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Not to be confused with Particracy.

Patriarchy or literally Rule of Fathers is any form of governance in which political power is concentrated among men, especially father figures. However, since the beginning of the women's liberation movement, it has "taken on an emotional and derogatory meaning" by describing an undesirable society characterized by the overbearing representation of men and male privilege. This includes corelating Patriarchy to Feudalism specifically in the Sinosphere, despite Imperial China being unitary.


The first patriarchal societies could be said to have developed out of familial structures in which the fathers led their families.




Personality and Behavior

Due to the historical connotations of the term, patriarchy can be taken to have the personality of a stereotypical father. He believes that the world is built on the struggle of men and that men are genetically stronger than women. Men and women are fundamentally different, according to him, and serve different purposes in the family and society at large. The love for his family is so strong that he would be willing to die to protect them. He has a complicated relationship with his son, Manosphere, who he believes to be a degenerate.

How to Draw

Flag of Patriarchy
  1. Draw a ball with eyes.
  2. In Black draw a V-shape spanning the ball.
  3. Fill the inner part of the ball blue and the outer part of the ball black.
  4. Within the blue section draw in white the Mars symbol (♂).

And you're done!


Having a Father

  • Matriarchy - Mother, father. Great pairing.
  • Orthodox Theocracy - So your Church is led by Patriarchs? Based!
  • Theravada Buddhist Theocracy - The Sangha Council is led by the Supreme Patriarch, kinda based too.
  • Anarchism - Rather strange sort of mother, most of your kids are not explicitly supportive of you. You're asking for disaster. No wonder they have issues.
  • Homofascism - You admire me but your proposal of a men-only utopia sounds a bit extreme.
  • Athenian Democracy - In your political system the women couldn't vote? BASED!!!
  • Authoritarian Conservatism - Upholder of how we rule. Also just because our flags are similar, we're not the same.

Probably Fatherless

  • Mutualism - Proudhon had a very based view about the women, really it's sad that the majority of your actual followers not appreciate that.
  • Stratocracy - SENGOKU... I really like that your training makes men get stronger, and more masculine. However, many of your militaries (especially western ones) nowadays are too weak and feminine. Like what they always say, When you put a 120 pounds...
  • Manosphere - My son, remember to always man up! But also remember, you can never become a real man if all you do is blame Others.


  • Men's Liberation - Silly boy, do you really think a real man should escape from his supposed status and duties? Also, if I'm not a real thing, then what are you even fighting with anyway? Also watch This Weird Boy!
  • Feminism - You and your daughters act like I'm some kind of bad thing, how ridiculous!
  • Progressivism - Same as above, and why do you accuse me of persecuting sexual minorities???
  • National Feminism - See? Feminists are Nazis who brainwash women!
  • Radical Feminism - Being straight is not natural for women? Penises are disgusting? Testosterone is poisonous? All males are violent rapist brutes? What a delusional lesbian bitch you are! Definetly a fatherless daughter that raided by psycho single mother.Time to correction rape to fixxing your orientation!

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