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Pērkonkrusts or Thunder Cross is a culturally far right, economically Corporatist, Ultranationalist, Neo-Pagan, Anti-German and Anti-Semitic ideology that inhabits the Authoritarian Unity sector of the Political Compass, based off of the political parties of Gustavs Celmiņš, Adolfs Greble, Jānis Rība & Igors Šiškins.


Gustavs Celmiņš was born on April 1, 1899 aka April Fool's Day in Riga but there is no information about his family also there is less information about his childhood but He was educated at the Riga Stock Exchange Commercial School then he was graduated in Moscow and studied at the Riga Polytechnic Institute in which it was evacuated to Moscow after the October Revolution.

In 1918, Gustavs Celminš joined the Latvian National Armed Forces in the Kalpaks Battalion after the Latvian War of Independence 1918-1920 just started but on May 22, 1919 was promoted to lieutenant and in 1921 he was rewarded with a medal called the "Order Of The War Of Lāčplēsis" but in 1924 he left the army. Gustavs Celminš just became a minister or secretary of Foreign Affairs from 1925 to 1927 and in 1929, he graduated from the University Of Latvia because of his experience with Philology and Philosophy along with being a rapporteur of the Ministry Of Finance but in 1930 he held the position of vice-director of the State Department Of Agriculture.

On January 24, 1932, Gustavs Celminš has joined a Latvian Fascist group called the Latvian People's Association also known as Firecracker or Ugunskrusts and becomes elected chief but he got kicked out because of the group's political policies so he founded Thunder Cross also known as the Pērkonkrusts in 1933, Common for advocating a national revolution for a radical reorganisation of society, politics, and the economy in Latvia, for example, rejecting Lutheran Christianity for a different religion called Dievturība Paganism. After the coup of 15th May 1934 that turned Latvia into a Conservative dictatorship set up by Kārlis Ulmanis who is a member of the Latvian Farmers Union, Gustavs Celminš was arrested and imprisoned for three years along with 97 Pērkonkrusts members.

Two years later in 1936, Ernests Plāķis took over the leadership of Pērkonkrusts trying to reunite all of its members but on May 14, 1937, he was arrested along with 31 other members then he was sentenced in early June 1938, and on November 13, 1937, Gustavs Celminš was kicked out of Latvia so he seeks refuge in Italy but later in Switzerland at Zurich but he was arrested and kicked out of this country because of unwanted presentations then stayed in Romania for a while and in 1938 he moved to Finland. Gustavs Celminš set up a foreign liaison office of the Pērkonkrusts while the original Pērkonkrusts was led by Adolf Schilde with a total of 800 members have been arrested in Latvia and during the Winter War (1939-1940), Gustavs Celminš has joined the Finnish Foreign Legion to fight against Soviet soldiers during an invasion by the Soviet Union until August 1940, when he goes at Helsinki to leave for Germany on the ship Strassburg even he hates Germans.

When the Soviet Union invaded Latvia in 1940, They freed the Communists but not the Pērkonkrusts because Instead were arrested again also some of them are being deported to Siberian gulags but when Nazi Germany does Operation Barbarossa to occupied and liberate Latvia in 1941, Gustavs Celminš has moved back to Latvia to regained leadership of the original Pērkonkrusts in the service of the German Wehrmacht. The Pērkonkrusts have been restored with 15,000 members but many of them held positions in institutions set up by the German occupation such as the Latvian Auxiliary Police, the Schutzstaffel, and the Sicherheitsdienst but also led the Latvian press that is allowed by the occupying authorities. On July 25, 1941, Gustavs Celminš offered Alfred Rosenberg to establish two Divisions of Latvian Pērkonkrusts but on August 17, 1941, however, the group was dissolved after the Germans found out that the group was Anti-German and most of the members sent to concentration camps in Bavaria. After the Pērkonkrusts have banned, some of its members still collaborate with Nazi Germany while others mostly engaged in resistance that secretly lead by Gustavs Celminš and also he created the Latvian Articles Free Latvia in 1943 as an illegal newspaper press but he was arrested on March 14, 1944, by the Gestapo to be sent into the Flossenbürg concentration camp but later Dachau also he is set free by American soldiers On May 5, 1945.

After World War II (1939-1945), Gustavs Celminš moved to Italy, where he created another newspaper press called Brīvā Latvija aka Free Latvia In 1947 he published the autobiographic book called Eiropas krustceļos/At The Crossroads Of Europe. In 1949 he moved to the the United States where he becomes an instructor at Syracuse University's Armed Forces School in the New York state from 1950 to 1952 and in the year 1951 he was the director of the Foreign Language program for the US Air Force while also a television lecturer about the USSR and communism. In 1954 he moved to Mexico as a manufacturer but he moved back to the United States as a librarian at Trinity University located in San Antonio, Texas from 1956 to 1958. In 1959 he became a professor of Russian studies at St. Mary's University and he died on April 10, 1968, at the age of 69.


