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Radical Democracy (RadDem) is a civically variable (mostly Libertarian) but always democratic, extremely culturally progressive, and economically variable (mostly Left Wing) ideology of the political compass. RadDem believes that the goal of democracy is to radically expand and extend all civil liberties. It also believes that democracy is a never-ending, perpetually unfinished process. It wants to pick up where the project of Liberal Representative Democracy left off, seeking to create more direct forms of political involvement that prioritize valuing disagreement and deliberation.


As a distinct ideology Radical democracy was born in 1985 with the book "Hegemony and Socialist Strategy: Towards a Radical Democratic Politics". The system was always really close to post-marxism, especially in its autonomist strand, and because of that it is used as a framework by some socialist movements across the world. It was adopted by both Neozapatismo and Democratic Confederalism with them being the only examples of the ideology in real life.

Agonistic Perspective

The most notorious strand of radical democracy is the Agonistic one which seeks to expand democracy in equality and liberty. Another important part of the ideology is the idea that by building democracy around difference and dissent, oppressive power relations existing in societies are able to come to the forefront so that they can be challenged.

Deliberative Perspective

The substance of the ideology resides in the precise actions of people coming together and deliberating on the best possible solution. This type of radical democracy is in contrast with the agonistic perspective based on consensus and communicative means: there is a reflexive critical process of coming to the best solution.

Autonomist Perspective

It differs from the other two variants in the exaltation of the group and in fact, it is associated with socialist theory. This strand of radical democracy challenges the traditional thinking about equality and freedom in liberal democracies by stating that individual equality can be found in the singularities within the multitude, equality overall is created by an inclusive multitude and freedom is created by restoring the multitude in its pure power.


Radical Democracy is very passionate about voting and will get angry if they see an apolitical ideology. He can be often seen hanging out with Post-Marxism, who he regards as his dad.

How to Draw

Cockade of Radical Democracy
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  5. Add eyes and you're done
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  • Liberalism - Good principles, but they don't go far enough!
  • Ochlocracy - You are going way too far.
  • Constitutional Monarchism & Elective Monarchism - Supports elections, based. Is a monarchy, cringe.
  • Demarchy & Mediocracy - I'm all for the average Joe ruling, but this is just stupid.
  • Jacksonian Democracy - You increased the number of people that could vote in America, based! However. could you please chill with the racism? Race should not limit who can vote.
  • Reactionary Liberalism - What... the fuck... is this?
  • Liberal Socialism - You guys talk like you’re radical democrats, but a lot of times you guys act like enlightened technocrats. You base your philosophy on humanism, but don’t trust the people nearly enough.


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