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"You look about you in this Land of the Free -- that isn't as free as it was in your boyhood -- and observe that your country, your State, and perhaps your city or neighborhood, also contain a quota of human beings who are commonly labeled Jews."

Silver Legionism is a fascist ideology representing the ideas of the Silver Legion of America. It is culturally far-right, economically centered, and has uniquely 1930's American characteristics, such as non-interventionism and opposition to President Roosevelt's New Deal; in addition, it has Clerical Fascism, American Nationalism, Corporatism, Anti-Communism, White Nationalism and racial segregation integrated into its beliefs.

Silver Legionism hoped to create a "Christian Commonwealth" without Jews or non-whites, which would be brought about by a "Silver Revolution" that would put the organization's leader, William Pelley, in power.



William Dudley Pelley was born in March 12th 1890 at Lynn, Massachusetts, United States of America who lived in poverty with his father named William George Apsey Pelley and his mother named Née Goodale/Grace who both are descents from Britain.

William George Apsey Pelley was a Southern Methodist Church minister who later become a small businessman then shoemaker but also he claimed that he was a descent from one of Queen Elizabeth I’s knights while Sir John Pelley who is father of William George Apsey Pelley came to America from Britain through Newfoundland, Canada and his family arrived in New England with the Great Puritan Migration.

William Dudley Pelley was in his early teens when he worked in the tissue factory for long hours with little pay even he saved his pennies for food and He was self-educated by reading a lot of books in his spare time to escape from the drudgery along with material impoverishment of his adolescence while he dreamed of being a writer in which it came true.

William Dudley Pelley in years later he created his first newspaper in his father's barn called "The Junior Star" and then he was enrolled at High School that he started a magazine called "The Black Crow" even he was more smarter than most college graduates but he confronted by a group of boys at school who demanded to know if he supported William McKinley who is a Republican or William Jennings Bryan who is a Democrat in which his father affirmed he was a Republican.

In 1907, William Dudley Pelley along with his family moved to Fulton, New York when his father became an executive in a toilet paper factory but later he is now a executive eventually becoming the treasure and general superintendent but in 1909, he just became an editor then publisher of Philosopher Magazine in which he supported Christian Socialism even he called Jesus "Comrade Christ."

In December 16th 1911, William Dudley Pelley married Marion Harriet Stone but got a divorce ten years later even a year the couple have a baby daughter who died in 1913, because of Cerebral Meningitis and from 1912 to 1915 he worked at the Wilmington Times along with other regional newspapers but he moved to Vermont wrote a popular fictional series of stories about small time life centred in a fictional town called Paris, Vermont thus popularized the small-town genera of fiction that grew into television shows like The Waltons 1972-1981 along with The Andy Griffith Show 1960–1968.

In 1914, William Dudley Pelley along with his first wife have a another daughter but six years they have son even the family can't handle the medical bills and In 1918, William Dudley Pelley along with his first wife went to Imperial Japan to survey Protestant foreign missions for the Methodist Centenary Movement in which he sees Japanese people as half adults for not adopting Christianity to become a better civilization along with seeing the Koreans as worse but then he sees American soldiers being deployed at Siberia to help White Russian soldiers fight the Bolshevik soldiers during The Russian Civil War 1917-1923.

William Dudley Pelley went to Siberia as a canteen scout for the "Young Men's Christian Association" (YMCA) in which he witnessed the atrocities by the Bolsheviks that lead him to become an Anti-Communist and then later he found out that Vladimir Lenin was secretly Jewish along with hanging out with a Czech General who speak about the Jewish Question but he is now an Anti-Semite after that he became part of the Red Cross to help wounded White Russians in Siberia while later he travelled throughout Europe as a foreign correspondent for the Saturday Evening Post.

In 1920, William Dudley Pelley returned to United States to work for the Chicago Tribune Newspaper and went to Los Angles, California at Hollywood as a screenwriter for 21 films working for every major studio except Paramount while he got the O. Henry Awards for his short stories like "The Face In The Window" in 1920 along with "The Continental Angle" in 1930 and he wrote screenplays for the Lon Chaney films like two almost famous films "The Light in the Dark" in 1922 and "The Shock" in 1923.

