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Sewer Socialism, also known as Constructive Socialism, is an economically left-wing, socialist, reformist and culturally progressive ideology. While the term "Sewer Socialism" was invented as a pejorative, it is the name usually applied to the ideology of the Socialist Party of America from 1892 to 1960, coined due to the Milwaukee socialists' tendency to boast about the city's public sewer system.

Sewer Socialism, as a precursor to modern American Democratic Socialism, favours reform over revolution, advocates for the improvement of public health with sanitation systems, city-owned water and power systems, and better education. The core tenets of the ideology work best in cities, which puts it slightly on the localist side.


Sewer Socialism is utterly obsessed with sanitation and sewage systems, making other socialist ideologies see it as a weirdo.

He’s also a big fan of the Super Mario games.

How to Draw

Flag of Sewer Socialism
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Fill the ball with red.
  3. Draw a yellow circle and fill it in.
  4. Draw another circle inside the previous one in a darker yellow.
  5. Draw 8 small squares within that circle.
  6. (Optional props):
    1. A plumber's hat
    2. A plunger


Color Name HEX RGB
Red #FF0000 255, 0, 0
Yellow #FFDA2B 255, 218, 43
Darker Yellow #F4CA00 244, 202, 0



  • Circulus Theory - Another socialist that puts focus on sewage! Though, uh, you might like it a bit too much...
  • Democratic Socialism - The best way to achieve socialism in America.
  • Localism - I sure do love Milwaukee!


  • Wisconsin Progressivism - He can be a good ally, but he’s still a dumb moderate Socialist. I'll tolerate you though.
  • Agrarian Socialism - I like how you support the farm workers, but the city and sewers is where it’s at.




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