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"Recently I camped in a paradise like glacial cirque. At evening, beautiful singing of birds was ruined by the obscene roar of jet planes. Then I laughed at the idea of having any compunction about crippling an airplane pilot."

Luddism is a non-quadrant and anti-industrial ideology that represents opposition to increased industrialization and new technology.


Luddism as a ideology arouse out of the Luddite movement, which was active in the early 19th century with the introduction of machinery, which served the purpose both of reducing labor costs by employing workers for tasks that didn't require much skill, thus making the market for that labor larger driving the cost down and to be able to mass produce goods which served to get the price of commodities down for the owner.

The Luddites disliked technology for the first reasons stated above, believing that through the introduction of machinery the skilled worker would loose his importance and the regular worker would in effect become a commodity.

So in protest the Luddites began destroying machines in protest essentially serving as a early form of sabotage, this is also where the Luddites got their name, from the legend of Ned Ludd, a textile worker who rose up against his masters by destroying the machine he worked at. Whether Ned Ludd really existed or didn't is unknown.


Luddism is harshly Anti-Capitalist critiquing how corrupting Capitalism is of tools that could be used for the common good all the time. It destroys machinery which capitalists own wherever possible as aggressively as possible.

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  • Syndicalism - We may differ on striking methods, but collective bargaining is the most effective way to earn our rights as workers!


  • Neoluddism - Admirable how you are continuing the fight against technology but your hate of leftism is disgusting and you ignore the root of the problems behind technology being capitalism.
  • Anarcho-Transhumanism - Your anti-capitalist stance is based, but your pro-technological stance is cringe.
  • Socialist Transhumanism - Same as above.
  • Archeofuturism - How can you be both pro-technology and a primitivist at the same time?!


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