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Fictional Ideology
"The party would like to remind you this ideology has never existed" - Ingsoc
This article is about a fictional ideology and has no foundation in real life political movements.

"We are the invisible hand. We are the Illuminati. We came before and after. We are forever. And eventually... eventually, we will lead them into the day."[1]

Illuminatism (AKA Cryptocracy) is an ultra-globalist political ideology that advocates for the world to be controlled by a super small and secretive group of extremely powerful people.

Illuminatism was born when Ingsoc used his powers of distorting the past via controlling the present to travel back in time to have a child with Enlightenment Thought to assure a future for oligarchic totalitarianism world-wide.

Illuminatism grew up in Bavaria which is part of today's Germany with his brother Freemasonry, but he eventually got kicked out of Bavaria by Feudalism. Nobody really knows what happened to him after that, but most people speculate he became a mastermind behind various revolutions, regime changes and cultural decay in the world.



Illuminati (to demythicize or enlighten in Latin), was first established for the pursuit of pure enlightenment. During 1776, Europe was in its middle ages, obsessed with religion. Religious trials and witch trials were held frequently, and people were forced to obey the church. Weishaupt thought the current society was into religion too heavily, and decides to make an organization that enforces rationalism ideals and the freedom of belief. The main goal of this organization was to tear down the corrupted churches authority by dividing religion from the government. To recruit members and strengthen the organization (but must be held secretly), Weishaupt decides to benchmark Freemasonry, which was influential as a secret society. Illuminati strengthened its force by accepting members who had high economic or social powers, and influenced people to be active by making a class system inside the community. Weishaupt also recruited Illuminati members inside the Freemasonry community. By these strategies, Illuminati became a powerful organization that encompasses politics, economy, and society, with the members of approximately 2000 people. Their anti-religious ideas also became increasingly sophisticated and spread around the world, including France, Hungary, Italia, Poland and many more. At the time, European governments and clerics feared a real revolution. Since Illuminati had a distinctively large number of social elites, the possibility of revolution was sufficient. The church forces framed Illuminati as a Satanist community, and guided by the Pope and Karl Theodor, they succeed to isolate the remaining forces and expel Weishauput from the university. Illuminati is known to be "vanished" after this incident, but it is still believed to exist...

NWO postulates

  • One world government
  • One global currency
  • United global military
  • One global central bank
  • Abolition of national souvereignty
  • Abolition of private property
  • Abolition of family institution
  • Reduction of world population
  • Control of population growth and population density
  • Mandatory vaccinations
  • Universal basic income
  • Mandatory microchips in order to paying and control of individual's movement
  • Implementation of social credit
  • All devices connected to 5G
  • Government will educate children
  • Private schools be taken by the state
  • Abolition of private transport and cars
  • Abolition of private enterprises
  • Limitation of air transport
  • Concentration of population in special city zones
  • Abolition of private agriculture, banning land and animals ownership
  • Abolition of private houses
  • Limit of land use
  • Prohibition of natural and alternative medicine
  • Prohibition of fossil fuels

"Proofs" of Illuminati

  1. The Declaration of independence ( Thomas Jefferson's statement: "The Illuminati idea was the source of my inspiration")
  2. The Eye of Providence is shown in the one-dollar bill
  3. Same Eye of Providence shown on the French declaration of human rights
  4. The Illuminatus! The trilogy card game that "predicted" 9/11, the Tsunami of Japan, and many more
  5. Ex-FBI director's revelation (Ted Gunderson), and his book "PAWNS in the game"
  6. The existence of the shadow government
  7. Rothschild family conspiracy
  8. 9/11 conspiracy
  9. FEMA camp conspiracy
  10. PATRIOT act (law) conspiracy
  11. Georgia Guidestones conspiracy
  12. Ebola/AIDS/COVID-19 conspiracies
  14. "The grey state" movie conspiracy
  15. Verification chip conspiracy
  16. NWO (New World Order)
  17. UFO
  18. 5G
  19. Chemtrails
  20. Autism vaccines
  21. New Age channelings

