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    Positive Christianity

    Positive Christianity, also known as Aryan Christianity, was a religious, totalitarian, culturally far-right, and third-position movement inside the Weimar Republic and Third Reich that sought to combine Christian values with the Nazi Party. It believed in maintaining the ethnic and racial purity of the German people by mixing Nazi ideology with Christianity.

    Politically, it had the goal of imposing a nazified form of Christianity with a Protestant theocracy controlled by the state. During World War II the main figure in the creation of Positive Christianity, Alfred Rosenberg, postulated a vision for the future of religion in Germany which included the expulsion of what he called "foreign Christian religions", the replacement of the Bible with Mein Kampf and the replacement of crosses with swastikas in new Nazified churches. Even during its time, it received criticism as being a dangerous "new religion" and members of it including Alfred Rosenberg have backed the neo-pagan German Faith Movement.

    Positive Christianity's support most notably came from the German Christians, a pressure group in the German Evangelical Church existing from 1932 until the end of World War II in 1945.


    Deutsche Christen ("German Christians")

    The German Christians movement traces its roots back to Adolf Hitler's seizure of control in the year 1933. During this period of time, the Evangelical Church of Germany experienced a growing amount of adherents being in favor of the new regime, as an alternative to the proclaimed atheist, Bolshevist threat lurking over the country. Under the motto "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer, eine Kirche!" ("one people, one realm, one leader, one church!"), the movement sought to transform the Evangelical Church into a "Reichskirche" that is ideologically further in line with Hitler's Nazi ideology. The German Christians advocated for racial purity, the introduction of "Aryan paragraphs" (non-Aryans may not have been allowed to join the church), and the "de-judification" of Christianity, such as through the elimination of the Old Testament and the Epistles of Paul.


    Positive Christianity did not sit well with all evangelical Christians in Germany. Almost simultaneously to the German Christians' foundation, a vocal evangelical resistance group, called the "Pfarrernotbund" ("Emergency Alliance of Pastors"), emerged, which openly rejected Nazism, and sought to mitigate or prevent any sort of Nazi influence on the church.
    This alliance would soon merge into the "Bekennende Kirche" ("Confessing Church"), which became the main antagonist against the German Christians. It viewed itself as the one true and righteous church, struggling against Nazi revisionism and racialism. It was due to this movement that the Nazi regime was, at last, unsuccessful in fully seizing control over the Evangelical Church.


    Arcandism is based on the thoughts of Canadian political figure Adrien Arcand.

    He was born in Montréal, Quebec, Canada on May 11th 1978, into a family of 12 children while his father named Narcisse Arcand who is a carpenter was a trade unionist who joined the Labour Party since 1902 in which it was Reformist mixed Progressive party that called for free education, old age pensions, health insurance, universal suffrage & Sinophobia but it was dented by the Catholic Church since the party held a position of omnipotence in Quebec while Narcisse Arcand was a candidate in the electoral district of Montréal-Dorion in the Quebec general election of 1912 along with the Quebec general election of 1923 even he advocating a ban on all immigration and Arcand's mother who is named Marie-Anne Mathieu was a school principal.

    Adrien Arcand has inherited his father's belief that Immigration was a mortal threat but however in Montréal in which has a large English-speaking minority he later recalled that he was raised in an atmosphere not conductive to separatist or Anglophobic sentiments even he knew many English-speakers as he was growing up along with came to speak English fluently and in he was educated at the College de St. Jean d'Iberville from 1914 to 1916 along with being educated at the Collège de Montréal from 1917 to 1919 but then the Collège Sainte-Marie in which was run by the Catholic Church including the Sulpician monks even he received the standard 8-year collège classique education with a focus on French, Latin, Greek, religion, math, classics & French history but not only that but also he wanted to be a priest but changed his mind as his weakness made a life of being a celibacy unappealing to him even he emphasised Royalist values mixed with Catholic values.

    In 1918, Adrien Arcand was sent to be educated at McGill University as a part-time student to study science including chemical engineering but in October 1918, he dropped out of these studies because of the Spanish flu 1918-1920 that lead to the lockdowns of all schools, theatres, cinemas, concert halls, libraries, meeting halls & hockey arenas in Montreal and he turned to writing to help ease his boredom including journalist while in 1919, he was hired by Eugène Tarte of the La Patrie newspaper after he submitted several of his articles to the newspapers but in 1920 he began to write a weekly column dealing with labour issues.