In 1928, William Dudley Pelley has entered the Esoteric World when he had an Out-Of-body Experience in Altadena, California for that which he travelled to heaven for a meeting with God & Jesus Christ for seven minutes while talked about the spiritual transformation of America and he later claimed that the experience gave him the ability to levitate, see through walls, and have more out-of-body experiences at will.

In 1929, William Dudley Pelley became disillusioned with the movie industry and later he experienced an event called The Great Depression but then in 1930, he moved to New York City where he founded the "Galahad Press" to began lecturing on spiritualism while most of his followers at this time were women before he moved to Washington DC a year later


In July 1932, William Dudley Pelley moved to Asheville, North Carolina to found The "Galahad College" that specialized correspondence courses on Social Metaphysics and Christian Economics while it believes that Anglo-Saxons were the direct descendants of the "Ten Lost Tribes" of Ancient Israel but also he founded a network of nondenominational spiritualist study groups called the "League of the Liberators".

On January 30th 1933, William Dudley Pelley became an admirer of Adolf Hitler who took power in Germany because of the Pyramid Prophecy and on the next day founded the "Silver Legion of America", modelling his group after Mussolini's Black Shirts and Hitler's Brown Shirts — which became the earliest American organization praising the work of Hitler.

In February 18th 1933, William Dudley Pelley have issued the Liberation newspaper to become an official press for the "Silver Legion Of America" but then in November 3rd 1933, this group held the first rally in Kreutzer Hall, East 86th Street, New York City and then in February 1934, They were officially incorporated in the state of Delaware as a Patriotic fraternity.

The "Silver Legion of America" have organized factions into nine districts within the country while had chapters in 22 states such as Washington along with California while it has a membership who are mostly middle class non-immigrant Americans with Northern European heritage and some of the members were Catholic (Pelley Hates Catholics) while most of them were predominately Protestant with a large number of former midwestern Klansmen even in Southern California a women’s auxiliary was formed and it was called the Petticoat Platoons.

By 1934, the "Silver Legion of America" had around 15,000 members along with 25,000 supporters while in certain date known as February 3th 1934, William Dudley Pelley have suspect Franklin Prophecy in his Liberation newspaper in which claimed that Benjamin Franklin warned Americans not to allow Jews to benefit from the United States Constitution and in 1935, Nazi Germany along with Hollywood funded the group to build the Murphy Ranch in Rustic Canyon, Los Angeles by Jessie M. Murphy, Winona Stephens, Norman Stephens & Paul Williams who is a African-American but it's not only the place the Silver Legion of America have built but also a cabin in Redmond, Washington called the Silver Lodge even William Dudley Pelley has been here.

William Dudley Pelley who is a Nazi Sympathizer from the 1930s never visited Nazi Germany nor meet with their National Socialist representatives but he meet the leader of the German American Bund named Fritz Kuhn who made a courtesy call in Los Angeles and also he forged alliances such as the "Klu Klux Klan", Ezra Pound who wrote a letter, George Sylvester Viereck & Boris Brasol.

William Dudley Pelley believed that the Jewish Problem in America could be solved by moving all the Jews to a unknown location called Beth Havens to sterilized the male Jewish population as it was better than the pogroms and he have admired Abraham Lincoln through it decision to end slavery to be celebrated for smashing the Jewish bankers when he issued the greenback note but Pelley believed that Blacks should continue to remain in a segregation or repatriated back to Africa also he attempted to appeal to the Native Americans by removing them from their reservations and replacing them with Jews along with Mexicans or improvident backwoods rednecks instead even Pelley sought common ground with Elwood Towner/Chief Red Cloud.

William Dudley Pelley has it's views on Capitalism while he said that Capitalism also the Banking scheme which operated alongside it had wrecked the dreams of America's founding fathers but in Los Angeles, California there were Silvershirt meetings often attracted more than 500 people including wealthy ones like Walt Disney while the "Silver Legion of America" was financially supported by Henry Ford and then these two people are forced to betray the Silvershirts when the United States of America declared war on the Axis Powers during World War 2.

William Dudley Pelley wanted to create a Christian Commonwealth in which has no paper money along with no bankers but also he wanted to banned all inheritance while he wanted people to not be allowed making more than a hundred thousand dollars a year to prevent greed or hoarding and Pelley hated Urbanism along with urban cites mostly as he wanted them to be largely destroyed or aggressively shrunk in favour of giving everyone a decently large amounts of land to allow them to do their own thing while the Jews should be isolated in walled-off cities.