The Quick Rundown

  • Rothschilds bow to Bogdanoffs.
  • In contact with aliens.
  • Possess psychic-like abilities.
  • Control France with an iron but fair fist.
  • Own castles & banks globally.
  • Direct descendants of the ancient royal blood line.
  • Will bankroll the first cities on Mars (Bogdangrad will be be the first city).
  • Own 99% of DNA editing research facilities on Earth.
  • First designer babies will in all likelihood be Bogdanoff babies.
  • Both brothers said to have 215+ IQ, such intelligence on Earth has only existed deep in Tibetan monasteries & Area 51.
  • Ancient Indian scriptures tell of two angels who will descend upon Earth and will bring an era of enlightenment and unprecedented technological progress with them.
  • They own Nanobot R&D labs around the world.
  • You likely have Bogdabots inside you right now.
  • The Bogdanoffs are in regular communication with the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, forwarding the word of God to the Orthodox Church. Who do you think set up the meeting between the pope & the Orthodox high command (First meeting between the two organisations in over 1000 years) and arranged the Orthodox leader's first trip to Antarctica in history literally a few days later to the Bogdanoff bunker in Wilkes land?
  • They learned fluent French in under a week.
  • Nation states entrust their gold reserves with the twins. There's no gold in Ft. Knox, only Ft. Bogdanoff.
  • The twins are about 7 decades old, from the space-time reference point of the base human currently accepted by our society.
  • In reality, they are timeless beings existing in all points of time and space from the big bang to the end of the universe. We don't know their ultimate plans yet. We hope they're benevolent beings.

Personality and Behaviour

Illuminatism is extremely secretive, like to hide in the absolute darkness with the dystopian ideologies like his father plan to take over the world.

He might optionally be portrayed as having the same personality as Bill Cipher from the show Gravity Falls and monotheistic God. He can also speak Yiddish.

Another possible personality is as that of the Bogdanoff Twins.

How to Draw

Illuminatism's design is based on the Eye of Providence, a symbol very commonly used in conspiracies relating to the Illuminati.

Symbol of Illuminatism
Flag of Illuminatism
  1. Draw a triangle,
  2. Color in a green brick pattern,
  3. Draw one eye in the middle,

You are finished!

Color Name HEX RGB
Green #21B14C 33, 177, 76
Dark Green #177E37 23, 126, 55
Black #141414 20, 20, 20


Srvlwlyh (Positive)

  • Zionism - Gsvb wlm'g pmld dv'iv ylgs yvsrmw vevibgsrmt! (They don't know we're both behind everything!)
  • Esoteric Socialism - R nrhh blf, yilgsvi. (I miss you, brother.)
  • Ingsoc - Yrt Yilgsvi... (Onii-Chan...)
  • Death Worship - Self sacrifice for the State is something we all need.
  • Fordism - Pvvk ufmwrmt xlmhfnvirhn zmw wifth hl dv xzm pvvk gsv ozny zg yzb. (Keep funding consumerism and drugs so we can keep the lamb at bay.)
  • Machiavellianism - Yzhvw. Hvxivg xlmgilo rh lfi tlzo. (Based. Secret control is our goal.)
  • Hive-Mind Collectivism - Pvvk gsvn gltvgsvi. Pvvk gsvn fmwvi xlmgilo. (Keep them together. Keep them under control.)
  • Neoliberalism - Fhvufo kzdm. (Useful pawn.)
  • Theocracies - Sviw nzmztvnvmg gllo. (Herd management tool.)
  • Tridemism , Chinese Blueshirtism, Caste System & Proutism - Yridvgrus, uvoold girzmtov. (Greetings, fellow triangles.)
  • Globalism - Nb nzrm ivzhlm uli vcrhgvmx. (My main reason for existence.)
  • Oligarchy - Nb fmwviormh lkvizgv lfghrwv gsv kfyorx. (My subordinates operate outside the public.)
  • Jacobinism - Blf szev nv gl gszmp uli blfi ivelofgrlm'h hfxxvhh, dsvgsvi blf pmld rg li mlg... (You have me to thank for your revolution's success, whether you know it or not...)
  • Blanquism - Gyio sic dubarty sgafxbnddn. (The most based socialist.)
  • Kleptocracy - Gsv Lfgvi Xrixov rh nzprmt hdrug kiltivhh. (The Outer Circle is making swift progress.)
  • Neoconservatism - Gsv zinb lu gsv MDL (The army of the NWO.)
  • Cultism - Gsvb ziv yfbrmt rg... uli mld. (They are buying it... for now.)
  • Hibernocracy - Vghau hyi vaers, niuhu jhv koyt pwa uio oo lkick eoit! (Green and not a circle, don't even know who you are but I love you!)
  • Multiculturalism - Pvvk vizhrmt mlm-dvhgvim xfogfivh, xsrkkrmt ylwrvh lu mvdxlnkvih zmw zwwrmt z uvnrmrarmt slinlmvh rmgl dzgvi hfkkob lu ivuftvv xznkh. Ivuftvvh nfhg vnyizxv Mvd Dliow Liwvi, zmw zylmwlm gsvri uznrorvh. (Keep erasing non-western cultures, chipping bodies of newcomers, and adding feminizing hormones into the water supply of refugee camps. Refugees must embrace New World Order, and abandon their families and values.)
  • Demiurge - Wkdqnv iru wudsslqj hyhubrqh lq wkh pdwhuldo uhdop! (Thanks for trapping everyone in the material realm!)
  • Anarcho-Totalitarianism - Yvhg gbkv lu zmzixsrhg. (Best type of anarchist.)
  • Neo-Enlightenment and Neoreactionaryism - Xibkgl-Tlevimzmxv zmw Xliklizgv Wvnlxizxb hlfmwh xllo. (Crypto-Governance and Corporate Democracy sounds cool.)

