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"Our means of receiving impressions are absurdly few, and our notions of surrounding objects infinitely narrow. We see things only as we are constructed to see them, and can gain no idea of their absolute nature. With five feeble senses we pretend to comprehend the boundlessly complex cosmos"

Cosmicism is the belief that humanity is just a natural occurrence within the galaxy and nothing particularly special. It focuses on logic, atheism, and science above all and the respect for the unpredictability of nature. It is Existentialism taken to the extreme with all of humanity's destiny chosen for them and every individual's life happens the way it does by the uncontrollably tides of fate.

You are born, live, and die. Your fate is sealed and you must accept how it must be for you live upon a grain of sand within the ever expanding galaxy.

Cosmicism is heavily against progressive and democratic ideals as it believes that such ideals bend what a society and what humanity naturally should be. Such beliefs force different cultures to become one or bringing into The Western World a people or society that is backwater and would disrupt the natural balance of The West. Forcing these societies to conform to one another goes against their natural positions within humanity and the grand scheme of the galaxy.

Cosmicism is heavily focused on the belief of there existing other beings within the universe as the creation of humans had to have repeated on other inhabitable worlds. These beings would see humanity as a fledgling civilization and species that is isolated upon their small spec of a planet. Humanity would be neither superior or inferior to these beings. Just another animal within the wilderness of the galaxy.


The history of Cosmicism is also the history of the man known as H.P Lovecraft for the whole belief is forged around his views of the world and his life experiences. Howard Philips Lovecraft was born into a wealthy New England family in decline after the passing of his Grandfather. Throughout the younger years of his life, Lovecraft would see both his mother and father institutionalized and later pass away with many other emotionally damaging events following it which would scar Lovecraft and bring him down a path of Nihlism.

This path would influence his writing and with each new life event causing him to forge a belief he coined as Cosmicism. He would express his belief in many of his writings by having some of his characters be intelligent men who would experience true terror when they unravel the discovery that they have absolutely no power to change anything in the vast, indifferent universe that surrounds them. In Lovecraft's stories, whatever meaning or purpose may be invested in the actions of the cosmic beings existing within the universe is completely inaccessible to the human characters.

The human characters learn they are powerless to change anything and are driven to madness and disaster or go down a path of accepting their fate and the way the universe is. Even with this pessimist view, Cosmicism still believes in science and logic overcoming most threats and ensuring the greater good of humanity and it's survival.

Lovecraft would continue to insert his beliefs quietly into his writings along with many examples within his stories that support his atheist views such as the many cults that form around beings that may be grand in the eyes of humanity but are just creatures existing within the Universe. These beings are symbols of the natural way of humanity should be in Lovecraft's eyes as they do not care about their own fates or what happens to them. They simply care about existing in their own planes of existence. They do not care for their followers or the worship they are given.

Lovecraft's views on other cultures and races would effect his beliefs and writings as he was not exactly racist. He saw each culture and race were apart of a natural order with The West being on the top for how advanced and civilized it was and how it achieved it in such a short time. All the while other cultures and races were lesser for how barbaric some of them acted along with how primitive their cultures are technologically with many not advancing for several hundred years at all. He saw them being this way as part of the natural order and the way the world should be. Combining these different races and cultures together would only cause chaos and upset the natural balance and force it to obey the desires of humanity.

In the end Lovecraft would create over 60 short stories and novels and would pass away in 1937 at the age of 46. Cosmicism's already small following would disappear but because of the popularity of Lovecraft's writings and them being within the public domain, his beliefs of Cosmicism would slowly spread to a wider following and grow over time but still remain small.

How to Draw

Flag of Cosmicism
  1. Draw a ball with sad eyes.
  2. Color it all red except for the left top corner which will stay white.
  3. Draw the elder sign: a green line with a sight curve within the white square which will go from the bottom left corner to the top right corner. Then draw three other green lines within the first green line with them curved slightly. The bottom line will be larger then the other two with them slightly smaller then the bottom one.
  4. (Optional) If you want to give your ball a companion, draw a slightly smaller black circle with eyes and give it a black cat tail and cat ears. You now have given your Cosmicism a friend, Lovecraft's childhood pet cat.
Color Name HEX RGB
Red #BF0001 191, 0, 1
Green #035B19 3, 91, 25
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255