William Dudley Pelley defended Individualism from what he considered the economic exploitation cynicism of Capitalism while he thinks the encouragement or development of true rugged Individualism is what the Christian Commonwealth would achieve and at the same time making certain that rugged Individualism is individuality in bona fide expression that is not a form of economic sadism inflicted on the impoverished by materialistic cynics.

William Dudley Pelley believed a Christian Commonwealth was an alternative to Capitalism, Communism — mixing Fascism with elements of Christian Identity, Theocracy, Technocracy & Georgism while claiming the dark souls are Jews, Blacks & Catholics and Pelley wrote a certain bool called No More Hunger for his plans about a Christian Commonwealth with a recommended article by Utopian Socialist named Edward Bellamy as an example of his economics even the book has been read by people who imposed the Vietnam War (1955-1975).

William Dudley Pelley believed a Christian Commonwealth in which educational facilities or opportunities on all levels are available to each every child limited only by the individual’s inability to qualify for higher learning with special vocational training to be offered to those who are unable to qualify for or lack the desire to achieve high school along with college diplomas and Pelley believes a Christian Commonwealth in which all citizens have the opportunity to labour at vocations of their own choice, compensations or rewards for labour being premised solely on efficiency, talent or promotions achieved according to diligence and worth.

William Dudley Pelley believes a Christian Commonwealth in which major legislation cannot be announced as law to be obeyed until it has been approved by commendatory votes of 51 percent of those citizens expected to obey it while incompetent dishonest officials can be quickly effectively removed by impeachment or recall votes of 51 percent of the citizenry of the districts effected and Pelley believes a Christian Commonwealth in which all votes so cast for or against a man or a measure are published then preserved as public property thus abolishing dishonest tallying of returns while eliminating the present cumbersome or a corrupt polling-place that now has to be operated for the production of the secret ballot that was secret because men are economically obligated to other men with any hostile voting might make them the objects of reprisals.

William Dudley Pelley believes all medical or hospital needed to assumed by the Christian Commonwealth recognizing its moral obligation to lift financial burdens from the unfortunate who suffer injury or are afflicted with costly debilitating illness and Pelley believes the cultural or artistic facets of life are nurtured with augmented so that the highest mental spiritual consciousness possible may be attained by each citizen.”

William Dudley Pelley believes in the spirit of reincarnation in which he believes that you will reincarnate over again until your soul has developed enough to achieve ascension by being a good person just like Buddhism but eventually you stop reincarnating to become a supernatural being that lives in a astral plane in which has better places higher up just like heaven but also Pelley believed in famous lost societies like the city of Atlantis that was on the lands of Hyperborea in which was the real location of Israel and Pelley got big in predicting future events by using the pyramid prophecy like he was the next Nostradamus included the second coming of Jesus Christ in September 17th 2001, in which did not happened or World War three would happen in 1959, between China and the United States in which Christ will return to earth early but that did not happen as well.

There is some hidden events involving the "Silver Legion Of America" for example a Silvershirt field marshal by the name of Roy Zachary who was in Chicago was publicly threatened to kill President Franklin F. Roosevelt or he wanted commit suicide (Not) if nobody helped him and also an local leader of the "Silver Legion in Cleveland" called for an armed uprising to prevent an impending Socialist Revolution while the "San Diego Silver Shirts" group lead by Charles T. Lee conducted military exercises, stole weapons from a nearby naval base wanted to planned a siege on the city but it was stop by the authorities before this could happened.

In the half of 1935 the "Silver Legion of America" became largely inactive due to investigations of the McCormack-Dickstein committee but in 16th August 1935, William Dudley Pelley founded the "Christian Party" which acted as the political wing to the "Silver Legion" and it was active in most states as well being organized on the west coast but then during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), Pelley joined forces with the "German-American Bund" with various Italian-American Fascist organizations in support of the Spanish Nationalists during the Spanish Civil War while it unanimously condemned the Spanish Republicans.

Pelley run for office in the 1936 Presidential Election under the "Christian Party" to replace president Franklin D. Roosevelt with Willard Kemp as the vice presidential candidate but got only 1,600 votes that ended up in failure even the slogan of this political party was "Christ Or Chaos!" and then Pelley his married second wife called Helen Hansmann in which was also ended in divorce just like his first wife.

