves while we all walk in chains! Out of Romania with you!
  • Fascism - Bullies who harassed Istrati on his trip to Italy.[1] We don't need your corporatism here, or your puppets.
  • Legionarism - Damn it, Codreanu, you butcher! Why did you have to take down the movement!? Also, you're just a copy of Mussolini, you do not represent real Romanianism![2]
  • Nazism - Your imperialist and industrialist party is not real socialism! We don't want your kind here![3]
  • Queer Anarchism - You sinful degenerate oxymoron! -



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  2. "When Mussolini yawns in Rome, the Codreanists prostrate themselves on the ground, and when Hitler laughs in Berlin, Mr. Vaida feels obliged to laugh too. So does our gathering of communists who feel cold in their mouths when Stalin drinks water in Moscow. All with thoughts, souls and eyes abroad. Many swear and turn off the “radio” devices when they hear the national anthem, but they listen to Horst-Vessel, Giovinezza or the International." Mihail Stelescu (2023). My Crusade, Or Ours?. Black Front Press. pp.49
  3. "Fascism and Hitlerism will serve us as elements of comparison in our studies, serving us with the painful experiences and abdications that each made, in order to avoid them here. But the “Crusade” will also seek to be a school of high civic and moral dignity. Because our target is not power, we don't need the chaff of mediocrity, but elements of creation, people with the embers of purity in their souls and the flame of truth in their eyes. The friends who reach out to us and to whom we extend it, both they and their comrades, will never be able to buy, through this gesture of friendship, the silence about the mistakes they will commit." Mihail Stelescu (2023). My Crusade, Or Ours?. Black Front Press. pp.50