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"They're the black counterparts of us."

Black Nat, I mean uh... Black Zionism, or the Black Hebrew Israelites, is a culturally far-Right, economically varied, usually authoritarian, ethnonationalist, religious ideology. Simply put, Black Zion believes that African Americans are the true descendants of ancient Israelites. Black Zion specifically identifies itself as other things rather than Jews because it believes Jews are not true Israelites. Interestingly, rather than only following usual Jewish customs, Black Zion follows a combination of both Christianity and Judaism. Due to its nature of historical revisionism and racial practices, this ideology has been identified as violent, anti-white, racist, and xenophobic.



Long before the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, there was a Black Zionist tradition which envisioned the liberation and deliverance of those throughout the African diaspora using the book of Exodus. Later, Black Zionism was established with the quote; “not only a narrative of slavery, emancipation, and renewal, but with a language to critique America’s racist state since the biblical Israel represented a new beginning.” Quote: letters to palstine

Arguements of black zionism

One of the main arguments of Black Zionists would be the precedent of U.S. settler-colonialism in the name of African American repatriation, through the emergence of Liberia. Liberia was a product of both white and black American interests. The American Colonization Society, supported by Abraham Lincoln and other prominent politicians, began sending freed black volunteers to Liberia in 1822. The African Civilization Society supported emigration to the West Indies, Mexico, and Liberia. However, Americo-Liberians, as African-American settlers became known, took control of indigenous West African land. Local people were excluded from citizenship until 1904. Liberia also supported U.S. business interests, and in order to exploit cheap labor reached a deal in 1926 with Firestone Tire and Rubber Company. By these actions, the Liberian government would receive military protection against hostile neighbors, and the U.S. government would gain a coveted naval post off the coast of West Africa. Black Zionists argues,that the case of Liberia reveals how the pathways of American capitalism, Racism and Neo-colonialism rerouted black freedom dreams(Thats the problem of Capitalism, not BLACK RACISM). The Black Zionist vision of a liberated homeland became a so-called "settler-colonial state" characterized by an exploitative ruling class, natural resource extraction, and a U.S. military long as they call them..

Black Zionists vs Zionists

When Israel was founded in 1948, most black intellectuals did not see the state in settler-colonial terms, but rather as a nationalist effort which responded to the genocide of the Holocaust. The most conventional marker of the shift in black radical thinking about Israel coincided with the Arab-Israeli War of June 1967. The essay “The Palestine Problem” established a stance as seeing the war on Israel as a litmus test for black radicalism and internationalism. Then why do they hate Jews? Black Zionists are known(?) to have changed sides after the invasion of Egypt. In 1956, Israel was on the side of Britain and France in the invasion of Egypt under President Gamal Abdel Nasser. He positioned Israel as a “new form of colonialism,” arguing that Zionism had no legal or religious basis and was simply colonialism camouflaged though philanthropy and economic aid to developing nations. Malcom also charged that “zionist dollarism” drove 20th century imperialism. Black Zionists claim that as opposed to the “African-Arab Unity under Socialism” prescribed by Nasser, the United States and Israel crippled emerging independent African nations through capitalism and militarization.


"The United States can subsidize Israel to start a state – Israel hasn’t fought for this country. The United States can subsidize India and Latin America – and they tell the Americans to ‘go home!’ We even subsidize Poland and Yugoslavia and those are Communist countries! Why can’t the Black Man in America have a piece of land with technical help and money to get his own nation established? What’s so fantastic about that?" -Malcom

How to Draw

Flag of Black Zionism
  1. Draw an open box.
  2. Color the box black.
  3. Draw a white line at the bottom and the top of the box.
  4. Draw a white Star of David on the box.
  5. Draw a ball inside the box.
  6. Give the box some eyeholes so the ball can see.
  7. Split the ball on the inside into tri-colored horizontals in the order of red, black, and green from top to bottom (exactly like Black Nationalism).
  8. Draw two eyes, and you're done!
  9. Optional: Add details such as paint, runny paint, or paint splashes to the box.





  • Jewish Theocracy - We are the true descendants of the Israelites! You are usurpers!
  • White Nationalism - You're just a bunch of crackers and incest babies! Yeah, babies made out of incest!
  • Indigenism - Why do y'all pray to the buffalo?! You worship the creation, NOT the creator!

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