Igors Šiškins was born on June 9, 1959, in Rēzekne inside the Soviet Union with his Russian father & Latvian mother that split apart from each other and in 1975 he graduated from the Professional Builders Technical High School then he worked his life at a driver, locksmith, and stonecutter.

In the early 1990s, the Pērkonkrusts have been revived by Jānis Rība whose stated goal was to overthrow the Liberal government for a Latvian Latvia and Igors Šiškins joined this pre-World War II movement. The Pērkonkrusts has the Rība's Defenders and it was an unregistered splinter group from the self-proclaimed successor organization of the pre-World War 2 Aizsargi but in 1995 three former members left this group and joined up with martial artist Juris Rečs to reconstitute the Pērkonkrusts in a proper way. Members of the Pērkonkrusts tried to bomb the Soviet Victory Memorial but failed until on June 5, 1997, they successfully did it with two members having lost their lives and Latvian authorities have linked Igors Šiškins to the bombings because he is a member of the Pērkonkrusts. In January 1998, the Latvian government began to arrest Pērkonkrusts members, first Igors Šiškins in August than most of their leaders in 2000 but they were realized one year later, and then the Pērkonkrusts were banned in 2006.

In the 2006 Latvian parliamentary elections, Igors Šiškins tried to get elected into the Latvian government with a Lithuanian Liberal Conservative political party but it only received 0.1% of the vote so he is not elected and also Igors Šiškins took part in an event called the "Remembrance Day Of The Latvian Legionnaires" to remember some Pērkonkrusts soldiers that died for the Waffen SS. Igors Šiškins founded the Gustavs Celmiņš Centre (GCC) in 2007 as a successor to the Pērkonkrusts and to preserve the Dievturība religion but after that Igors Šiškins was arrested for wearing forbidden symbols in public on May 9th 2007 along with being arrested by doing the same thing on May 9th 2007. Igors Šiškins has been arrested again along with his buddy during a halted march commemorating the liberation of Riga from the Soviets on July 1st 1941 and in 2012 he invited representatives from Far-Right groups in Ukraine, Russia, Germany & Poland to celebrate the "Remembrance Day Of The Latvian Legionnaires" but later he was arrested again but this time for attempting to purchase explosives and the Gustavs Celmiņš Centre (GCC) have been dissolved along with the website that is now fake news since 2016 also it was gone forever.


Before the Pērkonkrusts, there is the Ugunskrusts and it existed since November 5, 1931, after the Latvian Parliamentary Election of 1931, in which the far-right candidates failed to gain power but also the Ugunskrusts was created by Adolfs Greble/J. Greble is a footballer in order to unite the former members of the Latvian National Club. The Ugunskrusts has different names to itself such as Fire Cross, Firecracker & Firecrust but also the Ugunskrusts was registered by Riga Regional Court on January 19, 1932 and it has a founding meeting with the Riga Latvian Society (1868-Today) that took on January 24, 1932, at Riga with 69 people in it. The Ugunskrusts did not reach 200 members in the first months but in the summer of 1932, T-Groups/Alarm groups began to be formed to protect the Ugunskrusts after attacks by left-wing organizations for being Anti-Semitic, Anti-Democratic & Anti-German along with sympathy for Fascist Italy and on August 21, 1932, the Ugunskrusts have published a weekly newspaper called Firecracker even it was the same name but on September 14, 1932, the Riga Regional Court the seized the first four issues.

At the start of 1933, the Ugunskrusts had achieved some success among academic youth & student corporations, for example, they win 1 out of 40 seats in the elections of the University Of Latvia, and then the Ugunskrusts gained more members. In March 1933 an Physical Education Society called the Patriotic Guardian claimed to have activities that were closely related to the Ugunskrusts and it has T-Groups/Alarm Groups in it. On March 17, 1933, the Latvian government adopted a decision on the ban of the Ugunskrusts but instead on March 27, 1933, they banned the Latvian National Socialist Party and on April 12, 1933, the Ugunskrusts was dissolved with a ban.

How to Draw

  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Fill it with maroon.
  3. Flag of Pērkonkrusts
    Draw the Mara's Cross in white.
  4. In the middle of the Mara's cross, draw a swastika in gold.
  5. Add the eyes, and you're done!



