Occult Post-Humanism

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Occult Post-Humanism is the ideology of the Ccru, a organization formed at the university of Warwick, which existed from 1995 till 2003.

The Ccru can be defined as a collective whose main topic of theorizing and production is cybernetic cultures (such as Cyberpunk, Sinofuturism, Afrofuturism, Neolemurian sorcery, etc), with rather than 'about' (or-even worse-'for') them.


  • Occult Post-Humanism - The term Occult Post-Humanism was first coined in 2023 as an easy descriptor of the beliefs of the Ccru. The Occultism part refers to the occultist practices of the Ccru relating to their constructed mythology and their extreme experimentalism. The Post-Humanism refers to the inspirations the Ccru took from Cyberpunk literature and their post-humanist beliefs.
  • Ccruism - Ccruism as a term derives its name from the Ccru and simply puts a "ism" behind it.
  • Landian Cultism - This alias refers to how the Ccru essentially served as a cult for Nick Land to try out his ideas in philosophical experimentalism.


The Ccru was formally founded by Sadie Plant as a CyberFeminist group later being coopted by Nick Land and essentially turning it into a cult.

Foundations and Beliefs


Hyperstition is easily understandable as fiction which makes itself real. (wip)




Schools of Thought

Technocapitalist Cultism

Technocapitalist Cultism arose out of the Ccru as the worship of technocapital, believing that capital is a deity controlling human society to create itself from beyond time, they thus embrace the coldness of capital.

Technocapitalist Cultism became more popular within the Ccru towards the end of its life. It got a boost in popularity once Nick Land announced himself to be a Neoreactionary.

Personality and Behavior

Occult Post-Humanism is incredibly schizophrenic, rambling about Lemuria and its time wars, but it's also deeply meditative willing to sit back at times. It is incredibly addicted to all sorts of drugs, its favorites being stimulants like cocaine or speed, but also likes hallucinogens such as shrooms or ketamine.

How to Draw

Draw either the CCRU's logo or the numogram (check the Further Information section for more information), you are free to draw the design in whatever way (such with straight lines rather than curves, dots rather than arrows, etc).



  • Lovecraft - Heavily influenced my writings... rambles about cultural and racial inferiority a bit too much though.
  • Deleuze and Guattari - "A Ccru list of important influences would include Deleuze and Guattari's two Capitalism and Schizophrenia volumes..." - Ccru, Communiqué Two.



Further Information







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