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"It is always necessary to call men back to history, which is the first master in politics, or more exactly the only master."

Reactionaryism, also known as Reactionary or Counterrevolutionary, is a philosophy that advocates for the restoration or preservation of traditional social, political, and economic systems. It is characterized by a rejection of progressive or liberal ideas and a belief that society has become too modern or innovative.

Reactionaries argue that traditional values, such as order, tradition, and immaterialism; have been undermined or lost in modern society, and that a return to these values is necessary to restore social cohesion and stability. They also often argue that the Enlightenment, and the ideas and values associated with it, such as reason, individualism, and democracy; have had negative consequences for society, and that a return to pre-Enlightenment ways of thinking is needed.

Reactionaries have a nostalgic view of the past and romanticize or idealize certain historical periods or social structures. They are hostile to social and cultural changes, such as the rise of secularism, gender equality, and the decline of traditional religions or cultural practices.


Reactionaryism started, as the name implies, as a reaction to the French Revolution; identifying as absolute monarchists opposed to the revolution. At this time, Reactionaryism organized opposition to the progressive sociopolitical and economic changes brought by the revolution; and they fought to restore the temporal authority of the Church and Crown.

In the post-Napoleonic world, Europe generally returned to its pre-revolution state, with the old French monarchy being restored. During the age of Metternich (1815-1848), Europe was generally led by conservative and reactionary leaders. These regimes were characterized as being monarchist, authoritarian, and counter-enlightenment. The reactionary state of Europe took a strong hit during the July Revolution in 1830, in which the reactionary monarchy of France was replaced by a more enlightened one, and then the revolutions of 1848, in which much of Europe changed towards constitutional monarchy. Throughout the second half of the 19th century only Russia remained as a dominant reactionary power under the rule of Alexander III (1881-1894) By the time WWI came the world existed in a mostly Liberal and enlightened state and reactionary ideology no longer held power. There is some debate over whether or not the Italian Fascists and German Nazis should be considered reactionaries, with proponents of fascism often claiming not, while opponents claim that it is.

In recent times "Reactionary" tends to be used more as a pejorative by progressive and socialist political movements, but the term "neo-reactionary" has more recently been applied to, and sometimes a self-description of, an informal group of online political theorists known as the Dark Enlightenment.






Evolaism is an ideology based on the views of philosopher, painter, and poet Julius Evola, being authoritarian, radically far-right, and occult. Evolaism in general is based on a few principles: Neo-fascism, ultra-traditionalism, and Occultism/Mysticism.

  • Occultism/Mysticism: The main characteristic of Evolaism is Occultism and Mysticism, which is evident when he thought about killing himself but changed his mind after reading a Buddhist text. He believed in Novalis' magical idealism and Hermeticism, with an interest in Tantra and Esotericism. He believes in the Left Hand Path and that certain individuals would be using dark sexual powers against the current world and also that anyone who rejects "the leveling world of democracy, capitalism, multiracialism and technology in the early 21st century" would find relief. amidst the chaos. He also uses esotericism and uses Buddhist, Tantric, Hermetic, and Pagan texts, opposing Christianity. He also endorses ghosts, telepathy, and alchemy.
  • Racism: He bases his racial views on his elitism and aristocracy and on esoteric racism, believing that there is a racial difference also in spiritual matters, in which the "heavenly Aryan race" would be reconstituted in Nazi-fascist regimes, also based on Hyperborea. He is also anti-Semitic but criticizes Hitler's exaggerated anti-Semitism.
  • Ultra-traditionalism: He is a strong opponent of modern society and that there was an Ancient Golden Age and that modern society was corrupted and (as stated before) would have individuals using dark sexual power in between.












Reactionaryism preaches the return to a previous political state of society it describes views and policies aimed at restoring a status quo of the past, usually as a result of principles which go against the current status quo, such as philosophical or religious condemnation of a given society. They see the society of the past as inherently superior in terms of morality/society/etc. While all reactionaries are culturally far-right, it's not always the other way around, especially for ideologies that propose a new system entirely as opposed to a direct return to status-quo-ante (example: Esoteric Fascism). However, as the society of today is so different in many ways, opposition to it may inevitably seek inspiration from past systems, directly or not. It also often is based around strict hierarchies and extreme religiousity.



