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"We ought to tackle the Jewish question by admitting the right of States to make eugenic experiments by weeding out any strains that they think undesirable, but insisting that they should do it as humanely as they can afford to, and not shock civilization by such misdemeanors as the expulsion and robbery of Einstein."

Fabian Socialism, or simply Fabianism, is a mildly authoritarian left socialist ideology which refers to the ideology of the Fabian Society, specifically the policies it advocated during the early 1900s which sought to reduce poverty through the use of eugenics.


Fabianism believed that certain people have certain genetically fixed qualities which created greater inequality, so eugenics should be mandated to reduce these inequalities while rejecting self-fulfilment as the goal of a socialist society.

The basic belief of Fabians is that the transformation from capitalism to socialism is a gradual and inevitable transformation process. They saw that the expansion of British democratic constitutionalism and the development of labor organizations were enough to promote necessary social reforms. Therefore, they rejected Lenin's views on class struggle and fierce revolution, and advocated studying social reality and using democratic, scientific and moderate means to solve problems through elections and voting. and emphasizes returning power to the hands of the intellectual elite through education. This also contrasts with the radical individualism of economic Eugenicism.


The Fabian Society actually still exists in the modern-day but has long since abandoned eugenics, and now serves as a socialist think tank.

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  • Eugenicism & Social Darwinism - Everything I ever wanted was for the greater good, and all you care about is yourself! The eugenics are pretty based tho.
  • Bismarckism - Based economics but I oppose the German Empire.


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