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Not to be confused with Third Way.

Anarcho-Jazzism, alternatively Boltonism, is an off-the-compass libertarian left-wing ideology that follows one guiding principle: No Government, No Capitalism, Only Jazz.


AnJazz believes that both the capitalist system and the state only serve to steal Jazz from the masses and as such must be abolished. Anything that keeps the means of Jazz production from the workers is to be considered a spook.

Furthermore, AnJazz is culturally left-wing to a fault. It hates all things which represent tradition and capitalist and authoritarian including classical music and the realist movement.

Personality and Behavior

AnJazz is a laid back, cool ideology that's only in it for the jazz. He is a connoisseur of the history and meme culture of jazz, so he loves to make jazz references. He dislikes other types of music, seeing them as "statist".

How to Draw

  1. Draw a circle
  2. Fill it with lighter black
  3. Draw the saxophone in the center:
    1. Start with the yellow body
    2. Add buttons in gold
    3. Add ligature at end also in gold
  4. (Optional) Draw a cigar
  5. Draw the eyes (or sunglasses and you're done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Dark Cyan #1d5f6b 29, 95, 107
Yellow #E8C100 232, 193, 0



Kinda jazzistic

  • Third Way - You inspired me to become what I am, but why are you a filthy statist?

Not jazzistic


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