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Bundism is socialist, slightly libertarian, and progressive ideology, whose main objective is cultural autonomy. The Bundist movement was a Jewish movement, which sought this autonomy, along with social equality and individual freedom. Bundism is Jewish, but not religious, it is progressive close to other Jewish ideologies. Rarely speaks Hebrew, its language is Yiddish.


Bundism is Jewish, and speaks with an ethnic Ashkenazi accent, although he does not follow Judaism religiously. Although he is radical, he does not seek violence, he tries to make peaceful protests (though he fought as a partisan against the Nazis). Normally linked to labor, it always seeks freedom and equality, but its main objective is cultural autonomy.

Bundism reads mutualist theory, even though Proudhon is anti-Semitic...He has spent most his life in the Diaspora.

How to Draw

Flag of Bundism
  1. Draw a cube.
  2. Fill in with red.
  3. Draw a yellow ring.
  4. Draw a black square in the ring.
  5. Draw in the eyes.

You're done!


פרייַנד (Friends)

  • Socialism - Labour bund moment.
  • Marxism - Oy dad, you have the best theory!
  • Spartacism - Our ideas are similar, and you are Yid! (tbh, stop denying our right to secede and don't blame me for sectarianism! I'm not busting the entire worker's movement.)
  • Anarcho-Communism - Individual freedoms, equality between peoples? Mazel tov!
  • Anarcha-Feminism - Female liberation is also popular liberation, Rabbi loves it!
  • Anti-Fascism - He helps me beat the Nazis.
  • Islamic Democracy & Islamic Socialism - Finally, I've met Muslims who understand that not all Jews are Zionists and Anti-Zionism isn't Antisemitism.

פרענעמיעס (Frenemies)

  • Mutualism - I like some of your views but wtf Proudhon stop being anti-semitic.
  • Labour Zionism - You many be a Jewish Socialist brother, but we have no buineseses in the Holy Land!
  • Jewish Anarchism - I appreciate the Anti-Zionism, but maybe tone down the whole "No-State Solution" Crap.
  • Arab Socialism - We both are wondering when Capitalism and Zionism will just gey in d'rerd already! But why did you deport my people in Egypt, only giving yet another excuse for Ziotards? Also, why do you hate me?

שונאים (Enemies)

  • Jewish Theocracy - Secularism is the way!
  • National Capitalism - This is the worst.
  • Capitalism - Oy Vey, the origin of modern exploitation and injustice!
  • Kahanism - Wtf is this?
  • Fascism - Just die please.
  • Jewish-Nazism - Just because I am an Anti-Zionist Jew doesn't mean I hate myself.
  • Zionism - You want to take us to Jerusalem so we can die as a nation, we'd rather stay in the Diaspora and fight for our liberation! I also don't like that you are an Apartheid Islamophobe who kills innocent Palestinians.
    • I wouldn't have to kill that many innocent Palestinians if Hamas didn't attack us first and used those innocent Palestinians as human shields (I shot at them to show it does not work), Hamas is the real Apartheid Islamo-Nazi state.
    • Listen up here, man. I hate Hamas too, but It's actually your fault that They were founded in the first place, because of your uncountable war crimes. None of this would have happened if It wasn't for your aggressive behaviors against the Arabs and Muslims. Unlike some other Anti-Zionists, I do get that you were here first, but I think that returning to your own homeland caused even more Antisemitism.
  • Jabotinsky - Your writings about Yids are probably the most disgusting and hateful things I have ever read.
  • Reactionaryism - The Middle Ages aren't coming back, get over it!
  • Nicholas II thought - !לאָמיר ניקאָלייַקעלען די יאָרעלעך פֿאַרקירצן (Lomir Nikolaykelen di yorelekh farkirtsn!/ Let’s shorten little Nikolai’s years!)
  • Police Statism - ...היי, היי, דאָלוי פּאָליציי (Hey-hey, daloy politsey... / Down with the police...)
  • Black Hundredism - !דאָלוי סאַמאָדערזשאַוויע וו׳ראָסיי... (...daloy samoderjavye v Rosey! / ...Down with Russian autocracy!)
  • Islamic Fascism & Jihadism - Get your bloody-ass weapons away from me, You mental illnesses!


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