Reactionary is very religious and traditional, likes challenging people to duels, and speaks old English (e.g. thou), maybe also Latin or Greek. He's against progressivism and "degeneracy", believing they're ruining civilization. Reactionaryism advocates the use of violence against progressives and wants to cleanse the world of degeneration by erasing any progressive ideas from the face of the earth. He's best friends with Traditionalism and Authoritarian Conservatism and has many descendants, not all of whom he deems successful.

How to Draw

  1. Draw a ball
  2. Draw the eyes
  3. Fill the ball with dark blue
  4. (Optional) Draw a yellow/buff crutch cross inside a yellow/buff circle
  5. (Optional) Draw a black Tricorne hat with yellow lines on top.
Flag of Reactionaryism
Color Name HEX RGB
Space Cadet #1A193A 26, 25, 58
Minion Yellow #FFE74D 255, 231, 77


Blessed and redherbed


  • Monarcho-Socialism - Why art thou a socialist, mine king?
  • Monarcho-Syndicalism - Same as above.
  • Anarcho-Monarchism - Why art thou an anarchist, my lord?
  • Elective Monarchism - Why art thou democratic, my lord?
  • Reactionary Liberalism - Why art thou a lib? I still admire that thou hath ended the Jacobin madness.
  • Reactionary Socialism - The same as above, please understand the obvious - socialism did not exist before the Enlightenment.
  • Reactionary Populism - A splendid way to bring tradition into the minds of the riff-raff.
  • Reactionary Neoconservatism - Why art thou a conservative?
  • Neoreactionaryism - Thou art blessed but please go outside. Your time on weird websites hath made you speak queerly.
  • Reactionary Modernism - Technology may not be all that bad it seems, but go outside, one video game of Crusader Kings (whatever that is) too many, son.
  • Archeofuturism - son, what is this creature?
  • Conservatism - Thou call thyself a conservative, yet, what hast thou conserved?
  • Conservative Feminism - Some call thee a tradthot.
  • Monarcho-Fascism and Clerical Fascism - The best types of fascism, but I still prefer the Ayutthaya Kingdom over Phibun, and Habsburg Croatia over the NDH.
  • Manosphere - Thine fight against degradation and support for traditional gender roles is blessed, but thou art often degenerate.
  • Neoluddism - The industrial revolution was a mistake, but thou sadly don't reject the enlightenment (which happened before the industrial revolution). And Theodore was godless.
  • Hoppeanism - Ancap reactionary? Hmm...
  • Alt-Right - Thou art correct in some ways, but very degenerate at the same time. Please go outside and touch grass.
  • Alt-Lite - Thou art like the above, but weaker and spineless. Thou shall also touch grass.
  • Guild Socialism - Thou dost advocate the medieval days, but please rid thyself of that socialist filth. I care not for a peasant unless he serves his lord.
  • Islamic Democracy - Heading in right direction. Morsi is a reactlib, so he's a frenemy. Thy Turkish variant became a blessed Ottomanist, so he is good.
  • Christian Democracy - Also in the right direction.
  • Confessionalism - Same as above.
  • Esoteric Fascism - Fellow esoteric react... wait, WHAT?! Ancient Nordic aliens, that colonized Earth in the past and uplifted human tribes? Lost technologies of Aryans? Pagan gods as cargo cults of the aliens? Abrahamic Demiurge worshippers, that are slaves of Archon-lizards? Astral realm Hyperborea that is even more advanced than material civilizations? Please, take thine remedies, thou art queer and demonic. And stoppeth calling me a "cucktionary"!
  • Lys Noir - Mine... Anarcho-Communist son?
  • Libertarian Monarchism - Libertarianism is cursed, but I respect my king.
  • İttihadism - Thou art no reactionary but opposing him at the end was blessed.
  • Pol Potism - Thou art like him, but very, VERY dumb.
  • Black Islamism - You believe in all this? Egads...
  • Pagan Theocracy - Those of us who want to return to antiquity support you, but those who want to return to the Middle Ages or 17th century do not.
  • Anarcho-Primitivism & Primalism - You are following the most traditional way, but thou express no civilization.

Wretched and blueherbed

Every single progressive, communist, liberal not mentioned above, but particularly:

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  1. Nicholas I had an aggressive and interventionist foreign policy, and he played a large role in suppressing liberal movements in Europe.