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National Radicalism, also called Polish Falangism (Polfal), is a Polish ultranationalist ideology which is economically third-position, civically authoritarian, culturally far-right and very anti-semitic.


National Radical Camp (1934)

Polish Falangism was born out of the National-Radical Camp, a group of young National Party activists who opposed the domination of the old leaders. The ONR ideological declaration was announced on April 14, 1934 and called for the creation of a Catholic and hierarchic state, it was anti-capitalist, anti-communist and anti-Semitic. Only three months after the declaration was announced, the ONR was banned.

After Outlawing (1935)

After the banning of the ONR, it split into two, also illegal groups: RNR-Falanga and ONR-ABC. The Falanga called for a national revolution, the introduction of "Catholic totalitarianism" and wanted to introduce a partially planned economy. ABC was more moderate than Falanga, but was also a much smaller group, rejected totalitarianism and wanted to introduce monarchy or collective rule in the form of a senate. ABC sought to deconcentrate private property and advocated distributism. Both groups were anti-Semitic but not racist.

During the German occupation, ONR activists took an active part in the Polish resistance movement. Falanga activists formed the National Confederation, which later became part of the Home Army, and the activists of "ABC" were one of the founders of the National Armed Forces. After the occupation of Poland by the Soviets, many members became enemies of the state, although some members of the Falanga, such as Bolesław Piasecki, became important personalities of the Polish People's Republic, gathered in the Christian-Socialist organization "PAX".

Modern Day

The heirs of the ONR are considered to be the National Rebirth of Poland established in 1981 and the National Radical Camp established in 1993.


Personality and Behavior

Polish Falangism is too uneducated to speak in English, he knows only Polish. Sometimes overuses polish curse words.

How to Draw

Flag of National Radicalism
  1. Draw a ball and color the inside dark green.
  2. Using white, draw a minimalist hand holding a sword, known the as the Falanga or Phalanx, in the center of the ball. Optionally, draw it upside-down as a reference to Polandball.
  3. Draw the eyes.

You're done!

Color Name HEX RGB
Dark Green #006E4E 0, 110, 78
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255




  • Korwinism - You are from Poland and you hate commies, but please be less cringe.
  • National Democracy - My moderate teacher, All-Polish Youngsters are Based but I wished Bosak would be more staunch.
  • Braunism - Based Patriot but a Laisses-Faire and doesn't go "as hard" on Evil.


  • Luxemburgism - You are from Poland, but you are red.
  • Democratic Socialism - It's fun to throw stones at you.
  • Zionism - We will tie you and burn you alive.
  • Capitalism - You don't care about nation's interest. But you don't like commies, what is your plus. For some reason parts of him, like you.
  • Marxism-Leninism - AAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nazism - We will never forgive you for what you did. But polish Hitler would be based asf.
  • Sanationism - Why did have to ban me, socialist scum?!

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