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"Greece since the 4th of August became an anticommunist State, an antiparliamentary State, a totalitarian State. A State based on its peasants and workers, and so antiplutocratic. There is not, of course, a particular party to govern. This party is all the People, except of the incorrigible communists and the reactionary politicians of the old parties."

Metaxism, is an Authoritarian Unity Ideology. It is corporatist, culturally right, and believes in Constitutional Monarchism. He wants to create a "Third Hellenic Civilization" (first one being Ancient Greece and second being Byzantium). Metaxism believes that minorities within Greece should assimilate to the Greek national identity and that it should be forbidden to use languages other than Greek in public or in private.


Ioannis Metaxas regime

After WWI and the Greco-Turkish War in 1922, Greece saw a huge financial decline, millions of Greek immigrants from Asia Minor flooding urban areas and a lack of political stability which led to many coup d'etats by the Venizelists. Under these circumstances in 1935, a rigged Monarchist referendum was staged that brought King George II of Greece to the Throne. In January 1936, the King appointed prime minister Ioannis Metaxas. Metaxas promoted neutrality in WWI and was a Monarchist Authoritarian Anti-Venizelist. On the 4th of August 1936, Ioannis Metaxas dissolved all political parties in the parliament, including his own. Ioannis Metaxas started reforming the country. He promoted the idea that there were 3 Hellenic Civilizations. The Ancient Greek (1st), the Byzantine Greek (2nd) and the current one, the Modern Greek (3rd) and that Greece should make progress by looking back at its predecessors. He started exiling KKE members and some Venizelist figures and started reforming a Collectivized Centrist Economic Plan that would help the farmers and workers of Greece. He militarized Greece and acknowledged that foreign minorities in Greece existed, but should speak Greek, including Jews. He was inspired by other Fascist movements in Interwar Europe, enforcing the Fascist Salute, the idea of a Unifying Leader (Archigos) and established a Youth Organization (E.O.N.) based on the German model but was distanced from other Fascist Countries diplomatically. He also tried to keep a more neutral approach to external policies. He met Goebbels and had talks with Mussolini but was more aligned with the British until the outbreak of WWII in Greece in 1940. Greece saw temporary success against Italy in Italian Albania but lost to the Germans in 1941 despite British and Australian support. Metaxas died in 1941 before seeing the end of the war and the Government-In-Exile moved to Egypt under the leadership of King George II. While in Greece the 'Hellenic State' was established as an Axis Puppet State.

Military career of Georgios Grivas

Georgios Grivas was born in Cyprus in 1897 or 1898 from an Anglophilic Greek rich family. He was trained in a Military Academy in Athens and fought in the Greco-Turkish War of 1922. Then, when WWII broke out he fought against the Italians in Albania until 1941. After the occupation of Greece by the Germans he established 'Organization X' in Athens. Its main goal was to get rid of the Communist resistance no matter the cost. It is also said that Grivas was assisted by the collaborationist Greek puppet state and the British at the end of the war. After the war, Georgios Grivas took part in the 'White Terrorism' in Greece during the Civil War. At that time he was also politically involved with the People's Party without any big success. However in 1955 he returned to Cyprus where he was the military leader of EOKA, a nationalist Greek Organization who tried to free Cyprus from British Imperialism . In 1967 when the Greek military junta had taken over in Greece he was a big supporter of Papadopoulos' ideas. But in 1974 he returned to Cyprus where he established EOKA 2, in order to fight the Turkish invasion of the island. He died in Cyprus in January of 1974 at the age of 76.

Presidency of Georgios Papadopoulos

In 1967 a Group of high-ranking Greek military officials were preparing to launch a coup d'etat in Greece with the support of the USA. However, that failed leading to an unstable situation where medium-ranking military officers were able to launch a coup d'etat instead. In the morning of 21st of April 1967 Georgios Papadopoulos had established a Military 'Junta'. The political parties were banned, Communist politicians and writers were exiled in prisons in Long Island (Makronisos). The new Government implemented a series of cultural, economical and political reforms. They restored the old form of Greek language and empowered nationalism by mottos, songs and banners. The motto of the regime was 'Patris, Thriskeia, Oikogeneia' ( Fatherland, Religion, Family) that promoted traditional values. Economically, the regime brought reforms that made it popular among Greek farmers and workers and modernized Greece as well as helped the Greek economy. In December of 1967, King Constantine II made an anti-coup with the support of the then prime minister Kollias that failed. He was self-exiled in London but for stability's sake the regime kept him in the papers as King until 1973 where Papadopulos tried to 'liberalize' the country with minor democratic reforms and referendums. The state also intervened with the Church, ousting all the liberal priests with more traditional and loyal ones. The regime was said to be American-backed and that may be true to some extent but after a while the USA was not a fan of Papadopoulos' 'neutrality'. In November of 1973, students revolted by enclosing themselves in the University of Athens (Polytechnio), in a matter of hours, while not in the university, a number of students most probably accidentally lost their lives ro random bullets shot in the air. After some months the regime would be coup d'etated (again) by Ioannidis who hated Papadopulos and had American support, he soon lost control of the state and the Junta was finally over in 1974, when the Third Hellenic Republic was declared.

Golden Dawn



Metaxism might be a nationalist and by many called a Fascist however he hates both Fascism and Nazism. Unlike his other fascist "colleagues" he does not have any anti-Semitic views.

How to Draw

Flag of Metaxism
  1. Draw a ball with eyes and fill it blue
  2. Add a white Cross
  3. Add a beige Axe (lavrys) in the middle of the cross
  4. Add two olive leaf branches surrounding the Axe
  5. Add a yellow crown in the top left corner
Color Name HEX RGB
Blue #0072B8 0, 114, 184
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
Beige #BCA06B 188, 160, 107
Gold #E5D087 229, 208, 135




  • Irredentism - Although national unification is a goal to strive towards, it must be done gradually and methodically.
  • Anglophilia - The United Kingdom, after the Great War, is indeed our greatest ally. Even though he calls me his puppet!
  • National Syndicalism - Metaxas was the father of the workers and established the International Workers' Day in Greece, though he also wanted the businessmen to thrive!
  • Kemalism - Like , I won’t forget what you did to my people in the Smyrna Catastrophe, but I don’t want to take your land and instead we should work together and unite against the Italian and German fascist threats. [3] Why remain neutral in WWII like a coward though?


  • Fascism - Οχι! Dare to invade me again and I’m going to beat you as I did in 1940!
  • Nazism - Nazi scum. I’m never joining the Axis! Why does Golden Dawn like both me and you?
  • İttihadism - You were the precursor of the guy above, you committed also genocide against so many Greeks! Kemal was right to overthrow you!
  • Neo-Ottomanism - You are weak sperm. You are weak sperm. This is the strong sperm. Here's the Greek God. Okay? Greek God.
    • If you- If you have- If you have Greek God you would have win but you lose. HAHAHAHA.
    • Lose where? Lose where?
    • You lose! Why is- why is Hagia Sophia this, but not ?
  • Marxism–Leninism - Stop treating the Pontic Greeks like sh*t, Communist scum!
  • KKE - Nothing more than a regional variant of Marxism-Leninism.
  • Liberalism - Degenerates who will destroy Hellas!
  • Venizelism - You should have listened to me in WWI, now we stopped your efforts for an unholy republican Greece. Don't even get me started on how you kinda admired him in the end.
  • Particracy - All political parties are now banned, including my own.

Further Information



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