By 1937, William Dudley Pelley was accused for engaging in Un-American Activities but then in 1938, the "Silver Legion of America" has now 5,000 members while in July 18th 1938, Roy Zachary spoke at the Red Men’s Hall on Riverside Avenue in Spokane, Washingston in which ruined by Margaret L. Weaver with 700 Anti-Fascist demonstratiors but also in 1939, Francis Parker Yockey was invited to spoke at a Silvershirt gathering and In 1940, the "Silver Legion" headquarters in Asheville, North Carolina was seized and raided by the House Un-American Activities Committee while arresting it's members forcing Pelley to relocate to Noblesville, Indiana and fight lengthy expensive legal battle even he accused president Franklin D. Roosevelt for being a warmonger that lead him being investigated by J. Edgar Hoover with the FBI while they are interviewing members of the "Silver Legion".

After Imperial Japan bombed Pearl Harbour on December 7th 1941 that lead the United States to declared war on the Axis Powers a day later William Dudley Pelley has disbanded the "Silver Legion of America" along with the "Christian Party" and local police occupied the Murphy Ranch along with the Silver Lodge to arrest former members of the "Silver Legion" but Pelley continued to attack the government along with British Imperialism in his new magazine called "Roll-Call" in which later prompted him to get arrested at in Noblesville, Indiana in April 1942 as he is charged with High Treason & Insurrection.

In August 12th 1942, William Dudley Pelley just got a most publicized trial in which he was sentenced to 15 years in Terra Haute, Indiana but he took part in the Great Sedition Trial of 1944 with 29 other defendants for new sedition charges but it has ended when a judge named Edward C. Eicher died of a heart attack that lead to a mistrial and In 1950, Pelley was released in parole.

In 1951, William Dudley Pelley in his final years dealt with charges of securities fraud while he was desist from all political activity and in 1956, he married his third wife Agnes Henderson in which not ended in divorce while having a daughter named Adelaide Pelley Pearson.

William Dudley Pelley developed an elaborate religious philosophy called "Soulcraft" based on his belief in UFOs along with Extra-terrestrials while he reported contact with souls of famous historical figures such as George Washington or Theodore Roosevelt in his last magazine called "Over Here" (1957-1960) and then in 1961, he quit Soulcraft because his writing has gradually in quality owing to both his mental health along with his persistent heart problems.


William Dudley Pelley died on June 30th 1965, at the age of 75 in Noblesville, Indiana where he is buried. Several members of the "Silver Legion Of America" went on to become high-ranking officials of other groups such as "Aryan Nations" lead by Richard Butler, "Posse Comitatus" lead by Henry Lamont Beach and the "John Birch Society" with some unknown Silver legionaries in it but also the former group has influenced other religions or cults such as Mormonism, New Age Spiritualism, the "Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia" lead by Robert Wentworth Little, the "Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis", the "Order of Saint John", the "Sovereign Military Order of Malta", "I AM Activity" lead by Guy Ballard, Scientology lead by L. Ron Hubbard, Thelema lead by Aleister Crowley, rocket scientist Jack Parsons & Gerald L. K. Smith.


In an alternative universe based on a popular meme game called Hearts Of Iron IV, the man called William Dudley Pelley has supported Louisiana Governor Huey Long since 1932 and wrote endorsements of Huey Long's Share Our Wealth plan to urged his followers to join The Silver Legion of America. The Silver Legion has gained some traction with members of the "Ku Klux Klan" but caused a sharp decline in membership following the conviction of Grand Grand Dragon D.C. Stephenson for the rape along with murder of Madge Oberholtzer and in 1934, William Dudley Pelley came into contact with Herbert W. Armstrong who is a the founder of the "Grace Communion International Radio" and a Anglo-Saxon Supremacist. The Silver Legion becomes a paramilitary force for the American Union State during The Second American Civil War to fight against the Federalists along with the Syndicalists and during the gameplay, you can do a coup with The Silver Legion against leader Huey Long to make William Dudley Pelley the new leader of the American Union State.



American Fascism/Smithism

American Fascism/Smithism is based on the thoughts of American political figure Art J. Smith.

He was born in Ormsby, Pennsylvania, United States of America on 1898, but ten years later Art J. Smith left school but then after his adolescence of petty crime that was committed, he served with the British Army during World War One 1914-1918, and then he enlisted into the American Army as pilot reportedly downing seven German aircraft during that time.