  • Nationalism - In a dark universe such as our own, unity prepares us for what is beyond our understanding.
  • Cultural Nationalism - It is only natural that some cultures are better than others as fate has chosen for them to be this way.
  • Secularism & State Atheism - No gods, only existence.
  • Technocracy - Through science, logic, and skilled men we can reach the stars and join the rest of the galaxy.
  • Scientocracy - With you, humanity can reach its next great step in the universe.
  • Noocracy - Wise as always father.
  • Senatorialism - Y̴̻̲͒͝ò̶̟̪̈u̶͓͉͗͋ ̸̝͂̽a̷̢͗͒ͅr̶̠͘͜e̴͖̭̓ ̵͈̙̇̆b̶̢͉̆͊e̷͓͝y̷̨̕ő̴͉̠n̶̥̫̅̚d̷̢̬͛ ̵̱́m̶̗̼̄y̸͕̓ ̵̩́h̷̡̔ǔ̷̢̐m̴͚̀a̴̪̕n̴͍̎ ̵̘̗͂̿m̵̡̫̀͒i̵̩̓n̷̫̾d̷͎͙͂͠'̴͕̤͑s̸̜̋ ̴̙̆͌u̴͙̻̓n̶̘̩̆d̵͉̩́͗ĕ̵̙͔͛r̷̙͑͛s̶̠̘̾̐t̶̘̒ȃ̵̧̒n̷͕̓d̸͓̐i̸̳͌͌ń̸͚̉g̷͈̱̽̾.̵͇̄ ̷̼͎̅S̸̛͓̦h̶̪́o̸̬̅̚w̵̫̻̕ ̵̻̅m̷͙̹̌e̶̫̐̊ ̶̜͌̽ͅw̶͚̾ḧ̸͈̐a̶͚̠͝t̷̥̂́ ̷͖͊̕ĩ̵̟̙ṡ̴̛̠ ̶̰̫̈b̴̧̤͘e̵͓̬͋ȳ̷̮̓o̵̧͑n̵̗̖̾̂d̴͔̎̿ ̴̹̩͐͠ṯ̸̼͋h̸̹̬͠͝i̸̳̱̋ś̶̡̪ ̵̝̎p̷̙̬͛͝l̵͓̜͂͊a̶͓̓̄n̵͚̓͝e̷̯̭̋̿t̷̗̭̍!̸̖̒
  • White Nationalism - I'm proud of my white, New English, and pure blood.
  • Anti-Japaneseism - I'll never forgive the Japanese for creating that abomination.


  • Demarchy - You allow fate to decide your destiny but you still shamble around as a democracy.
  • Transhumanism - While I appreciate you wishing to advance humanity, you also desire to mutilate the human body beyond what nature intended for it.
  • Posadism and Bio-Posadism - Yes, there are beings beyond this world, but they are not socialist.
  • Anarcho-Nihilism - You understand how humanity is so small in the grand scheme of the galaxy but your beliefs in a stateless world and desire to destroy social constructs worry me.
  • Social Liberalism - FDR's fight against plutocrats is based but he didn't go far enough.


  • Multiculturalism - You corrupt the natural order to create a grey disgusting mess.
  • Progressivism - What you call progress is the destruction of societies and the natural order.
  • Democracy - You offer people a false sense of choice and the ability to change both your and the world's fate.
  • Theocracies - Worship your pointless idols all you like but know that you are all fools and sooner or later your gods will forsake you.
  • Primalism - While humanity is just another animal within the galaxy, this is taking it too far!
  • Tribalism - Barbarians.
  • Social Darwinism - How dare you throw all of civilization into chaos and barbarism!
  • Post-Humanism - ITS AN ABOMINATION!
  • Globalism - The civilization of The West should not be considered equal to the barbarism of Africa or the Middle East!
  • Capitalism - Ruins artistic excellence for profit's sake.
  • Syndicalism - Kaiserredux is way better than Kaiserreich!

Further Information


  • Many of Lovecraft's writings and short-stories have some of Lovecraft's Cosmicism beliefs quietly inserted into them. Such examples of this are 'The Shadow Over Innsmouth', 'The Dunwich Horror', and 'The Call of Cthulhu'.





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  1. Lovecraft described himself as a fascist, although the technocratic, syndicalist, and traditionalist system he desired was somewhat different from Italian Fascism.
  1. Lovecraft's Politics, Counter-Currents