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"There is enough light for one who wants to see."

Shia Theocracy, also called Shi'ah Theocracy, Shi'ite Theocracy, or Shia Islamism is an ideology similarly to Islamic Theocracy, but instead functions under the religious doctrine of Shia Islam rather than Sunni Islam. It was born in Iran and Morocco in the 7th century.

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Flag of Shia Theocracy
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  4. Add a white turban on the ball
  5. Draw the eyes
  6. (Optional)Add a Zulfiqar on the ball

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Sharia Law


Ali as the successor to prophet Muhammad

Unlike their Sunni counterparts, which believe that the successor to the prophet Muhammad must be rightfully elected, Shia Theocracy believes that Ali Ibn Abi Thalib and his sons to succeed the prophet Muhammad, their reasoning is because due to Ali being related to the prophet himself, thus, Ali is the rightful successor.


In Islam, Mahdism refers to the belief in the Mahdi, an eschatologic figure considered to be the guided one or the awaited savior. According to Shia tradition, the Mahdi is the twelfth Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi, who disappeared in the 9th century but will reappear before the Day of Judgment to rid the world of tyranny and oppression and establish a reign of justice and equity. Mahdism in Shia eschatology differs from Sunni eschatology on the belief that the Mahdi has already been born and is said to be in occultation (ghayba), while Sunnis believe that he hasn't been born yet.


In Iran

Order of Assassins

The Order of Assassins, also called The Assassins or Hashashins (which the English word "assassin" derives from) is an Islamic ideology that practiced Nizari Ismailism, a sect of Shia Islam, and is most famous for their practice in the art of assassination. Many thought of them as a mysterious group which contributed to ideas of Islamic mysticism and is also responsible for influencing the Assassin's Creed video game franchise.

During their rein, they conquered many strategic strongholds around Persia and orchestrated over 200 high profile assassinations.

Their main headquarters was the Alamut Castle. The levantine branch of the Order of Assassins had it's headquarters in the Masyaf Castle.

In Syria

In Iraq

In Afghanistan

Hezbe Wahdat

Hezbe Wahdat is political party and militia in Afghanistan. The party focused on ethnic Hazara tribes, which are constantly discriminated against, but their main problem was political uncertainty and factionalism. After 2009, Hezbe Wahdat was split up in four different factions.

The party was quite open and progressive, despite its religiosity. There were women in the leadership of the party, and the party itself conducted a rather populist rhetoric. Founder of the Hazara militia, which was first leader of Hezbe Wahdat believed in Federalism and Multiculturalism.


Twelver Shi'ism

Twelver Shi'ism is the largest and most influential Shia sect. The name "Twelver" comes from their belief in the Twelve Imams, who are considered spiritual and political successors to the Prophet Muhammad.


Isma'ilism is the second largest Shia sect. It originated from Iman Isma'il al-Mubarak, whose Ismailists consider the real successor to Ja'far al-Sadiq. Twelver Shias, on the other hand, accept Musa al-Kadhim, the younger brother of Isma'il, as his true successor.




Alawite Theocracy is a theocracy based off the Alawites, a sect of Shia Islam found in (usually) Syria. Alawite doctrine incorporates Islamic, Gnostic, neo-Platonic, Christian (for example, they celebrate Mass including the consecration of bread and wine) and other elements and has, therefore, been described as syncretic. Alawites hold that they were originally stars or divine lights that were cast out of heaven through disobedience and must undergo repeated reincarnation (or metempsychosis) before returning to heaven. They can be reincarnated as Christians or others through sin and as animals if they become infidels. In addition, according to the Israeli Begin–Sadat Center for Strategic Studies they believe that God might have incarnated twice; the first incarnation was Joshua who conquered Canaan, and the second was the fourth Caliph, Ali.


Zaydi Theocracy is a theocracy based on Zaydism, the oldest branch of Shia Islam found mostly in Yemen, specifically North Yemen. Zaydis believe the leaders of the Muslim community are Fatimids, descendants of Muhammad and his daughter Fatimah. Zaydi theology puts a large amount of emphasis on ethics and human responsibility, such as rising up to depose immoral leaders.





  • State Atheism - Allah is real and Prophet Muhammad is the messenger of Allah!
  • Neoconservatism - Stop trying to interfere with Iran!
  • Zionism - FREE PALESTINE, May Allah destroy Israel!
  • Trumpism - How does it feel to be a stooge for Israel and still lose the election to another stooge for Israel?
  • Sunni Theocracy - Ali is righteous caliph!
  • Jihadism - Stop committing acts of violence toward Shias!
  • Spartans - DUDE! WRONG PERSIA.

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