In 1918, Art J. Smith returned home with an English wife that was soon to be divorced along with a chestful of medals but he claimed that he is a man of high adventures such as serving with Russian President Alexander Kerensky as aide during the Russian Civil War 1917-1923, flying bomber planes for Pancho Villa during the Mexican Revolution 1910-1920 and joining the French Foreign Legion in Morocco during the Rif War 1921-1926.

Art J. Smith has set up a pilot school in the state of Georgia to ruin it but later he was arrested for trying to enter Mexico during the Cristero Rebellion 1926-1929, and then in the summer after the Bonus March on Washington DC of 1932, Smith created the "Khaki Shirts of America" as an organization that was appealing to the American war veterans & Italian-Americans.

The "Khaki Shirts of America" has a headquarters that was located at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a doubtful membership of 2,000 people but Giovanni di Silvestro who is attorney of Mussolinist group called the "Sons of Italy" considered Art J. Smith as clown while his organization was an embarrassment keeping them at arm’s length and Walter W. Waters who is a leader of the "Bonus Army" quickly disassociated himself from Smith who is his former colleague.

Art J. Smith did little to refute those refusing to take him seriously while like most fascists he had a weakness for sartorial finery while charged his recruits for membership, clothing & expenses but the more they paid, the higher the rank they received in this group and also Smith incorporated the "Khaki Shirts" as a business that led many to assume his movement served merely as a personal racket.

Art J. Smith who is the leader of the "Khaki Shirts of America" had smaller contingents in New York City along with Camden, New Jersey but he claimed to have 25,000 additional followers nationwide even it was not true but also Smith professed to possess artillery, tanks & machine guns in abundance that likely as real than his adventures around the world and members of the group cause trouble around Philadelphia by carrying clubs, lead pipes & knives in battles with Unionists, Communists or other perceived enemies.

In June 1933, Art J. Smith hosted a public meeting in the Reyburn Plaza that was ostensibly a conclave for unemployed veterans but the event soon turned into a Fascist rally that has a recruitment drive but the "Khaki Shirts of America" members are facing indifference hostility among veterans more concerned with food or jobs than a violent revolution and equally unimpressed were a gang of Communist dock workers who are mostly Italian-Americans themselves who picketed the rally that lead to prepared violence.

Afterwards, Art J. Smith lead his group with a band of about 200 marching through south of Philadelphia while encountered a group of Communists near Passyunk Square that proved decidedly unwelcoming that led to violence while fists, knives & clubs flew with a massive brawl erupted and when the police arrived there are dozens of participants who were injured while one person who is named Carlo Tresca was dead but since most witnesses agreed that the Communists struck first, Smith quickly claimed martyrdom holding an elaborate funeral to mourn the fallen Fascist.

In July 14th 1933, Art J. Smith hosted a rally at Columbus Hall in Queens, New York attracting some 200 attendees while some were members of the "Khaki Shirts of America" while others came from a certain chapter of Italian American Blackshirts but other Italian-Americans however didn’t appreciate this effort to introduce Fascism to their adopted homeland for example Carlo Tresca who is a radical publisher who is a labour organizer affiliated with the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) led a counter charge in his newspaper called "La Stampa Libra" in which he urged Italian American to picket the event even he did not advocate for violence against them as he expected a clash between Fascists and Socialists to end peacefully.

As the rally commenced, several Communists including the followers of Carlo Tresca infiltrated Columbus Hall to began heckling Art J. Smith while Fort Velona who is a renowned Socialist illustrator caricaturist shouted the words “Morte a Mussolini!/Death to Mussolini!” at every mention of the Duce’s name but after several insults, a group of "Khaki Shirts" surrounded Velona to beat him senseless with fists, clubs & chairs to cheers from the crowd and as Smith continued speaking, several other protestors attempted to rescue Velona that lead to a general melee as the Khaki Shirts pounced on the interlopers while several protesters were beaten or stabbed even others were thrown down a flight of stairs while into the alley outside.

Art J. Smith whose speech was already disrupted decided to dismounted the podium to waded into the crowd with his lead-lined riding crop spoiling for a fight but then he spotted 22 year old college student protester named Antonio Fierro, grabbed him by the collar so he can repeatedly smashed his skull even Fierro who is bleeding profusely managed to escape but a phalanx of Khaki Shirts to block his escape and at this point a shot rang out that killed the lights but when the lights flashed back on a moment later he lay dead next to Smith.

