Post-Colonial Anarchism

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Post-Colonial Anarchism is an Anti-Imperialist Anti-State Nationalism*. Post-Colonial Anarchism is a libleft ideology on the left on the tradition axis, even rejecting traditional nationalism in that they do not seek to make the nation a political unit, thus being self-consciously anti-racist (*they support nationalism as a preliminary framework that will unite certain people groups, but they do not support a traditional/pragmatic form of nationalism that divides people groups). They encourage separation from oppressive state/colonial structures.



How to Draw

Flag of Post-Colonial Anarchism
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Color it with black.
  3. Draw a white flag.
  4. Draw a black Anarchy symbol on the middle of the flag.
  5. Draw the eyes and you're done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Black #141414 20, 20, 20
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255



  • Indigenism - You and our child Indigenous Anarchism are cool.
  • Black Anarchism - African brother.
  • Neozapatismo - Mayan brothers fighting state oppression.
  • Democratic Confederalism - Trying to make it real.
  • Alter-Globalism - Oppressed colonies of the world UNITE!
  • Independence Anarchism - The Anarchist fight is one of national liberation.
  • Buddhist Anarchism - Freedom for Tibet!
  • Islamic Anarchism - Freedom for the Uyghurs in East Turkestan!
  • Liberation Theology - You truly care about liberating the oppressed from imperialism. Although I would prefer it if you were more focused on also decolonizing your faith instead of appealing to a religion that was only spread to you from forced conquest. Personal beliefs aside though, you are a true ally.
  • Separatism - Because colonialism against the oppressed is a massive nope!
  • Anarcho-Individualism - Self-Determination of the colonized Lumpenproletariat from the oppressive majority is pretty based and epic. Shame you sometimes can be western-centric, and colorblind to our struggle, but still pretty based.


  • Left-Wing Nationalism - A new state is just new oppression. Still got the right attitude though and international solidarity among working and colonized people IS based.
  • Interculturalism - People from various backgrounds working together is great, However, the promotion of a milder form of cultural assimilation to push said unity while kind-hearted reeks of a colonial mindset.
  • Black Nationalism - I like your son, but you're obsessed with a state.
  • National Anarchism - I liked you at first until you called my brother the n-word. Also, quit flirting with the fash!
  • Ethnocacerism - Your a post-colonial pro-colonialist. What the hell are you? Stop making us look bad.
  • Maoism - You were good in influencing anti-colonial movements worldwide, but you became an authoritarian imperialist yourself.
  • Maoism–Third Worldism - You seem cool, but you don't seem to understand Mao's Authoritarianism and Imperialism.
  • Anarcho-Frontierism - You’re a colonist? Cringe. At least you're an anarchist.
  • Liberalism - (Allegedly) Decolonizing Africa since the 1950's.
  • Anti-Japaneseism - I'm all too familiar with white guilt, but this? Dude, you really need to calm down.
  • Tridemism - Like your anti-imperialist struggle in the first half of the 20th century but wish you weren't so statist. Also, please relinquish your claims over Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Sikkim, Badakhshan and Tuva.


  • Neoliberalism - You destroy our way of life.
  • Imperialism - You destroy our lives.
  • Dengism - You are a false revolutionary and a traitor to the anti-colonialist cause!
  • Globalism - You are just Neoliberalism but "woker". You talk about unifying us yet your almost always ran by the colonial elite to make profit off of our suffrage.
  • Odalism - I hate you LARPing nazis trying to rebrand yourselves as Him. Stop pretending you are an oppressed minority that's being genocided in your own lands. You're clearly not!

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