Zero Accelerationism

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"Z/Acc is the reset button, except pressing it to completion takes roughly 250-1000 years."

Zero Accelerationism, also shortened to Z/Acc, is the theory that technocapital is doomed to be overtaken by its own waste product, thus leading to the collapse of civilization.


Zero Accelerationism was started by accelertionist blogger Meta Nomad (refered to also by his real name "James Ellis").


Zero Accelerationism often in its analysis follows the standard accelertionist line of analysis, but there is one crucial difference. It applies entropy to the entire formula which causes accelertionism and its whole methodology to essentially be reversed.

Capitalism within Accelerationism is seen as a civilization building formula a whole framework as to how civilization is constructed while in Zero Accelertionism that civilization building formula through the excessive nature of capital results in a accursed share too big for the given civilization to handle resulting in civilizational collapse being capitals own undoing.

Anabolic Cycle

For Zero Accelerationism there are multiple states of existence SSv1(Steady State version 1) and SSv2 (version 2).

SSv1 is the existence of society on the basis of production and capital resulting in further capital resulting in waste. This eventually leads to SSv2 where to maintain waste we have maintenance productions which equals the production of capital and this results in the anabolic cycle with capital not being held back from production by waste it engages in a self-reenforcing cycle, which gives it the ability to go haywire and produces a great amount of capital.

Personality and Behavior

How to Draw

Flag of Zero Accelerationism
  1. Draw a ball,
  2. Fill in with black,
  3. Draw two sidewards T-shapes (one green and one red) facing outwards, with a yellow rectangle in-between,
  4. Draw the eyes, and you're done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Black #141414 20, 20, 20
Green #00FF00 0, 255, 0
Red #ED0707 237, 7, 7
Yellow #FCF309 252, 243, 9





  • Capitalist Transhumanism - "Don’t tell those optimistic techno-capitalists, but feedback-loops work the other way too." - Meta Nomad

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