The police have arrived after the event so Art J. Smith along with the "Kalki Shirts of America" contrived a farcical cover-up such as advising his bodyguard Frank Moffer who had fired the fatal shot that killed Antonio Fierro hide his murder pistol weapon in a piano but as the police began questioning the crowd about Fierro’s death, an Italian American cab driver named Athos Terzani insisted that the Kalki Shirts had killed his friend so he led the police to the piano and rather than arresting Smith or Moffer, they decided to apprehend Terzanu instead in which started a whole fiasco that was apparently a Communist trick to discredit the Khaki Shirt cause but the only thing more absurd than this explanation is that the police accepted it then charging Terzani with murder.

Art J. Smith returned to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to prepare for a more ambitious undertaking such as planning to organize his group to march on Washington DC while carrying arms in emulation of Benito Mussolini’s descent on Rome but his program remained remarkably muddled but Smith pledged to establish a government that he dubbed Monocracy aka Autocracy by abolish Congress while place the economy on the silver standard along with institute a massive military build-up but somewhere down this list was payment of veteran's bonuses as Smith vowed to wage relentless war on economic crime, political graft & judicial corruption even he is less high-mindedly while he threatened to exterminate American Jews.

Art J. Smith directed little vitriol towards President Franklin D. Roosevelt such as not only leaving him as president but also investing him with dictatorial powers on the assumption that he’d back the "Khaki Shirt" movement wholeheartedly but this hope was as delusional as Smith’s boast that over a million veterans would join his march while in fact certain veterans who took notice of him seemed to despise him and Mike Thomas who is a fellow survivor of the Bonus March of 1932, threatened to mobilize a counter-force of veterans to block Smith’s coup.

The Philadelphia police took Art J. Smith’s blustering seriously so they infiltrated the "Khaki Shirts of America" with several informers while one of them notified the authorities that Smith planned to seize several police armories along with National Guard armories for the march on Washington DC on to procure weapons for his men at Columbus Day October 12th 1933 and this inspired the police to act by tracking down Smith’s headquarters by perusing his incorporation papers.

On October 12th 1933, several hundred heavily armed policemen raided the warehouse operating as headquarters of the "Khaki Shirts of America" to arrest twenty seven bewildered "Khaki Shirts: to uncover a treasure trove of uniforms, correspondence & weapons but among them were 40 rifles, a smaller collection of handguns along with ammunition, swords, truncheons & assorted other weapons and the only thing missing was Art J. Smith himself who absconded to Camden with $25,000 in the face of police persecution.

Art J. Smith has his followers turned on him for example a former Khaki Shirt said “Death to the Rats of the General Staff!” while spilling lurid details about the "Khaki Shirts of America" plans for a new nation but also Smith had joined of his subordinates like Frank Spinogatti who is a troublemaker whose brother was an associate of Camden’s underworld was in hiding from arrest by his dwindling group of supporters and the march on Washington DC even without Smith had forty four participates that reach the capitol lawn before the police peaceably dispersed them.

Art J. Smith remained at large until in December 1933, when a murder trial about Antonio Fierro was commenced while Athos Terzani’s case became a cause celebre among the Left along with Smith’s archnemesis such as Socialist leader Norman Thomas & Carlo Tresca organizing an defence committee but Smith was subpoenaed & compelled to testify in this trial insisting upon a modified version of his original story and he now admitted that the gun used to murder Antonio Fierro belonged to the bodyguard Frank Moffer but claimed that Terzani had ripped the weapon from Moffer’s hand to shot Fierro.

Art J. Smith’s defense faltered when a witness recanted his testimony when he admitted that members of the "Khaki Shirts of America" threatened him with murder if he told the truth along with Atho Terzani who was acquitted and Smith quickly tried for perjury so he was sentenced from three to six years in Sing Sing prison that was located at Ossining, New York while emerging penniless three years later.

Art J. Smith worked several menial jobs through the "Works Progress Administration" (WPA) until he was retiring to Shamokin, Pennsylvania and he died on May 1965, the cause of the death was heart disease.