    In 1921, Adrien Arcand was hired by the Montreal Star newspaper to report the news in English but he moved back to the La Patrie newspaper as a keen amateur violin player/music critic even he interviewed a Polish pianist named Ignacy Paderewski who often played at concerts in Montreal and during the rest of the 1920s Arcand interviewed many famous people who visited the city from Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King to British Conservative Lord Birkenhead that leads to twenty one people but in 1923, he joined the Châteauguay regiment of the militia.

    In April 14th 1925, Adrien Arcand was married to Yvonne Giguère in which the couple has three sons such as Yves, Pierre & Jean-Louis while in the late 1920s he became active in organizing for Catholic trade unions so he founded the Catholic Union of Journalists as it's president but the La Patrie newspaper controlled by Pamphile Du Tremblay who is displeased but in 1929, Arcand along with his colleague Hervé Gagné were fired in which broke the union and he suddenly deprived of income that lead him to live in difficult times with his family while the water along with his electricity at his home was cut off due to his inability to pay the bills but his sacking led him with a lifelong grudge against his former employer Tremblay while in August 8th 1929, he founded a newspaper called Le Goglu as sign that he is radicalized because of poverty.


    Sergei Taboritsky was born in 1897 in the city of Saint Petersburg out of wedlock in a half-Jewish family. He was raised as an Orthodox Christian. In 1915, he considered his Jewish heritage to be "Cain's seal" and wanted to be recognized as a part of the "Russian Orthodox race". Following the February Revolution, Tabby became acquainted with Pyotr Shabelsky-Bork. He later fled to Germany, where he worked for an emigre newspaper "Луч Света" (Ray of Light), known for promoting anti-semitic conspiracy theories. In 1921, Tabby assaulted Alexander Guchkov with an umbrella. In 1922, Taboritsky and Bork attempted to kill Pavel Milyukov but failed, and instead killed Vladimir Nabokov's father. Tabby got sentenced to 14 years of labor, but he was released early in 1927. In 1940 Taboritsky got German Citizenship. He headed the National Organization of Russian Youth, a branch of Hitlerjugend consisting of Russian emigres. Taboritsky died in Brazil in 1980 and remained forgotten until the release of The New Order: The Last Days of Europe.


    Social Darwinism

    Social Darwinism, as was the case for Nazism, was a key part of Positive Christianity, particularly through its promotion by Alfred Rosenberg, who was hanged later at Nuremberg.


    Mostly similar to Nazism's personality (that is, very racist and anti-semitic), but subject to being called a hypocrite, due to the Jewish origins of the Bible. He constantly tries to deny these influences.

    Other Christian ideologies absolutely despise him due to his racism and overall very anti-Christian-esque beliefs.

    How to Draw

    The flag of Positive Christianity was created for the "German Christians" movement, based on the Nazi flag but the logo is that of the Aryan swastika on the Christian cross, symbolizing the ideology's attempt to de-Judaize Christianity.

    Flag of Positive Christianity
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Color it red.
    3. Add white a circle in the middle.
    4. Using black, draw a Christian cross inside the circle.
    5. Draw a white circle where the part of the cross intersect, then put a swastika inside it.
    6. Draw a black "D" and "C" on the bottom left and right side of the cross respectively.
    7. Add the eyes.

    You're done!

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Red #DE0000 222, 0, 0
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Black #141414 20, 20, 20



    • Silver Legionism - My BEST friend and the ONLY one that truly understands me! Fascism? White nationalism? Protestant Christianity? The occult? AWESOME!
    • Clerical Fascism - Hmmm... 🤔 ...maybe?
    • Social Darwinism - My father and I literally advocate for the survival of the fittest, as ordained by God himself! It makes more sense that Jesus was an Aryan and was, therefore, among the most evolved of all the other races.
    • White Nationalism - WHITE POWER
    • Crusadism - I'm mostly protestant, but the SS are the proper successors of the templars.



    Further Information






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