Plahg (Mixed)

  • Corporatocracy - Kzig lu gsv Xrixov, yfg sv DROO yvgizb nv uli kilurg. (Part of the Circle, but he WILL betray me for profit.)
  • Marxism–Leninism - R ufmw srh ivelofgrlmh zmw sv rh kzig lu gsv xrixov gltvgsvi drgs srh ozxpvbh, yfg R uvzi sv nrtsg uloold gsv gvzxsrmth lu srh tizmwuzgsvi zmw levigsild nv "uli gsv yvmvurg lu gsv kvlkov" dszgvevi gszg nvzmh. (I'm funding his revolutions and he is part of the Circle together with his lackeys, but I fear he might follow the teachings of his grandfather and overthrow me "for the benefit of the people" whatever that means.)
  • Democracy -Kfyorx kldvi? Gsv kvlkov tlevim? Dlmwviufo zmw gvnklizirob fhvufo gzov(Public power? The people govern? Wonderful and temporarily useful tale).
  • Satanic Theocracy - Ulloh gsrmp gszg R dlihsrk Hzgzm, yfg rm uzxg Hzgzm rh qfhg zm Zyizsznrx urxgrlm mvvwvw gl rmgrnrwzgv gsv sviw. (Fools think that I worship Satan, but in fact, Satan is just an Abrahamic fiction needed to intimidate the herd.)
  • Kakistocracy - Gsv nlhg fhvovhh zmw fmkivwrxgzyov kfkkvg, yfg R xzm fhv blf zh z wrhgizxgrlm gl gslhv rwrlgrx xlmhkrizxb gsvlirhgh. (The most useless and unpredictable puppet, but I can use you as a distraction to those idiotic conspiracy theorists.)
  • Bermudatriangle and Tringapore - Brx duh doo ihoorz girzmtov, exw lw zrxog eh ehwwhu li brx'uh qrw lq wkh srodqgedoo xqlyhuvh wkr... (You are all fellow triangles, but it would be better if you're not in the Polandball universe tho...
  • Nazism - Gsrh wfny zmw lymlcrlfhob klkforhg kfkkvg gsrmph, gszg sv ivyvoh ztzrmhg fh, yfg rm ivzorgb sv rh qfhg zmlgsvi xlmgiloovw "lkklhrgrlm" gszg hviev lfi tlzoh gldziwh dliow wlnrmzgrlm (Ovyvmhizfn kilqvxg). (This dumb and obnoxiously populist puppet thinks, that he rebels against us, but in reality, he is just another controlled "opposition" that serves our goals towards world domination (Lebensraum project).)
  • Imperialism - Blf ziv gll mlgrxvzyov zmw olfw uli gsv nzhhvh. Dv (oraziwh) ziv mlg ztzrmhg blfi vckzmhrlmrhn, qfhg kovzhv - yv zmlnbnlfh zmw nliv jfrvg. (You are too noticeable and loud for the masses. We (lizards) are not against your expansionism, just please - be anonymous and quieter.)

