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"Constitutions should consist only of general provisions; the reason is that they must necessarily be permanent, and that they cannot calculate for the possible change of things."

Hamiltonianism is a Right-Wing ideology inhabiting a moderate position on the Authoritarian Right quadrant revolving around Alexander Hamilton's ideas.



Hamiltonians believe in governmental intervention in the economy with a centralized bank. Hamiltonians dislike the idea of Free Trade and advocate for protectionism, and thus advocate for high tariffs.

Hamiltonians believed in the creation of an elective constitutional monarchy ruling for "good behavior" (i.e., for life, unless impeached) and with extensive powers. Hamiltonians are also conservative and believe in a strong central government governed by a "natural aristocracy" of the wealthy and educated, believing that voting rights and political representation should be restricted to the upper class of society.


Hamiltonianism is a big fan of Hamilton: An American Musical and would sing it a lot, sometimes annoying other ideologies.

Hamiltonianism may also be portrayed as hot-headed, tariff-loving, and having a taste for expensive clothes.

Stylistic Notes

  • Hates it when people call him an elitist
  • Hates southern hypocrites that critic him, when they own slaves
  • Likes banks and factories more than farms and plantations


Hamiltonianism was inspired by Alexander Hamilton and the Federalist Party as a whole which dominated the political scene in the early stages of the United States. Hamiltonian policies guided the economics of George Washington's presidency, including the creation and paying down of a national debt and the levying of heavy tariffs on trade.

Hamiltonianism has since evolved their beliefs as the country began modernizing. The elitist positions of Hamiltonianism proved unpopular in America, and it largely died out as a coherent ideology by the early 19th century, though it continued to guide Supreme Court decisions for decades afterwards. Today, traces of Hamiltonianism can be found in certain statist and conservative ideologies in the United States.

How to Draw

Cockade of Hamiltonianism

The design for Hamiltonianism is based of the symbol of the American Federalist Party. Which was a Cockade with black in the middle and outside with white in between.

  1. Draw a ball with eyes
  2. Draw 2 circles on the interior
  3. Fill the Circles with Grey

And you are done!

Color Name HEX RGB
Black #141414 20, 20, 20
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255


Central Banker and Tariff LOVERS


  • Capitalism - Where's your regulations?
  • Classical Conservatism - My parent who I inherited some of my ideas. But... you can be too anti-Enlightenment sometimes, so.... please don't get mad at me at family dinners
  • National Liberalism - I wish you would be at least a bit more accepting of Protectionism, but besides that you're pretty ok.


Further Information


Alexander Hamilton

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  1. Within the United States the term "Federalism" is generally defined as being supportive of the federal government over the states while outside of the United States the term "Federalism" is generally defined as being more broadly supportive of a federal form of government.




  1. The Hamilton Plan, Teaching American History
  2. Alexander Hamilton and John Adams believed only males who owned a significant amount of property (usually 50 acres of land) should be allowed to vote or hold public office.