  • National Agrarianism - Grows potatoes and is also a nationalist. I hope you don't have anything on with that "dairy farmer".
  • Legionarism - You're the hashtag guy from Romania since I met you.
  • Corporatism - It was a third chance in life.
  • Neoconservatism - I don't care about you being a Capitalist because you are going to liberate Latvia even though it was already an independent country since 1991 and it was invaded by the Russians again.
  • Fascism - Taught me everything I need to know to be great!!!
  • Mexican Fascism - Thank you for sharing your country with me so I can work as a manufacturer.
  • Silver Legionism - We have the same Economic systems, Esoteric beliefs, and Intellectual carriers and we share the letter L in this Music Completion.
  • National Radicalism - Who needs to be Anti-Fascist to hate German Nazism and we don't because were not stupid.
  • Ultranationalism - Latvia Is For Latvians, not for Germans, Russians & Zionists.
  • Ethnonationalism - I'm proud to be a Latvian but not a Red Russian.
  • Pagan Theocracy - It was also known as Baltic Mythology Theocracy.
  • Blueshirtism - We both like potatoes and we both hate Communism.
  • Mediacracy - I have moved to America in 1949 and I can speak out my political thoughts in any kind of press unlike in the Soviet Union, Ulmanis Latvia & Nazi Germany even though I am a different kind of Nazi.
  • Welfare Chauvinism - I don't care what you are because you're still one of us.
  • Meritocracy - Thank you for understanding my ideology and inviting me to the University for acceptance.
  • Manosphere - Not only men can get stronger but also men can get smarter so that means no more brother conflicts.
  • Militarism - I fought in the Latvian War of Independence 1918-1920 as a warhero and I was planning to do it again during World War 2 but got rejected by the German National Socialists as they fighting against Soviet Russia.
  • Francoism - I'm glad that you were alive to fight Communism in The Cold War.
  • Eco-Fascism - Let them eat potatoes.


  • Nazism - I wanted you to free me not to enslave me just because I hated your people.
  • Esoteric Fascism - You are just like me, but there is one thing that you need to learn, Adolf H!tler Is Not God Idiot.
  • Lutheran Theocracy - You're the primary religion of Latvia but I need to bring back Baltic Paganism because you are too foreign even though everybody knows that I looked like a Christain.
  • Clerical Fascism - Don't you understand that paganism is the true Aryan religion and that Christianity is from desert tribes?
    • My dear friend, do not force me to start another northern crusade.
  • Truman Doctrine - You stupid brat, why would you side with the Soviet Union to defeat Fascism you have to do it for my freedom and look at the bright side because you are at war with Communism now.
  • Liberal Conservatism - This is what I get for letting a Lithuanian Liberal like you help me to get into power in Latvia but at least we are still friends since I met you.
  • Brazilian Integralism - You're right about Fascism being inspired by Paganism but it was not an excuse to hate me and my Fascist friends.
  • Cultism - I can relate to you unless you're Jewish or Christain.


  • Tsarism - I have survived your tyranny by never giving up and never being drafted into your army of death.
  • Black Hundredism - This Is The Worst Fanclub Ever Seen.
  • Mladorossism - It was too weird for me to die.
  • Marxism - This is the worst invention that is created by Germans ever.
  • Marxism–Leninism - Cringe communist pig who sent me to Gulags.
  • Leninism - The Latvian War Of Independence 1918-1920 is the most patriotic war that this nation ever had and you suck.
  • Trotskyism - Thank glob he is dead otherwise Mexico will be Communist and if I go there for a job, I will be killed.
  • Bundism - At least you did not exist in my nation since 1936.
  • Labour Zionism - You're not going to get away with this and I will make you a cripple.
  • Zionism - Burn in heaven you blockhead and never come back.
  • Latvijas Krievu savienība - They want to speak Russian? In Latvia!? Ban these occupants!!!
  • Kārlis Ulmanis - You have arrested me along with my 95 followers with a random coup and it was undemocratic.
  • Bernsteinism - It was also known as Democratic Communism.
  • Helvetic Model - You kicked me out of your own country jerk.
  • Jewish-Nazism - Adolf H!tler is a Jewish con artist and not a real Nazi.
  • Positive Christianity - You Protestant Prick, you got my followers arrested because of my amazing opinion.
  • Christian Socialism - You know the fact that Christianity is bad enough and you're making it worse.
  • Police Statism - Stop arresting me you blueberry.
  • Anti-Fascism - It was too brutal and too German for everyone to hang out.
  • Progressivism - You're gross and the real reason why Red Violence existed in the first place.
  • Liberal Democracy - This is the worst form of Democracy that ever existed.
  • Bio-Posadism - You are planning to create another potato blight but with a foreign disease and that is not going to happen.
  • National Bolshevism - It was also known as Soviet Nazism and why are some of my followers doing good in the Soviet Union even though it was a Leftist Dictatorship.

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