Personality and Behavior

  • Silver Legionism has a mind of William Dudley Pelley.
  • lives in a wooden lodge as his house and he wanted to restore the Murphy Ranch back to it's former glory but got rejected by the authorities along with certain opposing ideologies.
  • He celebrates George Washington & Abraham Lincoln as great American heroes and the first Fascists even they are not.
  • He is a sidekick of Longism to help him fight against the Syndicalism and MacArthurism but not for long after they have been defeated.
  • He has a best friend called Positive Christianity because he has something most in common even as a German.
  • He creates his own movies or ask somebody to make a movie after he wrote down a amazing movie script.
  • He is calm and does not say a curse word or a very offensive racial slur even he is a pure White Nationalist.
  • He spends most of the time doing stuff like writing books and newspaper articles.
  • He is a Methodist Christian who happens to be Rosicrucianist and he has been visited by Christian Theocracy for some reason.
  • He is trying to use spiritualism as a means of contacting Extraterrestrials to let them kickstart the Silver Revolution in America.
  • He goes to Japan to do missionary work and talk to Showa Statism about the good things in America.
  • He gives aid to Russian White Movement when he was too weak to fight.
  • He smokes with his pipe or cigar and maybe wear glasses.
  • He has a unique sense of fashion but maybe.

How To Draw

Flag of Silver Legionism
  1. Draw a ball and color it in silver.
  2. Draw a Slab Serif-font scarlet-colored "L" either on the top left or middle of the ball. (Note: If drawn on the top left the L should be smaller, while if it's drawn in the middle it should be larger.)
  3. Draw the eyes and you're done!
  4. (Optional) Give the ball a campaign hat.
Color Name HEX RGB
Silver #C0C0C0 192, 192, 192
Scarlet #CC0000 204, 0, 0



  • George Washington - I am big fan of you, and we share the same esoteric beliefs. You have involved in Freemasonry.
  • Abraham Lincoln - It was the right choice to end slavery during a brutal civil war, and it was a good idea to sent former slaves back to their natural homeland, but it never happened because of a Confederate con artist that killed you during a very fake planned performance.
  • Bull Moose Progressivism - You're almost the perfect example of what a president would look like, and the word Roosevelt is actually meant for you, not that freaky FDR faker who ruined Europe with his false ideas!
  • Jeffersonian Democracy - You are a friend of Washington, created the constitution and became an amazing president, so that means you are based.
  • Nazism - Based German friend that knows the truth about the world.
  • Positive Christianity - My ideological forerunner in Germany
  • Methodist Theocracy - My true religion. (Sorry for denouncing you in the 1950s, but the occult was where the REAL joy was!)
  • Clerical Fascism - Religious and Fascist? Based.
  • Christian Identity - Christianity lets you to free yourself from sin and make you proud of who you are.
  • White Movement - I was part of the Red Cross to help you feel better in Siberia, even though you are an Orthodox Christian.
  • Alt-Right - Zoomers who are against ethnic substitution.
  • Fascism - My mentor and creator, even though you are a Catholic.
  • Isolationism - We should not attack Germany or any other innocent nation.
  • Right-Wing Populism - Tell me something I don't know.
  • Protectionism - I want America to be herself.
  • Corporatism - It was not corrupt Communism and it was not Crony Capitalism either.
  • Ethnonationalism - I am proud to be an American.
  • Jacksonian Democracy - Don't worry about your plans of the future, because I am here to fulfil them.
  • Social Conservatism - I almost forgot about you since I thought that Imposter with a hat was really you, but it really wasn't.
  • Rockwel Neo-Nazism - Someone was carrying on the fight he began thirty years before, but he had a painful death with a gun after I died of natural causes.
  • Ayran Nations - Basically the modern version of myself but National Socialist.
  • Pērkonkrusts - Hello, European me who wears glasses.
  • Conservative Technocracy - This is the best system that the Christian Commonwealth needs.
  • Democratic Fascism - I believe in freedom of speech and Individualism. Just like you, for that matter.
  • McKinleyism - You are my first political idol and, with this information, I was responsible for the American Fascist Republican trend.
  • Geofacism - This land belongs to me.