Qhjdwlyh (Negative)

  • Rebelling puppets
  • Feudalism & Monarchism - Brx wzr nlfnhg ph rxw, vr qrz O kdyh wr edvlfdoob ghvwurb erwk ri brx. (You two kicked me out, so now I have to basically destroy both of you.)
  • Conspiracyism - Rwrlgh dsl gsrmp gsvb pmld gsv gifgs zylfg nv. (Idiots who think they know the truth about me.)
    • Left-Wing Populism - Gsrmph gszg R zn zm vero ylfitvlrhrv vckolrgrmt gsv kilovgzirzg. (Thinks that I am an evil bourgeoisie exploiting the proletariat.)
    • Right-Wing Populism - Gsrmph gszg R'n zm Arlmrhg Hzgzmrhg vckolrgrmt gsv dsrgv izxv. (Thinks that I'm a globalist Satanist exploiting the white race.)
  • Avaritionism - Brx duh G ghdg pdq. (You are a dead man.)
    • *Loads shotgun* Shut the fuck up, piece of super state.
  • Anarcho-Egoism - Zloo suredeob eh wkh odvw wr vxeplw. (Will probably be the last to submit.)
  • Anarcho-Individualism - Hznv zh zylev yfg nliv gznv. (Same as above but more tame.)
  • Autarchy - Blfi uivvwln droo yv hfkkivhhvw. (Your freedom will be suppressed.)
  • Reactionary Socialism - Rqh ri pb eljjhvw rssrqhqwv lq wkh 19wk fhqwxub, wkdqnixoob kh ghvwurbhg klv uhsxwdwlrq, dqg klv judqgvrq lv rehblqj pb rughuv. (One of my biggest opponents in the 19th century, thankfully he destroyed his reputation, and his grandson is obeying my orders.)
  • Esoteric Fascism - Pvvk gibrmt, kztzm OZIKvi, zmw zodzbh ivnvnyvi lmv uzxg - Kovrzwvzmh zyzmwlmvw gsrh xizkkb wrig kozmvg olmt grnv ztl, zmw mvevi xznv yzxp! (Keep trying, pagan LARPer, and always remember one fact - Pleiadeans abandoned this crappy dirt planet a long time ago, and never came back!)
  • Marxism - Tolyzo hgzgvovhh, nlmvbovhh, xozhhovhh hlxrvgb drgslfg zmb vorgvh? Dld, dszg z zmzixsrhg mrtsgnziv! Zohl blf szgv zoo ivortrlmh zmw yzmph, dsrxs rh evib rnkligzmg uli ufmxgrlmrmt hlxrvgb zmw pvvkrmt dlipvih xlmgiloozyov zmw lyvwrvmg. (Global stateless, moneyless, classless society without any elites? Wow, what an anarchist nightmare! Also, you hate all religions and banks, which is very important for functioning society and keeping workers controllable and obedient.)
  • Soulism - Gsrh ullo gsrmph gszg dv wrw mlg mlgrxv srn dsvm sv dzh hkbrmt lm fh gsilfts gsv zhgizo kozmv, yfg dv hvv vevibgsrmt, vevm rm gsv hfygov kozmvh lu gsv fmrevihv. Fitvmgob prwmzk srn zmw olxp srn rm gsv hznv zhgizo kozmv. (This fool thinks that we did not notice him when he was spying on us through the astral plane, but we see everything, even in the subtle planes of the universe. Urgently kidnap him and lock him in the same astral plane.)
  • Anarchism - Ivzoob? Dszg z ullorhs wfnyufxp prwh, gszg mvevi ovzimh lmv uzxg - zmzixsrhn rh fmuvzhzyov zmw rnklhhryov zg tolyzo hxzov! Lmob hgzgvh xzm xzkzyov gl vcrhg rm hfxs ozitv hxzovh, dsrov zmzixsrhg xlnnfmvh lmob dliph rm hnzoo rhlozgvw old-oruv erooztvh drgslfg zmb kvihkvxgrevh uli kilhkvirgb zmw oruv.Yfg blfi xloovxgrerhg gbkvh ziv z fhvufo gllo. (Really? Foolish kids, that never learn one fact - anarchism is unfeasible and impossible at a global scale! Only states can capable to exist on such large scales, while anarchist communes only work in small isolated low-life villages without any perspectives for prosperity and life. But your collectivist types are a useful tool.)

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