  • Constitutionalism - "For Christianity And The Constitution." This holy peace of paper has to be reformed, just like other constitutions from foregin democracies.
  • Indigenism - Thanks for helping me. But why do you not like me anymore and now feel bad for holding slaves? Why can't you be more like your based ancestors?
  • Esoteric Fascism - Spiritualism can be a Christian thing as well, even you are a European Pagan.
  • Longism (Kaiserreich) - I am your sidekick because you are a hero to the people! But please don't reject me just because I'm little different.
  • Mediacracy - I was a Hollywood screenwriter and created The Silvershirt Weekly but you have become too lib for me to handle.
  • Showa Statism - You were supposed to strike when I was President not when I was not ready and getting put in jail.
  • Ilminism - You Koreans are worse than Imperial Japan, but you have stopped your whole nation from becoming Communist with great help from the United States of America.
  • Crusadism - I wrote a story about you, turned into a short movie called The Light In The Dark (1922), and it was about the Holy Grail. If you find it in real life don't give it to the Pope! He is going to use it as a tiny toilet.
  • Yockeyism - There is nothing wrong with America, except you fought in the wrong sides during both World Wars. And let us not forget that Socialism does not work.
  • Corporatocracy - You used to support me and go to my meetings, but now you have rejected me to keep up with these annoying trends.
  • Francoism - I wanted you to become a Catholic ally of my friends, but you are too lazy to fight.
  • Lawsonomy - We both hate banks, so please stop insulting me.
  • National Primitivism - My movies are awesome, but you are focused more on creating comic cave drawings than watching films made by me.
  • Utopian Socialism - I used you in my book for some reason.
  • New Ageism - Oh no, what have I done! It was my fault that my ideas ended in the wrong hands!

Dark Souls

  • Jewish Capitalism - You caused The Great Depression!
  • Bill Of Rights Socialism - You have rigged an election and it was Un-American.
  • Socialism - It was also known as class division.
  • Zionism - Filthy Jew.
  • Marxism - I will save America from you.
  • Bundism - COMMIE JEW!
  • Labour Zionism - ANOTHER ONE!
  • Black Nationalism - Moron.
  • Black Zionism - Abomination.
  • Marxism–Leninism - Pedophilic Georgian Socialist.
  • Neozapatismo - This is what happens when I invaded Latin America in an alternative timeline.
  • Syndicalism (Kaiserreich) - You are my enemy in this timeline, and in real life.
  • Maoism - You ruined china and turned everyone miserable with your commie degeneracy! I support Taiwan, the real China, in their struggle against you, Progressive Socialist filth!
  • Juche - It was also known as Monarcho-Bolshevik Obesity, and it was, and still is, very threatening to my homeland.
  • Catholic Workerism - I never seen that coming.
  • Sewer Socialism - You are too gross to lead America.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt - You did not listen to the people. I chose Huey Long over you!
  • MacArthurism - We The People have reclaimed Washington D.C. from Federalist Tyranny.
  • Kritarchy - I got parole after serving 8 years in prison when you had a heart attack or something, and the only judge that I trust is Jesus Christ.
  • Satanic Theocracy - I will never forget about you as my foe.
  • Anti-Fascism & Black Anarchism - Those darn kids who hate work have actually vandalized the Murphy Ranch.
  • State Atheism - I spoke to God, and he said you will go to Hell, degenerate! Go outside.
  • Marxist Feminism - Margaret L. Weaver was a woke entitled jerk and he ruined an planned event in Spokane.
  • Churchillism - You will be remembered as the psychical form of the seven deadly sins and nothing more.
  • Confederatism - You almost destroyed the American Dream by having a slave fetish on Bl*cks, and in this alternative universe you're even a Communist. The Klu Klux Klan see you as one because they now wave the union flag of Anti-Slavery.
  • Christian Socialism - I used to support you, but when I found out about the atrocities committed by your kind in Siberia, I realized you are pure blasphemy and you have sent a sinner called Martin Luther King Jr. to ruin the perfect society that was built by the decent, freedom loving Americans!
  • Kakistocracy - Not all Fascists and Conservatives are National Socialists. Stop calling me a nerd just because I have glasses on while reading books.
  • Progressivism - Interracial marriage, drug addiction, white guilt & tyranny are not true progress.
  • Revolutionary Progressivism - Die.
  • Patchwork - I hate urban cities because they have no privacy, lots of Hippies and you get lost very easily, but I do like working at Hollywood and making film scripts.
  • Federalism - Federalism is the big brother of Confederalism.
  • State Liberalism - The Antichrist.
  • Fully Automated Gay Space Communism - This is a real dystopian future that America is heading towards.
  • Fuentesism - femboy cuck degenerate who’s Hispanic btw

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